Coinspinner Casino

Owner: The Coinspinner is owned by an exceptionally wealthy underworld figure who goes by the name of Rob Zombie, who resides in a luxurious condo in Kingsdale. Rob is an eccentric fellow, who throws grand parties in his condo above the Gryphon's Nest, and has a vast collection of military related "trophies" he has acquired, "from his sources" as he puts it. Little is known about who he is, or where he is from, as he tends to be very private about personal details. It is known that he is a business owner - but even then his lifestyle far exceeds the earnings he would gain from his numerous businesses. He is suspected of funding underworld smuggling rings in Kingsdale, but nothing has ever been displayed to prove this. The one major bit of controversy surrounding this individual is that he is unofficially known as the dreaded Assassin, Silk's, only known agent. On the other hand, anyone who has tried to prove this in the past, has turned up missing.
Reputation: The reputation of the Coinspinner is like that of any Casino. It's a money making industry - a business designed for people to go to it, to throw their money away on the off chance that they might win. On the other hand, the Coinspinner uses a great deal of showmanship to draw attention to it, thus among those who enjoy gambling, it is the most popular Casino in Wa-Daisho.
Description of Shop: The Coinspinner Casino is a four story building, that is 400' long, by 150' wide - a gargantuan establishment. It is a brick structure, with a huge neon sword on the front of the building, with a pair of dice that are constantly moving on the pommel piece, and the words "Coinspinner" that fade in and out on the blade of the sword. Inside is the typical large casino atmosphere. Tables for Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, and Craps litter the inside of the common room, in addition to the ever present slot machines in their nice orderly rows with constantly blinking lights, chiming bells, and unlikely prizes. To one side, is a gift shop, a sports bar, and then further down a regular bar - with a small stage in front of it. To the oposite side of the establishment is a dinner hall, where the name groups and acts take place before dining patrons. A bit further down that side, is a buffet - complete with Keno, and Bingo sections. The rear portion of the casino, and the upper floors are part of a vast four star accomodations hotel, complete with an indoor olympic sized swimming pool, and a complimentary fitness center.
Description of Services: Provides gamblers with a top notch establishment which they can attend, to take that grand chance of going there and losing all - or going there, and walking away richer than they were before. Drinks are priced fairly in the bars, the dinner buffet is excellent, and scantily clad waitresses in lacey red and white outfits seem ever present within earshot of each patron - who regularly carry around complimentary drinks for those playing the games. The hotel accomodations, as mentioned are top notch in quality, with complete room service available, but they are terribly expensive as well. Although of grand proportions and four star accomodations, it lacks the class of the Crossed Swords Tavern & Inn, but it's ideal for those who have an interest in gambling - or for tourists.

Chances of Winning

      This is always difficult for a GM to gauge, I think most game masters would rather that their players stick to the combat and actual role play rather than playing games within the game. None the less these can enrich the campaign, and also present a great campaign tool.

Games of Chance:
01-10% Wins.
11-00% Loses.

01-75% Break Even.
76-85% +1D4x10 Credits.
86-95% Double Your' Money!
96-99% +1D4x10,000 Credits.

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