Akersley Fish Market

Owner: James Akersley, an old timer from before Wa-Daisho was even called Wa-Daisho. James surrendered the helm as the mayor of the small town, in favor of the new nation to be built. He has since focused on his family's tradition of fishing - by building up a large corporate entity known as Akersley Fishing. He's quite wealthy but doesn't flaunt it a lot, he's average height, is clean shaven, with short cropped silver hair. He appears to be in his mid '60s. These days he spends most of his time at the office of his fishing corporation dressed in blue collar appearing suits, or out checking on his fishing fleet in blue jeans and a flannel, being flown around in his personal Type 16 executive aircraft. He does very little fishing at his age, but is still very active in the fuctions of his business.
Reputation: Akersley Fish Market is known in town as the single best source of fresh fish in the entire City of Wa-Daisho. Although a good deal of fish is sold at Merchant Drive, it is only done so at the price of competing against a well known, widely approved business like Akersley Fish Market.
Description of Shop: This shop is another located directly on Merchant Drive. It's a fairly large establishment however, resembling a small town grocery store, with three central aisles, freezer secton to the north east wall, fresh fish and sea food section at the south west wall, and check out aisles on the south east wall.
Description of Services: Originally Akersley Fish Market was only an open air shack with a days fresh catch every day from a small ailing fishing fleet. The new and improved Akersley Fish Market is a far cry from the old days, having moved into at least the 20th century in modern convenience. It not only has a section that deals in fresh sea food, which is still admittedly their most popular section, they now have added live water tanks containing Tanner Crab, and some varieties of fish for guaranteed freshness. The new store also incorporates a section of frozen preserved sea food, that may be slightly older than the fresh, but will keep longer than the other because it has been prepared for long term storage, packaged, etc. (Also the only show in town during stormy weather - a common event in Wa-Daisho. Towards the center of the store are three super market like aisles containing spices commonly used in sea food preparation, synthetic lemon juice, recipe books for sea food, and canned sea food, such as canned tuna, salmon, oysters, and canned shrimp. All of which stamped, licensed, or approved by the Akersley Corporation. For prices please visit; Various Goods.

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