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Places of Interest

A mid sized, outspoken Kingdom built on the ruins of Salt Lake City.
A mid sized republic built on the southern tip of Vancouver island.
The post apocalyptic Republic of Singapore.
The River Pirate Haven of the Wind River Valley
The Empire of Kyatashiro, realm of Hachiman.


Shop Smart, shop S-Mart! The industry of Desert Star.
The nationalized industry of Wa-Daisho.
All new TW & Magic items.

Various Resources

A Revised version of the Samurai Creed, more akin to their real code.
Some official errata, with questions asked of, and answered by the Palladium Staff.
Click here for several hook line and sinker adventures.
Several OCCs & RCCs to spice up your' gaming.
Monsters created by the RRVGG.
Animals created by the RRVGG.
Gods & Goddesses created by the RRVGG.

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Past Updates

      In times past SirTenzan's Selected Links supplied about two dozen EXCELLENT RIFTS sites to viewers. Now, sadly, this list has dwindled down to only six remaining sites. The internet is a fickle place, where changes occur on a whim. Sometimes it's caused by a glitch, other times by companies being bought out, still others have died because the creators have lost interest. I am sad to see so many sites go. Thunderstrike was one of the greats, as was Dustin M.'s RIFTS Site, where I got this wicked format I use for many of my RIFTS pages. Their materials were excellent sources of endless adventure and intrigue. In times past, I used the internet a lot for new ideas, but as time wears on, I find that I create new source material far more easily than just finding already produced suitable materials. (This goes even for some of the recent RIFTS books as well - they just aren't getting the blood pumping like the old ones did.) If I happen upon some decent RIFTS sites, I'll be sure to add them here though. Meanwhile enjoy these last few sites - while they last - some of them haven't been updated in years.

  • Palladium Homepage (Official)

    This contains all that info we pester the hobby shop owners for!

  • Excelsior's RIFTS Page

    This page has tons of source material for RIFTS related Gaming! A must See!

  • The Unofficial Palladium Homepage

    An interesting page with several links and other info on all the Palladium game systems.

  • RIFTS Mecha Construction Sight

    A great page with tons of rules reguarding the construction of Robot Vehicles, and a different view of construction rules for Power Armor and Robot Vehicles!

  • Lithin's RIFTS Dimension

    This is a great page with a couple of new *Awesome* spells, a new Psychic RCC called the Flame Fist, that is an odd combination of psionics and martial arts, a new monster race, a couple of new RCCs, the new Cyber Sniper OCC, and stats for Vibro Impact weapons! It's a great sight, check it out!

  • The RIFTS Highway

    A new upstart page on the net, that has a great deal of alternate information. Included are; the Nim RCC, Doll Master RCC, Aone RCC, Mad Jester OCC, Psi-Hacker OCC, and a whole pile of new weapons from Tiger Industries out of the Midwestern United States - with promises to grow by leaps and bounds!


    An interesting website with some very good base story lines for some little covered aspects of the RIFTS Role-Playing Game, including details for settings in India, the Middle East, the Silk Road with a megaversal twist, the border regions surrounding the NGR, and additional source material for the Black Market and Lazlo. Also included are a trio of new martial art forms, two for the India setting, and one for Greco-Roman style wrestling, six new O.C.C.s, a series of NPCs to build character for your' campaigns, a gallery of original RIFTS art, some house rules for O.C.C. changes and TW applications. Take a look!