Wa-Daisho National Shipyards

Owner: Government owned and operated.
Reputation: Reputed among the Alliance, as one of only two major manufacturers of War Ships with which they can enforce their independance. Among Wa-Daisho's enemies however, the shipyards are considered one of their prime targets for destruction if Wa-Daisho were to ever be all out attacked.
Description of Establishment: Several times larger than the dry docks, and fabrication buildings used by Akersley Ship Construction, the Wa-Daisho National Shipyards can build a number of ships at the same time. There are three dry docks, two "small" ones that can build vessels up to 500' in length, and one very large one that can build vessels nearly 2,000' in length. Fabrication buildings are as large as the Akersley Ship Construction buildings are, but those near the third dry dock dwarf these by having three that are double their size, each. Structure of these buildings tends to be a merctite frame, with sheet steel coverings. Essentially meaning that it's easy to punch holes in it, but knocking the structure down is a whole other story. Security is quite tight, with it's own independent security force invested into the defense of this and Akersley Ship Construction. The Republican Guard Division may also be called upon in it's defense as well, if necessary.
Description of Services: Builds vessels for Wa-Daisho's Naval Fleet, and for the Allied Naval Fleet. These docks have spawned such legendary vessels as the Sea Wolf, and the Dalmir.
Note: While commonly known as Wa-Daisho National Shipyards since it was first constructed under this name, it's name changed with the founding of the nationalized industry to Republican Shipyards. As a result it is occasionally referred to by either of these names.

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