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TW Items

      Techno-Wizardry is truly the ultimate development ever made in either technology and magic. This science has allowed technology to bridge the gaps that magic has, and magic to bridge the gaps that technology has. These devices, along with dozens more lost to antiquity have been developed during the course of our many campaigns. Several of these creations have been made by player characters, while still others are source material developed by us for our Tolkeen campaign. Take a look, and enjoy!

General Items
TW Weapons
TW Systems (For Vehicles)

Rune Armor

      Rune armor has played a role in our games since around 1995, when the first suits began appearing in the coughers of monte-haul style campaigns. Since this first appearance, a more structured set of rules pertaining to rune armor creation has been established.

      While rune weapons are considered extremely rare, rune armor is far more rare than those. During the Elf-Dwarf wars about a half dozen varieties were produced between the two mystical superpowers, but few of those survived the post-war purges of dangerous magical constructs from their arsenals. The most known of these is the Dragon Slayer variety of rune armor, found among the pages of Dragons & Gods produced by Palladium Books. Today only three known rune smiths are known to still have the capability to produce rune armor, one is Thoth, another is the Dragon Goddess Kiraboshi, and the other is an obscure Asguardian dwarf that went into seclusion eons ago, and his whereabouts are known only to a handful of individuals in the megaverse. The Splugorth would do anything to gain the ability to produce rune armor. Splynnkryth has tried on many occasions to get Thoth to teach him the ability, but thus far Thoth has politely fenced away from the issue. All of their other attempts to rediscover the technique behind rune armor creation has proven equally fruitless.

      The few suits of rune armor that have been created are equally divided by category, similarly to rune weapons, as Lesser, Greater, and Greatest rune armor types. They are fashioned out of stone or metal, encountered in all different shades of colors, from blues and reds, to whites and blacks. They are almost always magically weightless, and of fair to good mobility. While they can be damaged and even seemingly destroyed, they will magically reconstruct themselves through regeneration, or will reappear from complete destruction within 24 hours.

Lesser Rune Armor
    * The Armor of Law, Order & Chaos
Greater Rune Armor
    * Demonwolf Armor of Hades
Greatest Rune Armor
    * Armor of the Tenzan
    * Nagulkash Rune Armor (Cursed!)

Rings, Talismans, & Amulets

      Frequently, throughout the history of magic, magic has been added to common accessories. It is done this way so that a magic user could use the item quickly, or have it effect the wearer, throughout the entire duration that it is worn. Frequently the nature of the magic on the item makes them indestructable, even to the passage of time. The result, has been a vast number of magic accessories that have been passed down through the ages.

Magic Rings
Magic Talismans
Magic Amulets

Spells & Rituals

      Typical magic users cannot just wake up one day and decide to create a new spell, it takes days or even weeks of preparations, reflections, and sometimes spirtual augmentation/guideance to achieve a new spell or an improvement on an existing spell. Few categories of magic users have that level of mental discipline to achieve such a feat, in RIFTS. While there may be exceptions to the rule, generally only the Ley Line Walker, Lord Magus, and Shifter can create new spells - and even then only they have achieved 8th level of experience or higher. Other magic users, from other pursuits such as Necromancy, Biomancy, and similar - must wait until 12th level or higher to create magic in their own area of expertise.

      With magic use being particularly common on RIFTS Earth, it is inevitable then that new spells, modified spells, and rituals would appear on a semi-regular basis. These are but a few that have appeared in our campaign;

Spell Magic
Ritual Magic