Weapon Licensing

      These licenses represent only one weapon according to serial number and type. Each additional weapon would require yet another license. There is no limit towards the number of weapons a person can have licensed, but each time one is licensed a background test is conducted. In addition to this a DNA scan will indicate whether the person has the traits of a psychopath, and will determine whether the person should be allowed to carry this weapon in Wa-Daisho. This test takes about five minutes to run. While the computer analyzes the DNA scan, a psychic government worker will ask a series of questions quite nonchalantly while using Telepathy & Empathy to be sure of the person's intentions. All this information is then compiled, and the result will then follow. The prices below reflect first citizen's prices, and then foreigner prices following after. All weapon licenses are only good for one year;

1. Energy Pistol: 40/150 credits.
2. Energy Rifle: 90/320 credits.
3. Magic Weapon: 100/350 credits.
4. Shotguns & Bolt Action Rifles: 20/50 credits.
5. Revolvers & Automatic Pistols: 10/30 credits.
6. Automatic Rifles: 40/150 credits.

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