Professional Occupation Permits

      Professional Occupation Permits are granted to people who require specialization in their services. These permits are good for only one year each, and the issue of these permits must be provided only after thorough examination of the individuals skills, in this field. Some fields require work shops that take several days, others require a refresher course of a week to several weeks every few years. Occasionally permits are not issued to an individual if their health or mental stability is in question. The most difficult to acquire are Commercial Pilot or Shipping Captain's Permits - these are supervised by government officials, and the applicant is subject to intense questioning, and profiling - including psychic interviewing. Only about 75-90% of these applicants are ever issued permits.

1. Prostitution Permit & *Bill of Health: 800 credits for the permit, 100 for the bill of health.
2. Lawyer's Permit: 1,200 credits.
3. Merchant's Permit: 500 credits.
4. Weapons Merchant Permit: 1,200 credits.
5. Pharmacist's Permit: 1,200 credits.
6. Commercial Pilot's Permit: 1,500 credits.
7. Commercial Shipping Captain's Permit: 1,500 credits.
8. Architechs Permit: 1,800 credits.
9. Paramedic's Permit: 800 credits.
10. Doctor's Permit (Various): 2,000 credits.
11. Teacher's Permit: 1,500 credits.
12. **Soldier's Permit: Issued by military, or council members.

* These bills of health are retained every year, by maintaining WEEKLY check ups at a reputable clinic, IF not checked out every week, they will be investigated, checked over, and informed that their permit for prostitution has been revoked until a new bill is purchased and maintained. These weekly check ups cost nothing, and are provided as part of the licensing and bill process. Note that Prostitutes in Wa-Daisho HAVE to present a card displaying the last check up date, to their clients. Fortunately with Wa-Daisho's small size, the business is rather slow...

** Soldier's Permit allows a soldier to carry ANY weapon with the exception of Naruni weapons. It is NEVER sold.

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