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Singapore Overview

      This highly industrialized area survived the cataclysm relatively intact. One of the few areas that have grown in size & population since. They are so industrialized, and comparitively safe, that they have served as a magnet for technology.

      The Military/Self-Protection forces of Singapore are highly equipped & do a very good job of protecting the city & surrounding countryside from intruders & monsters. The Navy serves a dual purpose, protecting the city from monsters that seem to thrive in the South China sea, & protecting shipping from the many bands of pirates that also thrive in the Southern Seas.

      Singapore is governed by a board of directors from the largest Corporate Organizations. The term "Money Talks" is especially true in Singapore & it talks loudest in the board's chambers. Policies, laws, alliances, etc. are all made from the viewpoint of business - is there a potential profit to be made. In truth, the residents do have the best government money can & often does buy.

      In the past, disputes between companies have resulted in actual warfare between the opposing security forces but a truce has been in effect for a number of years - rather shakey at times, but it remains none the less. Arbitration is now deemed more profitable than outright warfare.

      The city's industrys lie in four major realms, that of food stuffs (organic & synthetics), electronics, vehicles, & weapons. They specialize in creating cheaper knock-offs of other peoples designs. The thirst for new technology & physical models that they can reverse-engineer has created some rather unique corporate dealings especially in the weapons & vehicular fields. Pirates have been known to supply all kinds of new examples & a few of the corporations have regular field teams that travel to sites all over the world to excavate Pre-RIFTS sites to obtain forgotten knowledge. In Singapore, peace reigns, but out in the field, open warfare between field teams is quite common.

Military/Self Protection Forces

      This consists of each corporations private security force, a token number of which are retained for protecting their company premises, & the bulk are supplied, equipped, & sent to protect & patrol the city proper. Overall command is weilded by former mercenary officers recruited from Europe or America, but corporate units are usually sent out together to avoid any possible confrontation with other units.

      City streets are patrolled by air/hover cars with 1-4 troops usually, & rural areas are usually patrolled by mobile groups usually in a truck, APC, or IFV. The fact that there is no organized outside threat to the city's peace & security makes their job relatively easy, the only real problems have come from the occasional monster, hostile D-Bees, & overland pirate raids on outlying houses or farms.

      City airspace is protected by missile batteries & heavy energy weapon installations. There is also a squadron of ground attack helicopters/aerodynes, & 2 squadrons (48 planes) of the newest, most versatile aircraft.

      The Navy of Singapore also adds a great deal of protection to the city. Heavy units consist of 2 submersible cruisers, & 4 submersible corvettes/destroyers. Surface units consist of small to medium sized patrol craft to engage pirate vessels. One squadron of attack helicopters can be called in to engage the encroachers as well. Shallow water areas are patrolled by sea-going hovercraft. All naval personell have been recruited from mercenary & merchant seamen from around the world or are survivors of pirate depredations.

Weapons Street

      A large accumulation of weapons-producing companies & their retail outlets. Virtually anything can be bought or ordered here from the smallest derringer to heavy artillery pieces, swords, & bowes, to smart missiles & bombs. There is even a company that markets TW devices & weapons exclusively. There is even a trading center where all manner of weapons can be bought, sold, or bartered, including magical items like Millenium Tree wands & staves, Holy weapons, and even the occasional Rune weapon. Magic shops abound there as well & cater to all known magic users. It is rumored that some distance to the North of the city, that there is a type of magical enclave that manufactures magical weapons, & that there are even Asgardian Dwarven Weaponsmiths there producing Rune Weapons - Others say that there is a pipeline direct from Atlantis to Singapore where Rune weapons are marketed.

Transport Centers

      Vehicles are a major industry in Singapore. All manner are produced there from bicycles to trucks, aircraft made to order, & waterfront shipbuilders can create any & all manner of vessels from dugouts canoes, to submersible battleships. Hover vehicles, helicopters, & aerodynes are very common, as are replicas of all manner of Pre-RIFTS vehicles.


      There exists a large trade with many of the more primitive peoples of the world, weapons, implements, foods, & vehicles are traded in for the raw materials so desperately needed by industry. They even mine old land fills for recycleable materials. Situated as it is, fossil fuels are quite easily accessable & there are adequate sources of fissionable materials for nuclear powered vehicles. A number of large Import/Export companies exist along with one Star Side Trading Company who markets the city's products on Phase World & another Multi-Dimensional Exports who market products on worlds in other dimensions. As yet, aside from electronics, there has been little or no leakage back to Earth from Phase World or other dimensions technology. The board is quite aware that otherworldly technology exists, but as yet has devised no means to steal it successfully. They are positive that once they have gained access to it, Singapore's industries will be able to duplicate it.

Special Technologies of Singapore: In addition to creating knock-offs of existing weaponry from throughout the world (When purchase of this equipment comes into play, use the same stats, but reduce the new price by 10% - if the armor or weapon is especially complicated, reduce the M.D.C. or damaging capabilities by 5%-10%, as per the Game Masters discretion.), they have developed several rather unique items of their own that they utilize for their defensive capabilities, as well as market to whoever has the cash enough for them. Because Singapore is so highly industrialized, most people do not even distinguish from one corporation to the next, despite their different logos, and commonly refer to products that come out of the small industrial kingdom, as being from "Singapore Industries". These are just a few of them;

Force Field Technologies

Cloaking Devices

IFF System Replicators

Laser Refractive Chaff

Missile Defense Systems

Anti-Sniper Vehicle Mounted System

Special Missile Types

Special Ammunition Types

Special Explosives Types