Allies of the Republic

      The Republic of Wa-Daisho has built a significant power base among the free nations of North America, including several allies of significance. In the early years, Wa-Daisho's primary two allies were Desert Star and Kyatashiro. Desert Star was the technological power house of the three, Kyatashiro was the manpower, and Wa-Daisho was the budding agricultural and mining powerhouse. As time wore on Lazlo, Kingsdale, Water Point Preserve, New Hope, Hope Barony, Tritonia, and finally Tolkeen were added to this list of allies. All of these enjoy a non-aggression pact, advantagious trade agreements, a stake in the Allied Credit, and in the case of Wa-Daisho's original two allies - a mutual defense pact.

Trade Agreements

1. The Kingdom of Desert Star: Wa-Daisho's primary trading partner is undeniably the Kingdom of Desert Star. Wa-Daisho's economic strengths perfectly compliment Desert Star's weaknesses, while Desert Star's industrial strength counters Wa-Daisho's industrial weakness. Dozens of trades are conducted yearly between these two nations. Desert Star provides much of Wa-Daisho's military equipment and materials for maintenance of said equipment. Desert Star also provides the vast majority of civilian vehicles, appliances, and farming equipment. Without trade from Desert Star, maintenance of the military machine that is the Red Devils or the Tenzan Elite, would become difficult after 10-14 months - less if major combat is encountered. Meanwhile, although farming would continue, without new equipment or up to date equipment yields from farms would be less and less every year following such a break in relations. Meanwhile without Wa-Daisho Desert Star's citizens would experience food rationing since fully 65% of Desert Star's food comes directly from Wa-Daisho. Once an alternate source was attained for food products attained from Wa-Daisho the cost is likely to far exceed the prices offered by Wa-Daisho. Furthermore if relations with Wa-Daisho were ever severed military equipment weight would increase by 10-40% due to the lack of available lightweight titanium, though costs are likely to gradually decrease slightly - after a brief markup due to construction process changes. An alternate source of Titanium could theoretically be attained from one of the Native American Preserves in the west, but most of these jealously guard their mineral deposits for their own industries. If some could be attained from these people its likely to be in limited quantities and come with a significant price tag attached. Trade is facilitated between these two nations via Techno-Wizard Iron Horses running from Silverstone to Railroad Nexus in Desert Star, and further still via transport aircraft.

2. The Empire of Kyatashiro: While Desert Star is Wa-Daisho's primary trading partner it has one other major trading partner: Kyatashiro. Kyatashiro, the noted stronghold of the Shinto War God Hachiman, is strong militarily but in all other fields it is mediocre at best. While it has the resources to be a powerful nation both industrially and in mining, all resources are allocated to the military. In a sense its development of both its nationalistic goals as well as the development of the very military it gives precedence to, are stunted by the very policies intended to increase its power. Every year Wa-Daisho trades great amounts of its crops and raw ores to Kyatashiro in exchange for intelligence data gathered among the Central Powers nations, general laborers, and the upkeep of the naval equipment deployed to the Atlantic in the Allied Naval Fleet. If trade between these two nations was ever somehow severed Wa-Daisho would suffer the loss of valuable intelligence data pertaining to Central Powers nations, which it lacks the resources to gather by its own devices. It would further suffer through the loss of a cheap labor force used largely in the agricultural, mining, and construction fields. Naval equipment deployed to Kyatashiran ports would also go without maintenance, essentially permanently docking them. Even if those vessels deployed to that theater of operations were to return to Wa-Daisho, Wa-Daisho lacks the facilities, manpower, and equipment to keep two naval fleets in order. Kyatashiro, however, would suffer far worse. While Lazlo supplied much of the supplies to Kyatashiro through the 100s PA, Kyatashiro has grown to almost five times that number since then - through immigration from Hachiman's deific realm and from people leaving the larger portion of North America. Without trade from Wa-Daisho, the military of Kyatashiro would quickly fall into disrepair due to use of Wa-Daisho's ports to ship S-Mart supplies to Kyatashiro. Furthermore food would be in short supply inside of a few months due to such a large volume of food products coming from Wa-Daisho. Eventually trade with Lazlo would be forced to increase. While Lazlo's small land territory already struggles to supply their own bursting population numbers and still trade some off for some much needed capital - it could ill afford to supply the whole of Kyatashiro with food. Thus inside of a couple of years one of two things would be required - either supplies be brought in directly from Hachiman's deific realm, OR Kyatashiro must go to war to gain the necessary supplies for independence. The likely targets would be Republican, Iron Heart, Free Quebec, or even Lazlo - in order of likelihood. All trade between these two powers is facilitated through the use of armed (and often warship escorted) freighters that travel from Wa-Daisho to Kyatashiro, through an Arctic route that is open from May to October.

3. The Free State of Lazlo: Wa-Daisho does not conduct any regular economics trades with Lazlo, but does conduct some irregular trades of other sorts, supplying scientific data to Lazlo in exchange for literature, scientific data, and especially magic. Wa-Daisho also acts as the waypoint for S-Mart wares to be shipped to Lazlo. If trade were ever severed between these two nations, little economic impact, if any, would be felt in Wa-Daisho. Over years of separation the impact is likely to be more profound in the sense that education would likely become outdated, information unclear or imprecise compared too more recent studies conducted in Lazlo and similar. For Lazlo, however, it would have quite a bit more profound effect economically speaking. Lazlo has become increasingly dependent on Capos Inc. farming equipment as well as for military equipment from S-Mart. The loss of access to those items would detract from the productivity of the regional farms as well as the capacity for the Lazlo Guard to defend its sovereign territory. For much of the irregular trade, it is facilitated through the use of special chartered flights from Wa-Daisho to Lazlo. The remainder is facilitated through the use of the same shipping arrangement as items shipped to Kyatashiro.

4. The Dictatorship of Kingsdale: While considered an ally to Wa-Daisho's cause, little actual trade occurs between these two powers, though Wa-Daisho has provided a significant amount of financial aid to Kingsdale in the past.

5. Water Point Preserve: Water Point Preserve has access to most of the same resources Wa-Daisho has to call upon, save for some of the advanced smelting technologies, and the widespread mining programs - due to the traditionalist presence in some areas. Thus Water Point Preserve actually relies a great deal on Wa-Daisho for much of their ores and higher tech materials such as Merctite and Ceraphite. Synthetic Gasoline, Oil, and Plastics are also a hot ticket item in trades between these two nations. In exchange Water Point Preserve trades precious metals and/or stones. If trade was somehow severed between the two, the availability of some precious stones would become more scarce in the Republic, however, there would be a very limited impact on Wa-Daisho economically speaking. For Water Point Preserve it would be much the same, the only result would be that they would have to expand their own mining operations to attain the same ores Wa-Daisho provides. However, they would have to deal with a backlash of lecture and protest from the Traditionalists of their population.

6. The Free City of New Hope: New Hope, a coastal community near what was the San Francisco Bay area in Pre-Cataclysm times, conducts some trades with Wa-Daisho. For the most part these consist of Citrus crops and various other semi-tropical products that are not regularly available in Wa-Daisho. In exchange for these, Wa-Daisho supplies a great deal of New Hope's fishing netting, basic tools, and the occasional watercraft. Military equipment has been discussed in the past, but acceptable terms for both parties have yet to be settled upon. Were trade to ever break down between these two powers, Wa-Daisho would suffer little economic impact save for the decrease of availability of those certain products supplied by New Hope during some months of the year. For the most part, many of those products are available in Wa-Daisho year round due to some greenhouse growth of semi-tropical plants. The cost of those goods would predictably be higher than the naturally grown New Hope product, however. Trade between these two is facilitated entirely by armored freighters.

7. The Republic of Tritonia: Tritonia has extensive greenhouse facilities on board, but even these have had a difficult time of supplying the people of Tritonia with an ample supply of food. Rationing on the floating city has been a trademark feature of Tritonian way of life for centuries. When Wa-Daisho entered the picture, however, it offered them a chance to change that unsavory fixture of Tritonian cultural antiquity. With growing frequency Tritonia has been trading for food supplies in precious metals, valuable intelligence data, and in fact for military equipment on a couple of occasions. Were trade to become severed between these two nations it would return the rationing to the people of Tritonia - which would spark isolated rioting and civil unrest. Despite this fact, it is not likely that it would cause any long term problems, despite the initial backlash. For Wa-Daisho the economic result would be slim, though militarily speaking a few minor components to the military structure would be effected by such a severance of trade. All trade between Tritonia and Wa-Daisho is facilitated through the use of armed (and often warship escorted) freighters and special chartered flights on transport aircraft.

8. The Kingdom of Tolkeen: Trade between Tolkeen and Wa-Daisho is fairly recent, only occurring in the last five months. Wa-Daisho has been supplying a large supply of grain, canned foods, clothing, and low-end military gear to Tolkeen, in exchange for magic secrets. The full extent of what has been and what will be revealed to Wa-Daisho will remain secret for a long time, before it is revealed openly. Although the magic can technically help the economy, it will have little immediate impact on the economy if trade is severed. While Wa-Daisho supplies a great deal of food supplies to Tolkeen, the lions share still comes from its own personal farms - thus it would have little immediate impact there save perhaps to increase prices by 10-20%.

Enemies of the Republic

      Wa-Daisho has angered a few nations in the time since it's founding. At present Wa-Daisho has no established war against any of these powers - with the exception of the limited conflicts occurring amidst the Vampire Kingdoms.

1. The Coalition States leadership naturally sees Wa-Daisho in poor light since they represent everything they speak out against, thus an active campaign of hate filled propaganda concerning the growing Republic occasional sparks up amidst the news of victory on the war fronts. Until the wars against Tolkeen and Free Quebec are over, however, no official decisions to do anything about the Republic, or the Alliance as a whole have been made - most likely because the sights of the Coalition leadership is set elsewhere. New Lazlo and Lazlo. After the destruction of Lazlo, and the annihilation of the annoying thorn that Kingsdale is - their full attention will be placed upon the Alliance for their audacious attack against the CS fleet in the Battle of St. Lawrence. This is all of course providing that the Coalition States are not terribly spent after their Tolkeen/Free Quebec wars are over.

2. The Lord of the Deep was once an enemy of the Republic until the Battle of Blood, Sea, and Steel saw the completion of the Prophesy and the death of the Lord of the Deep.

3. The Naut'Yll have made several attempts against Wa-Daisho over the years with each one thwarted more humiliatingly than the last. Since Wa-Daisho's involvement in the Battle of Blood, Sea, and Steel however the Naut'yll have made it a policy to steer clear of the Allied Naval Fleet and Wa-Daisho until they are more readily prepared for a full out war against the Republic and her allies. When that will be is anyone's guess.

4. The Vampire Kingdoms are consumed with their plots for the future. However, for their plans to follow through to completion, Wa-Daisho must be taken out of the equation - thus an active campaign to undermine the Republic and her leadership is in play. While Wa-Daisho once drew up plans for the extermination of the Vampires in Mexico, Wa-Daisho has since dropped them indefinitely. Despite this fact a large percentage of the Tenzan Elite is presently in Mexico fighting the vampire threat while other heroes are stuck fighting in Tolkeen.

5. The Haida tribe from the Queen Charlotte Islands has been waging occasional slaving raids on farmstead along the East Coast of Wa-Daisho for the past several months. (Water Point Preserve has suffered such attacks for years!) This has lead Wa-Daisho to establish occasional pockets of troops among the coastal farmsteads. It is only a matter of time before warriors of the Haida meet them in battle. Whenever that occurs a war is likely to be waged by several bands of Haida, possibly even including raids on communities like Avery, Angel Peak, Shiunren, and Taylorville. The complications come about if Wa-Daisho makes any sort of attack on the Queen Charlotte Islands, as this will unite the tribe in a collective war against Wa-Daisho!

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