The Political Structure of The Republic of New Haven

      New Haven has been a Republic since Tamiya Nyan, the nation's founder, stepped down as Regent, on May 1, 83PA. His final decree as Regent was that a public vote be made for 10 officials to represent the newly established Republic. The populace voted, but disobeyed in one aspect. Nearly 80% of those who had voted had come to admire Regent Tamiya's skills as a leader and his ability to understand the people as a whole. Although they did want to have more say in the governing of their nation, they also sought his wisdom on important matters. As such it was decided that a 11 member council would govern the nation with Tamiya Nyan serving in the twelfth spot as an adviser as well as speaker for the assembled council.

      The function of the Republican Council is fairly straightforward and easy to understand with each seat on the Council having direct control over one aspect of the nation or another while cooperating with one another to allow larger projects to come to fruition. Meanwhile, as the Speaker for the Council, Tamiya Nyan has little true power except to advise the other council members and then to announce to the populace the resolved issues as well as agreed upon future endeavors.

      Although there are no regular elections, a vote of no confidence can be established via citizen petition or by 2 or more members of the Council resulting in a new election. Alternately a member can relinquish his/her seat at any time, resulting in nation wide lobbying culminating in an election to fill the empty seat with a suitable candidate.

      Note that on occasion when Tamiya Nyan has been out of the country or otherwise occupied with public works Nyan's spouse has proven to be a proactive and intuitive stand in for his position. Tamiya Riko, Nyan's late wife, was highly educated and was of sincere value to the council. Since his marriage to Alekysis Tamiya (She chooses to use the European name format when providing signatures.) she has proven to be similarly adept in other areas. She has seen much of the world and traversed various dimensions which makes her input regarding foreign relations and trade invaluable. Furthermore, she is an accomplished magic user with a virtual treasure trove of experience and knowledge when dealing with matters of the arcane allowing less conventional suggestions to be made to solve ongoing issues or problems that would otherwise require technological (and expensive) means to tend towards.

1. Tamiya Nyan
Race/Nation of Origin: Human; The New Empire of Japan, Izumi Province.
O.C.C.: 16th Level Ronin Samurai, 15th Level Kensaido Bushi and 10th Level Rogue Scholar.
Background: Former Samurai of the Izumi Daimyo (Osaka), Founder of The Republic of New Haven, Retired Supreme General of the Tamiya Elite, Valedictorian graduate of Lazlo's Golden Age University, achieving a doctorate in modern history and a bachelor's degree in law in 77PA. In addition to being an honorary member of the Cyber-Knight Order he has received decorations for military excellence and philanthropic duties from more than a half dozen nations and city states.
Council Position: Speaker of the Republican Council.

2. Major (Ret.) Jesse Schmitt
Race/Nation of Origin: Human; Kingsdale.
O.C.C.: 12th Level New Haven Bushi (Power Armor Specialist).
Background: Emigrated to New Haven in 80PA and promptly joined the New Haven Army. Hand picked to leave the ranks of the national army to join the Tamiya Elite in 83PA. Retired at the rank of Major from the Tamiya Elite in 88PA to pursue further schooling. Graduated from The University of New Haven in 91PA with a bachelor's degree in both economics and business. Elected to the Council seat in 95PA after his predecessor died of natural causes.
Council Position: Councilman of Industry.

3. Scott Foresman
Race/Nation of Origin: Human; Silvereno.
O.C.C.: 13th Level Justice Ranger.
Background: Served as a Justice Ranger from a young age throughout the Colorado Baronies and the American South West before becoming involved in the liberation of the Kingdom of Desert Star. Emigrated to New Haven to assist in establishing a legal system for the fledgeling nation.
Council Position: Councilman of Legal Affairs.

4. Supreme Commander Sir Tal Kilenian
Race/Nation of Origin: Human; Unknown - Raised in a rural orphanage.
O.C.C.: 15th Level Cyber-Knight..
Background: Member of the Cyber-Knight Order, Deposed King of a small feudal Kingdom in the East called Chara, and formerly a General in the Tamiya Elite.
Council Position: Councilman at Arms - Supreme Commander of the Republic's Military.

5. Vertyl Kragshill (Emerald Roughcut)
Race/Nation of Origin: Dwarf; Tolkeen.
O.C.C.: 10th Level Operator.
Background: Graduate Apprentice of Ace Centra 66PA, directed architecture of fortifications in Decatur (Golden Age) in 71PA, directed the remodeling efforts on the Kingsdale Senate Building in 75PA, and directed the construction of fortifications on the outskirts of Tolkeen City in 77PA. While looking for work in the Hope Barony she learned of the construction of New Haven City and made the journey there via TW Iron Horse. She was placed in charge of the design and construction of Nobunaga Palace in 80PA after a number of less prestigious jobs. Her exquisite work and attention to detail earmarked her for a seat on the council and easily landed her position on May 1st, 83PA.
Council Position: Councilwoman of National Development.

6. Xyrteka "Reverend Pim" Pim'Toq
Race/Nation of Origin: Fennodi; Unknown origins.
O.C.C.: 11th Level Preacher.
Background: Prior to his arrival on Vancouver Island his origins are a mystery, but since the mid-60s he has been a fixture of the community always willing to lend a helping hand to whomever was in need. A dream years prior to the first arrival of Tamiya Nyan led Reverend Pim to believe that Nyan's appearance there was somehow influenced by divine powers and his input played a large role in the acceptance of the beginnings of the Republic of New Haven. On May 1st, 83PA Reverend Pim and the former Mayor James Akersley competed for a seat on the council - which Reverend Pim won by a landslide.
Council Position: Councilman of Public Service.

7. Dr. Lesćundea "Liz" Willowind
Race/Nation of Origin: Elf; Lazlo.
O.C.C.: 13th Level Rogue Scholar.
Background: Valedictorian graduate of The Imperial Hall of Learning in Lazlo, achieving a triple doctorate in pre-cataclysm history, anthropology and economics, with a bachelors degrees in archaeology, zoology, xenology and modern history in 52PA. Elected to office on advice given by Tamiya Nyan on May 1st, 83PA.
Council Position: Councilwoman of the Treasury.

8. Lieutenant (Ret.) Lisa Wraith
Race/Nation of Origin: Psi-Stalker, Last surviving member of the Xyzaks Tribe.
R.C.C.: 10th Level Psi-Stalker.
Background: Tribal hunter of the Xyzaks Tribe, Former Assassin for Hire, Retired Lieutenant from the Tamiya Elite, graduate of the Royal Tolkeen Private Academy with a bachelor's degree in mathematics and foreign languages acquired in 77PA. Elected to a Council seat on May 1st, 83PA. Owns and operates a small toy and pet store in her leisure time.
Council Position: Councilwoman of Education.

9. Jessica "Jess" Blackhorn
Race/Nation of Origin: Human; Modern Native American of the Nuu-Chah-Nulth Tribe.
R.C.C.: 8th Level Psi-Tech.
Background: Orphaned due to a Vancouver Horror attack on her traditionalist village and brought up by a Modern Native American of the Tlingit Tribe, she attended New Haven University and quickly obtained a bachelor's degree both in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. Her engineering brilliance and mind for business caught the attention of the Headmaster and government officials soon after the death of the previous Councilman of Economics. She was voted into office on June 7th, 102PA making her the youngest person yet to hold a seat on the council.
Council Position: Councilwoman of Economics.

10. Sergeant (Ret.) Lady Sara Hawethor of the Crimson Blade
Race/Nation of Origin: Human Mutant; Chi-Town Burbs.
O.C.C.: 12th Level Cyber-Knight.
Background: Former Squire to Sir Johnathan the Humble, one of the founding members of the Tamiya Elite, member of the Cyber-Knight Order, retired Sergeant of the Tamiya Elite, played an independent but key role in the diplomacy with the Colorado Baronies in the reconstruction of the Kingdom of Desert Star after its liberation and subsequently in the establishment of diplomatic relations between New Haven and its neighbor; Water Point Preserve. Due to her skill in diplomacy she was asked to run for a seat on the council for Foreign Relations due to her experience - which she agreed to and won hands down. Since then she founded the "Chivalry Orphanage Program" with branch offices in the Kingdom of Desert Star, the Hope Barony, Silvereno, Water Point Preserve, New Haven City and Silverstone.
Council Position: Councilwoman of Foreign Relations.

11. Gernalus Sabrefang
Race/Nation of Origin: Wolfen; New Lazlo.
O.C.C.: 12th Level Fire/Air Warlock.
Background: A skilled magic user that reputedly learned his skills as an apprentice during his early years in New Lazlo but spent the better part of his life as a nomad. He is presently a part of the Blue Water Mages Guild and was slated for a seat on the council due to his vast knowledge of various forms of magic and its application. Little else is known about Councilman Sabrefang.
Council Position: Councilman of Arcana.

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