Economics of Wa-Daisho

      This information is provided to allow a Game Master, some measure of understanding concerning the economics of Wa-Daisho as it applies to both adventurers and citizens. Costs of living, taxes, the ever present credit question, trading data, and even details like crops and mineral deposits are covered on these pages. Details such as these included, have largely been overlooked by mainstream gamers. Why? Too complicated? Who cares? Well - I like to have detail and realism in my game, so I added this information to my own selection of details. I hope that you too can make Wa-Daisho one of the most REAL places in your' game.

Wa-Daisho Circa 125PA. Taxes.
Vehicular Licensing.
Weapons Licensing.
Occupational Permits.
Various Living Expenses.
Overview of Cost of Goods.
Occupational Salaries.
Alliance Credits; WD's Currency.
Agriculture & Related Goods.
Mining Programs.

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