University of Wa-Daisho

Owner: Government owned and staffed on government payrolls. Every two years a new Dean, usually selected from the teachers on staff, is elected and serves as spokesman and supervisor for the school over all.
Reputation: The reputation of UWD is sterling. It is considered the highest quality University in the free world, west of Lazlo. Students who have attended here say that the work IS difficult, but again as with the 1st District High School, it prepares the student for the riggors of real life.
Description of Shop: UWD is a self contained campus establishment that prevents students from having to walk from one building to another between classes. It is a five story structure, that measures 200' North to South, and 600' West to East, built of white painted cinder block, with red trim, and could easily house up to 4,500 students. On the main floor is most of the facilities of the establishment including a large gymnasium, olympic sized pool, a gargantuan cafe, lounges, fitness centers, small book store, a gift shop, and a small post office - including the office of the Dean, and other supporting figures of management. The upper four floors are composed of 45 class rooms complete with holographic projection units, professor's office, and desks for up to 100 students per class room, plus a desk for the professor, and his/her assistants.
Description of Services: Provides advanced classes, directly following up education received in High School, with the intention of providing the necessary skills for a specific occupation. Among those available are Operator, Scholar, Scientist, Lawyer, Social Worker, Business & Careers, Pharmacist, Body Fixer, Cyber-Doc, and the military occupations of Wa-Daisho. There are three ways of attaining a scholarship to UWD, the first and easiest is to attain high enough grades in High School. If that occurs, B+ grade average at the least, then attendance is paid for by the High School. The second way to gain an education, is almost as easy, to agree to a three to ten year term of service in Wa-Daisho's military. The third way, is without a doubt the most difficult, as it requires lots and lots of money - to simply pay for the education. This may cost anywhere from ten to eighty thousand credits. Approximately 30% of the students attend on paid scholarships. Exact fees, and time requisits, are as follows;

Military Occupations: *N/A.
Social Worker: 2 years training, 10,000 credits.
Business & Careers: 2 years training, 10,000 credits.
Pharmacist: 2 years training, 12,000 credits.
Operator: 4 years training, 40,000 credits.
Lawyer: 4 years training, 42,000 credits.
Scholar: 4-8 years training. 46,000-52,000 credits.
Scientist: 4-8 years training. 48,000-60,000 credits.
Body Fixer: 8-10 years training. 62,000-72,000 credits.
Cyber-Doc: 8-12 years training. 70,000-80,000 credits.

* Military Occupations vary in training length, and can only be attained by signing up for service.

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