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Past Updates

      In times past this page included around two dozen excellent RIFTS® sites which I found to be useful to not only our campaign but most assuredly would be of use to others. Today, I am saddened to see that of all the wondrous sites I once earmarked as some of the best, only Palladium Books®'s site & one other in a partially functioning capacity remain. As we whom have remained connected for any amount of time have no doubt learned though, the internet is a ruthless place where mergers of big online enterprises, closing of local internet service providers and changes in service can destroy a decades old website without any consideration to the amount of effort put into or value a site may have to others. In their day, Thunderstrike was one of the greats, as was Dustin M.'s RIFTS® Site, where I learned the base coding for even this newest incarnation of The RRVGG RIFTS® Gallery. Another was The Unofficial Palladium® Homepage which had so much material available I never did finish browsing the full spectrum of their materials. Another site that has disappeared in the past decade or so was Excelsior's RIFTS® Page which was a massive online depository of a vast plethora of gaming materials. All in all the materials on these pages were amazing sources of endless adventure, intrigue, hardware, game settings, artworks and talent. I salute the Gamers, Game Masters & Webmasters that built and maintained these sites for so long. Your' works will be missed by more than you know.

  • The Home of Palladium Books® and their Role Playing Games

    The official Palladium Books® website complete with forums, chat platforms, webstore, news & announcements regarding past, present or future releases.

  • RIFTS Mecha, Power Armor, Weapons and Vehicle Construction

    A great page with tons of rules regarding the construction of Robot Vehicles, Weapons, Vehicles & a different take on construction rules for Power Armor.

  • Side Three: RPG Campaign Notes

    An interesting site I stumbled across that includes notes on a Three Galaxies™/Robotech® Crossover campaign, which reminds me a bit of our own "Orelian Command" campaign but with far more detail, ships, new mecha & revision of O.C.C.™ classes from the setting. Side Three also includes some house rules, a comprehensive campaign timeline, a RIFTS® Earth campaign set in the "Mid-Atlantic City- States & Organizations" that includes several nations of varying types, their own technology & some O.C.C.™ classes. While not exactly our forte you may also find rules for Battletech Miniatures Combat & Gundam for the Mecha! RPG on this page. While at first glance it appears to have been abandoned this site allows you to see the recent activity of the account and edits have been made as recently as December of 2017! Drop in and take a look!

  • Kitsune's Palladium® Web Page

    One of the few remaining RIFTS sites on the web that are older than The RRVGG RIFTS® Gallery is also one of the most impressive of them all. With materials for many of Palladium Books® Game Systems included their RIFTS® section is no slouch in the least including Adventures, Character Classes, Monsters, Cybernetics, Bionics, Equipment, Weapons, Heroes, Villains, Magic Items, Techno-Wizard™ Items, a ton of Magic Spells, Organizations, Vehicles for Pre-Cataclysm, Post-Apocalyptic, Mutants in Orbit™ & Phase World™ Included with weapons is a concise set of rules for working with artillery in the RIFTS® setting which have long since been implemented with the RRVGG's own games! Definite Bookmark Gold!

  • The Manistique Imperium™

    An entire site that seems devoted to fleshing out the "other" power that dominates Michigan, besides Northern Gun™. This site includes new character classes, high-tech related skills, equipment, vehicles, weapons, armor, maps, governing powers as well as some house rules and other odds and ends. This was a surprise site for me to encounter and was impressed with what I found. The power creep just isn't there but it has history, character and play-ability which is what is truly important!

  • RIFTS® Indonesia

    A fascinating net book on the Indonesian Archipelago with a huge variety of events transpiring between various powers among these islands. This would be an ideal accessory to source material from for any campaign that involves travel in the South Pacific, especially for expeditions seeking new lands, powers, trade partners or simply for the sake of exploration. This is of special interest to the RRVGG for our RIFTS® Republic of the Misty Isles setting and their goal of exploring the Pacific rim which will no doubt eventually lead them to encounter this hotbed of activity in the region. While the material is not yet complete, it seems that "Mephisto" is still working on the site, but it's still definitely worth a look!

  • RIFTS® Discussion on Complexity

    A series of blog entries about the complexity of the skill system, combat system and so forth that makes proposition for easy conversion to an all D20 system. (Something the RRVGG experimented with in 2011.) His details on combat system alterations are a little more extreme than we attempted though skills were easy to convert. I thought I would include this as something to mull over experimenting with in your' own gaming experiences.

  • Palladium®/Rifts® Fansite Wiki

    A free forum for uploading RIFTS® content that has a vast amount of material on it already including character classes, equipment, martial arts, etc. I normally wouldn't include a free source site like this but the sheer variety of content, both good and bad, as well as the increasing utility of such wiki sites could not be passed up in this day and age.

    This page was last updated March 7th, 2018 and is an extension of: The RRVGG RIFTS® Gallery