Wa-Daisho Civic Center

Owner: Government owned and operated.
Reputation: If the Wa-Daisho Import & Export Center and Akersley Trade Center are considered the hearts of Wa-Daisho's economic strength, the Civic Center is the heart of the society that is Wa-Daisho. It is a very popular place among those who wish to have a hand in the governing of their Republic - and also for any who attend public functions. (See Services, below.)
Description of Establishment: The Wa-Daisho Civic Center is a large, three story structure built of white painted ceramic blocks with red trim, although not visible it is built with a Merctite frame - a very strong mega-damage structure. Located across the street from the City Park, it's appearance is very pleasing to the eyes. It measures nearly three hundred feet in length, and about a hundred feet in width. There are four entrances to the building, each being a sturdy reinforced door - capable of being opened only with a five digit code, and an authorized card to be slotted through. This is typically government employees only. During the Status of the Republic Picnics held on the 15th of every month, the doors are propped open, but security is even tighter than normal. Once inside the door on regular occasions, at each entrance are two guards accompanied by metal/weapon detection units that scan not only for metal on the person, but for energy signatures, or the signature of the chemical compound that is gun powder. Further more, the guards also frisk or check over the individual. It's very effective for ferreting out hidden weapons. It is tested about once every three months, to be certain no one can make it through with a weapon. So far nobody has made it through with a weapon. The main floor itself is divided up into several large rooms, including a pair of court rooms, a cafeteria, and a large reception room, complete with stage. The upper floor is composed of offices for public services such as sanitation, water, electric, and phone utilities. The central floor however, that is composed of only a handful of small offices, and a large number of conference rooms. Most of these are set aside for private discussions, Wa-Daisho club meetings (with authorization of course), and similar. The building itself is very strong, and has about 3600 M.D.C., or about 250 M.D.C. per 10'x10' section of wall. The windows are also mega-damage with 25 M.D.C., and the doors have 75 M.D.C. - note that the basement of the Civic Center, used mostly for storage, also seconds as a bomb shelter for civilians located in the Northern City. It can hold approximately 4,000 citizens if needed.
Description of Services: The Civic Center serves as the office building for public utilities, and as the court house, but it also acts as the hub of Wa-Daisho's society. It hosts concerts, indoor fairs, television talk shows, comic routines, plays, speeches, club meetings, auctions, swap meets (flea markets), and seminars of all sorts during most days of the month. It also hosts a monthly picnic on the 15th, which is called the Status of the Republic Picnic - usually in the park across the street, although during bad weather it's held indoors. Costs for attendance to most events vary, however most speeches, and the Status of the Republic Picnic, are free. For details on the "Status of the Republic Picnic" please see; Wa-Daisho's Holidays.

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