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Exotic Creatures of the Megaverse

      The Red River Valley Gaming Group has been designing, and writing up monsters and various beasts for our campaigns now for a good many years. Among those created, there were a few that really stood out in our minds as just being nasty, or cool in their own respect for one reason or another. Some, were only a one time encounter, but still stood out in our minds for one reason or another, and so, without further adieu, we have decided to share with you a few of these beasts, so that you and your' party may enjoy them as we have in games past. Until mid September of 2006 about a dozen additional creatures were displayed here. Due to projected plans, however, they were removed from this website.

Blood Hawk: Written by Edward A. May

      The Blood Hawk appears to be a giant falcon with an extremely malicious glint in its eyes. It is considered a pseudo-demon and can be encountered pretty much anywhere true demons can be found.

Corgus (Grey): Written by Jan E. Knoell

      A bizarre creature that subsists entirely off of energy - when its energy supply is hindered or someone causes it pain, however, it can be EXTREMELY dangerous. The location of only one Corgus on Earth is known, and that is in the ruins of Reno Nevada.

Corgus (Yellow): Written by Clinton E. Knoell

      A slight variation on the Grey Corgus that appears to be an evolutionary offshoot - eliminated its known weakness and one truly redeeming value. These are a little more common than their grey brethren, but seldom should be found in groups larger than 2 or 3.

Draksal: Written by Edward A. May

      A deadly and malicious creature of high intelligence, that uses the abilities of teleportation and natural invisibility to serve it in its favorite pasttimes - murder. While not a true demon MOST certainly act like it, and can be found just about anywhere.

Enegyrok: Written by Edward A. May

      A strange entity that feeds on the P.P.E. of its victims, by using a form of "Ectoplasmic Disguise" to create a body and annoy someone into damaging it - at which time it releases a massive energy explosion. (Bully characters beware!)

Oligam: Written by Edward A. May, based off of the ideas and concepts of Clinton E. Knoell.

      The Oligam is a D-Bee that may easily be mistaken for the Yeti due to its fur color, or the Sasquatch given its comparable dimensions and its only known location on Earth - the American Rocky Mountains.

Ratler: Written by Jan E. Knoell

      A supernatural predator common to the plains states of North America that resembles a rattlesnake with legs and a nasty disposition.

Sagla: Written by Jan E. Knoell

      A horrible creature created through the twisting of the magestic unicorn with a massive magical curse. These vile things are everything that unicorns are not, evil, twisted, and carnivorous.

Tosh: Written by Jan E. Knoell

      The Tosh is a land dwelling animal of an extremely obscure type that actually can draw knowledge by consuming the heads of sentient creatures, able to recall all of their memories, and all of their abilities. As they are quite long lived, Tosh can be extremely knowledgeable in an untold number of fields - including magic.