Wa-Daisho Holidays

      As with any nation in history Wa-Daisho has holidays and events which are celebrated on set days of the calendar (Western Calendar) in honor of events or people. Unlike Pre-RIFTS Earth, holidays of specific religions are NOT recognized due to the profusion of different holidays celebrated. If time is to be taken off during these holidays it must be written into the work place contract.

      The holidays and events in Wa-Daisho are intended to keep the populace of Wa-Daisho informed, and generally happy. It allows them time to reflect, and things to look forward to. None of these holidays are likely to be celebrated in other nations. The only exception to this rule is St. Lawrence Battle Day which is celebrated in both Desert Star and Kyatashiro, as a day very similar to the American 4th of July. A sort of coming out, and proving that the Alliance will take none of the CS's bullying - and actually has the strength to hold true to that comment.

The Holidays

January 1st - New Years Day - This day is usually celebrated by the inhabitants of Wa-Daisho through the act of gift giving, and truth telling. It is not uncommon for men and women to both make their proclamations of love on this day. As a start of new beginnings so to speak. Most of the feasting, and jovial natured activities transpired the night previous however - because the work week starts again on the following day.

January 15th - Status of the Republic Picnic - Every month, a picnic is put on by the Republican Council. During this picnic, Council members converse with the average citizens about what could be done to improve the city - food that is most often barbecued, non-alcoholic drinks such as soda pop, juice, coffee, and tea are provided, and entertainment in the form of games, musical performances, comedians, plays, or entertaining displays are put on. However, the entire atmosphere for the picnic is meant as a way of allowing the common people to get into contact with the entire Council, so that they never really suffer the separation that other cultures had in the past.

February 10th - Republic Day - This is the anniversary of the day that Nyan Tamya handed control of Wa-Daisho exclusively over to the people of Wa-Daisho. Although he was a just, and intelligent ruler - it is celebrated as a day of "liberation" where everyone would have an equal say in how the Republic was run. It is usually celebrated through the wearing of pins with the Republic "Bull Silhouette" in honor of when the Kingdom became a Republic.

February 15th - Status of the Republic Picnic - As mentioned above.

March 15th - Status of the Republic Picnic - As mentioned above.

April 15th - Status of the Republic Picnic - As mentioned above.

May 1st - Founding Day - This is the anniversary of the day that Wa-Daisho was officially founded by Nyan Tamya. It is recognized by many as the beginning of a wonderful thing, and in honor of the founder himself, the citizens wear green and red ribbons on their clothing.

May 15th - Status of the Republic Picnic - As mentioned above.

June 1st - Annual Spring Festival - This is a festival celebrated in Wa-Daisho by craftsmen/women who have spent the winter building their crafts. It is also a festival of gardening, farmers, and other seasonal businesses - but it is also attended by average citizens for the entertainment that is also put on during the festival in the form of musical performances, tractor pulls, and display shows such as car shows, auto races, and independent air shows. (Dare Devils, Wing Walkers, and Air Racers.)

June 15th - Status of the Republic Picnic - As mentioned above.

July 1st - Annual Merchants Festival - This is similar to the marketing square activities that take place year round, but this special event draws merchants from all over the West Coast of North America and several from over seas. Shows such as those mentioned during the Spring Festival also draws the attention of the common folk.

July 15th - Status of the Republic Picnic - As mentioned above.

August 15th - Status of the Republic Picnic - As mentioned above.

September 15th - Status of the Republic Picnic - As mentioned above.

September 23rd - St. Lawrence Battle Day - This day is celebrated very similarly to the 4th of July of the old American Empire. It marks a day in the history of the Alliance, when the Alliance's Allied Naval Fleet met the dreaded CS Navy - and soundly defeated it in combat. Proving once and for all that the members of the Alliance were truly free of the CS tyranny so long as they remain united together. The beginning of this celebration is marked in the late afternoon hours of the day when many citizens of Wa-Daisho gather in the city park for a gigantic barbecue. Shortly after nightfall numerous story tellers and retired military men will recount the events of what led up to that conflict - as night fall comes. At the time that the story telling is done, six aircraft conduct a fly by of the city park - which is then followed by a barrage of fire works - the highlight of the show. The atmosphere is jovial, and thousands of credits go into the show each and every year - the battle is recounted over loud speakers as the show continues. When the last of the fireworks end however, the six aircraft return - this time, they fly the missing man formation. The tone of the celebration becomes more serious. They state that despite their victories - and their declaration of independence from the CS tyranny that plagues the east - some had to fall. A moment of silence is then observed, before the people pack up their things, and walk across the road to the south of the city park to the wall. There, are the plaque - grave markers to the military personnel who have died in the service of Wa-Daisho. The citizens of Wa-Daisho then honor them by spreading flower petals and bouquets over the ground before them. Small Republic flags are also placed into the flag holders on the wall. It is not uncommon either to see photographs of children on grave sites as well, in symbolism that this child may never have been, if they hadn't have given their lives for him/her. A very symbolic holiday for the people, perhaps the most widely celebrated of all holidays.

October 1st - Parade Day - A mere few days after St. Lawrence Battle Day, the people again gather for a show of presence - the Parade Day. This is the day when Wa-Daisho's Armed Forces put on a show for the people of Wa-Daisho to prove that despite their wins and losses, they are ever more diligent and prepared for war in discipline and equipment. The Air Force conducts fly byes, and aerobatics in the sky, while elements of the Army, and Armored Units drive through the streets in crisp parade formations, and naval vessels conduct mock interceptions of "hostile" vessels or put up displays of naval personnel in dress uniforms on the deck. At the end of the parading, the Supreme Commander of the armed forces will speak in a live televised program to the people of Wa-Daisho about the present state of the military, and the goals of the military for the next coming year. Attempts to strike Wa-Daisho during this parade day are trivial since what forces are not in parade are on high alert ready for any would be attackers.

October 15th - Status of the Republic Picnic - As mentioned above.

November 15th - Status of the Republic Picnic - As mentioned above.
December 15th - Status of the Republic Picnic - As mentioned above.
December 31st - New Years Eve - As with Pre-RIFTS New Years Eve celebrations, this is typically celebrated through feasts, parties, and publicly announced resolutions for the New Year.

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