Wa-Daisho's Legal System

      The laws of Wa-Daisho are fairly simple and have been created to ensure the safety and well being of the people. These laws are carried out by a special division of Wa-Daisho's military, that is composed of 200 soldiers with basically the same training as that of the line soldiers.


1. Attempted Murder: The act of physically attempting to purposefully slay a sentient individual. The only excuseable count of attempted murder is in the defense of his/herself or a loved one from imminent danger, if the murderer to be is out of his mind, or is under the mental possession of another. If none of these are the motivations for the crime, the convicted person will serve a manditory term of no less than 8 years without parole in addition to a fine of 100,000 credits.
2. Attempted Murder of a Government Official: Same as above, but the victim in question is a government official. This law is only used if the attempted murder was politically motivated, otherwise it is ordinary attempted murder. The penalty for a politically motivated crime is a sentence of all assets and belongings in the Allied Nations being siezed, followed by a 10 year a manditory order of exhile, all in addition to a fine of 100,000 credits to be paid through labor in prison.
3. Murder: Manslaughter: The unintentional, though negligence caused, death of a sentient. Penalty in Wa-Daisho is paid through a mandatory term of five years, with no parole per person killed, in addition to a fine of 30,000 credits per victim. The only excusable count of Murder: Manslaughter is if the Murderer in question was defending his/her life, and was unaware that his/her actions would or could cause the death of another.
4. Murder: Intentional Killing: An unplanned but purposeful killing of a sentient. This is a very serious offense punishable by 20 years of time served per offense, plus a fee of 150,000 credits, per offense. Once again, the only excusable circumstance is if the murderer in question was defending his/her life or a loved ones life at the time.
5. Murder: Premeditated Killing: A pre-planned assassination of one or more sentients. Regardless of reasons behind this killing, police could have helped, if the person had time to measure his/her options. This crime always evokes a capital punishment.
6. Rape: A sexual assault on any living creature. The penalty for the crime is castration in addition to jail time of 20 years without parole, which is manditory, in addition to a manditory fine of 150,000 credits. (100,000 credits of the fine is given directly to the rape victim.)
7. Theft - Minor (1-100 credits value): A theft of an item(s) not belonging to the individual totalling 1-100 credits. The penalty for this crime is rarely time spent, and when it is, it never amounts to over 20 days. The fee however is 100 credits per every credit value stolen, OR if acceptable to the victim, only pay back of the item in question.
8. Theft - Major (101-1000 credits value): Same as above only the item(s) value is between 101-1000 credits. This crime is a bit more serious, warranting up to six months jail time. The fee however is unchanged, 100 credits for every credit value stolen. As above this fine may be waived, if the circumstances warrant it, and only be charged to pay back the value of the item, as well as the return of the item. (If applicable.)
9. Theft - Grand (1001-50,000 credits value): Same as above only the item(s) value is between 1001-50,000 credits. This crime is very serious, warranting up to 1 year plus an additional year for each 10,000 credit value stolen. The fine is the same as above, 100 credits per credit value stolen. Once again the circumstances of the theft may alter one or both of the punishments above.
10. Theft - Inexcusable (50,001 credits value plus): This very serious theft is as stated, inexcusable in Wa-Daisho. Therefore, those guilty of such crimes, are tried, all of their possessions and assets are siezed, and they are exhiled from Wa-Daisho permanently. The only instance where this could be pardoned is if the circumstances were life and death, or if it were a misunderstanding that lead to the theft of the items.
11. Arson - A fire purposefully set without prior authorization from first the owner of the property, and from the proper government officials. The penalty can be up to seven years, and if applicable pay back of the credit value lost, plus a manditory fee of 100,000 credits.
12. Resisting Arrest: Resisting against a law enforcement officer in any way. Penalty can be up to 2 years in jail, or a fine of up to 200,000 credits maximum.
13. Assault: This braad term refers to everything from bar room brawls to assaulting an officer. This penalty thus varies greatly from a small fine, to time spent of 6 days to two years, without no parole, and a fine of up to 25,000 credits, in addition to damages of course.
14. Illegal Use of Magic: The use of any magic forbidden by Wa-Daisho Law. This includes any magic which harms or controls a sentient, imitates another sentient with intent of deception, harasses a sentient, or controls/animates the dead. Additionally any resurrections not authorized by one or more members of the Republican Council of Wa-Daisho. Necromancy & Homicide by magic are both exhile crimes. Imitation of another sentient is also serious and could envoke any number of laws such as rape, expionage & treason, Resisting Arrest, and Disobeyment of an Exhile Order. Unauthorized resurrection is a mere fine of 2,000 credits, unless it is a criminal who was executed, or an enemy of the Republic.
15. Possession of an Illegal Weapon: Carrying or having in the claimed territory of Wa-Daisho any weapon that has either been forbidden entry or is currently unlicensed. Weapons not allowed into the claimed territory of Wa-Daisho, without prior military authorization include; Rail Guns, Gravity Cannons, Auto Cannons, RFFCs, Grenade Launchers, Missile Launchers, Cannons, Mortars, Flame Throwers, Plasma Cannons, Heavy Particle Beams, Heavy Laser Cannons, Pulse Lasers, Ion Pulse Weapons, and explosives of all kinds. Those without authorization must leave these weapon types outside of Wa-Daisho's claimed territory. Failure to do so will result in up to 30 days in jail, confiscation of the weapon(s), and a 2,000 credit fine. Note that vehicles of any kind which contain, or mount a weapon of these types must contact the Wa-Daisho military for authorization to enter Wa-Daisho territory, and will likely do so with a military escort. Once to the island, the weapons will be disengaged, and the vehicle must be left on the island until the owner is ready to depart. This is the only way of retaining some measure of safety from raiders. As a further note to illegal weapons, Wa-Daisho is unique in that ALL Naruni weapons are illegal! Regardless of authorization or stature in Wa-Daisho, Naruni weapons and equipment of all kinds are highly illegal within Wa-Daisho. Past dealings with the Naruni elsewhere, has proven that the Naruni are profiteers who will use 'credit' as a measure of luring in unwitting customers. The secret the Naruni guard closely is that once the customer is down on his/her luck after accepting credit, the Naruni suddenly show up to collect their fees - if the funds are not present, confiscation of all of the person's belongings will be mounted, as well collection of the person him/herself to be sold into slavery as payment!
16. Espionage & Treason: Espionage is defined as observation of official operations and activities conducted by an organization employed by the government of Wa-Daisho, with the purpose of revealing sensitive materials to an outside source. The penalty for this is imprisonment of anywhere from 20 years to Capital Punishment, depending on the severity of the information revealed. The only way such criminals are released is with special arrangements conducted between the spy's employer and the Wa-Daisho government. Treason on the other hand is more heinous. This is where a citizen of Wa-Daisho intentionally betrays the confidence of the government of Wa-Daisho. The penalty for a crime of this nature is Exhile or Capital Punishment.
17. Breaking & Entering: The forced entry of private enclosures. The penalty is anywhere from six days to two years, and a fine of 100 credits per credit value of damages caused by the forced entrance. The only excusable circumstance is in life and death situations, where the person must break in to escape so and so...
18. Racial Discrimination: This is the act of treating a member of another race differently from how one would treat his/her own race. This includes job oportunities, cruel terms or language, racial violence, and refusing service to someone on account of their race. The only exception to this rule are members of races that have been deemed as largely being part of an enemy of Wa-Daisho. These races include, Vampires, Monster Naut'Yll, Psiren, Servants of the Deep, Naut'Yll, and any creature identified as a true demon. Only Naut'Yll may even be permitted into the city proper, and only then after lengthy questioning and interrogation by experts, psionics, and magic users have proven that he has no intention of causing harm. Once this is done he's given a stern warning to behave himself in the city proper. The penalty for disobeying this law is varied. A simple racial slur heard by a guardsman could land you six days in jail plus a 25,000 credit fine! Refusing to hire someone based on his/her race can be up to two years!! Racial Violence on the other hand will not be tolerated at all - resulting in siezure of all belongings and assets, and finally exile.
19. Illegal Worship: The act of actively worshipping any entities/dieties expressly forbidden within the territory claimed by Wa-Daisho. Although this sounds like an oppresive law, all it really prevents is worship of demons, intelligences, and several dark gods. The penalty for disobedience is usually pretty serious. Most often this results in all assets & belongings being confiscated, and the cult member being exiled to the mainland. Occasionally, worship of a demon cult, or of intelligences can be deemed as being just bad enough to result in a capital punishment - especially if there were any saccrifices made.
20. Bounty Hunting Without a License: The act of kidnaping or killing a subject as a means to collect a reward from an outside source, without the expressed permission from the military, AND purchase of a license. The only way collection will be authorized is if the bounty was issued by a known and respected state or nation, and not of the CS States or similar origins. If it is an independant bounty, evidence must be provided that he/she is guilty of the crimes mentioned. If the bounty is approved, the bounty hunter's query will be captured ALIVE with the assistance of the military. At which point, the bounty himself will be questioned at length regarding the crimes committed. If he offers no suitable explanation for his past actions, his assets and belongings are siezed, and he/she is turned over to the bounty hunter for delivery to the signer of the bounty. Failure to abide by these regulations will result in the permanent exile of the bounty hunter from Wa-Daisho if his victim was merely kidnaped. If the bounty hunter killed his bounty, he will be taken into custody, and automatically contracts a capital punishment for the premeditated, cold blooded, murder of a citizen of Wa-Daisho.
21. Weapon Trafficking: Bringing weapons, either forbidden by Wa-Daisho, or have not been properly taxed, into Wa-Daisho for the purpose of sale. The penalty for the disobeyment of this law is 5 years with no parole for citizens, and a fine of 200,000 credits. In the case of a foreign free trader, his/her belongings are siezed, and he/she is permanently exiled from Wa-Daisho. In both cases the illegal/untaxed weapons are confiscated.
22. Smuggling: The bringing in of items/equipment into Wa-Daisho with the intention of sale, and doing so without paying the taxes. The penalty is identical as listed under Weapon Trafficking.
23. Drug Trafficking: Bringing drugs, either forbidden by Wa-Daisho, or have not been properly taxed, into Wa-Daisho for the purpose of sale. The drugs which have been legalized in Wa-Daisho are; Alcohol, Nicotine, Marijuana, (for the last three, all being 18 years or older), Caffeine, and Prescription Drugs of various kinds. Juicer's drugs are legal, and are considered prescription drugs due to their unusual nature. Similarly, Holistic Medicine experts must be licensed as a distributer of prescription drugs before being capable of distributing his/her wares. The penalty for not abiding by these laws is identical to Weapon Trafficking.
24. Forgery: The falsifying of any document by knowingly signing the name of another. The penalty for citizens is 1 year in prison and a fine of 20,000 credits. Foreigners find all of their possessions siezed, and are exiled to the mainland!
25. Kidnapping: The act of siezing someone against their will, without prior authority. This heinous crime will land a person in prison for one year per day the victim was kept. Additionally a fine of 100,000 credits per day will be required. The council is pretty lenient about parental kidnapping charges if the person was simply overwhelmed with grief, and didn't make any attempt to escape law enforcement military officers when discovered. Such cases will get away with only weekly or biweekly therapy sessions. In some instances the council may issue visitation rights, depending on the circumstances, and in very rare instances sole custody to the kidnapping parent!! Again the punishments vary with circumstance.
26. Slavery: Anti-Slavery is one of the cornerstones of Wa-Daisho's mission, and thus the law concerning slavery is brutally swift, and colorless. Slavery is defined as being the act of siezing someone against their will, with the intention of selling them into forced service of some kind. The punishment for this horrible crime is ALWAYS siezure of all belongings, and assets, followed by the Capital Punishment.
27. Pirating Within Wa-Daisho's Waters: This is when forces from air, land, or sea board a vessel within Wa-Daisho's territorial waters with the intention of stealing cargo, passengers, or the vessel itself. This does not include the various crimes that usually accompany piratings; rape, assault, murder (always considered pre-meditated), and Theft. This means that the time/penalties for those crimes must be fulfilled before he/she may be held accountable for Pirating. The penalty for pirating is exile, will all possessions siezed, including the Pirates Vessel, if applicable.
28. Violation of Wa-Daisho's Territorial Waters: Wa-Daisho does NOT permit unauthorized warships into it's territorial waters without several precautionary measures having been taken first. Number one, the Wa-Daisho military MUST be contacted, while still outside of the claimed territories and identify themselves, before requesting authorization to enter Wa-Daisho's territorial waters. Then, they must remain there until Wa-Daisho's Patrol Divisions dispatches a small flotilla of patrol craft to the scene, where one of the ships will maneuver to dock with the foreign warship, at which time the vessel will be inspected and surveyed for dangers in allowing this vessel to enter the territorial waters of Wa-Daisho. Usually the parameters of this admittance is determined by the weaponry carried, and armor strength of the vessel. No vessel heavier than a Patrol Class Vessel is ever admitted. Note that nothing which carries more than 20 missiles of Medium Range Missile Strength or heavier, 40 Short Range Missiles or Heavier, or 60 Mini-Missiles or heavier are given entrance. Nor is anything that is equipped with a large caliber gun (ie. 1D4x100MD or higher). If they decide not to authorize the vessel, Wa-Daisho will offer ferry services for the warship at anchor beyond the territorial waters of Wa-Daisho, allowing unarmed leaves, resupply, and refueling if applicable. If a large vessel is crippled, Wa-Daisho will only offer to evacuate the warship, but will NOT under any circumstances allow it into port. IF a warship does not obey these laws, they will first be contacted within moments of breaching Wa-Daisho's territorial waters, and informed of their violation either via radio, visual signal, or warning shots. IF the vessel does not turn around, or reacts violently, it will be attacked and sunk, or crippled and boarded. Any survivors or captives, will be brought into custody. At which point they will be charged with Violation of Wa-Daisho's Territorial Waters. It will be explained that to maintain it's safety and sovernty, it must react with such measures IF there is no response (or violent response) from a potentially dangerous vessel. There is such a broad degree that this encompasses - from a friendly, though foreign warship forgetting to follow proceedure, to a hostile warship entering the territory to attack Wa-Daisho, the penalty for such a crime can be anywhere from a fine of a few thousand credits, to capital punishment of the warship's officers! (In the event of a hostile ship's servicemen, their belongings are siezed and they are exiled to the mainland.
29. Intentional Damage of Another's Property: The purposeful damage inflicted upon another's property, envokes the penalty of anywhere from 30 days to 20 years, and a fine of the credit value lost plus an additional fine of 20% of the value to compensate for the inconvenience. The only way this is excused is if the sentient doing the damages was in a life or death situation, or was under the direct control of another sentient. Also note that careless behavior like drunk driving IS considered intentional, and is charged accordingly.
30. Disobeyment of Exile Order: This is only envoked if an exiled criminal, purposefully sneaks into Wa-Daisho's claimed territories, despite his orders to never return. The criminal will be given five years in prison with no parole, and then is fined 200,000 credits. After his term is over, all of his posessions are confiscated, and once again he is exiled. If he once again sneaks in, his belongings are siezed, and he receives the capital punishment.
31. Wreckless Driving/Piloting: This minor crime is no more than a traffic violation. This is everything from speeding, to erradic driving behavior. The penalty is 10 credits for every 1 mph over the established speed limit, or a set fine of 100-200 credits for truly erradic or dangerous driving. The established speed limits are; 60 mph on the island roads outside of the city, 35 mph in the towns/cities of Wa-Daisho, 15 mph in the Underground city of Wa-Daisho, 250 mph in Wa-Daisho's air space, and 10 knots near and in the bay areas.
32. Fraud: Deceit or trickery with the intention of attaining money, property, or goods via lies or fraudulent activity. (Arson, with intention of collecting government issued benefits, lying about injuries attained in order to gain extra money, lying about medical or psychological ailments in order to attain money from the government, etc.) Wa-Daisho very often employs telepaths or empaths in the government offices, in order to investigate claims of various sorts. If the telepath or empath detects a lie concerning the claim they will first ask the claimant if they realize that it is a crime to falsly make statements about injuries/ailments/conditions/crimes. If they say yes, then the investigator is to present himself as an authorized psychic of the Republic Government, and he has detected lies in the claimants statements - for this, he/she is under arrest. The claimant will then be brought before a board of six powerful psychics of the Republic, and will be interviewed concerning the statements made. If they all agree that the statements are lies, or have mislead in order to attain wrongful gains - they will be judged in a court of law, with this as SOLID evidence. The penalty for this crime is anywhere from 6 months to 2 years, and the fine is the equivalent of the amount the claimant was asking for, plus an additional 100,000 credits. It is precisely because of this reason, that fraud is almost NEVER attempted in Wa-Daisho.

Wa-Daisho Correctional Facilities

      Wa-Daisho has many precautionary measures that they utilize to prevent crime within the Republic. A great deal of effort, and weight goes into the readings of psychics and psychological reports drawn from DNA scans. These reports bring profiles to light, that show what can be expected of each person - and because of these efforts, the people can receive counciling to prevent the crimes from being committed. Despite these efforts, like any other free society they still have crime - though at a low rate. The Correctional Facilities are described as two different terms, Regional & Republic Correctional Facilities.

      The Regional Correctional Facilities, describes local jails. Wa-Daisho's primary city, on the southern tip of the island, has two different Regional Facilities, one underground, and another above ground. Each of the small towns also in Wa-Daisho's Claimed Territories also have small Regional Correctional Facilities, but only send those with a year or more of time to serve to the Republic Correctional Facility.

      Wa-Daisho has one main Republic Correctional Facility, which is located 50 miles North of the city of Wa-Daisho. It is a red brick and white concrete building approximately 500'x200'x3 stories. It has a small 20' tall Mega-Damage wall surrounding it to offer the inhabitants within some measure of protection from the outside world. This encompasses the entire 30 acre grounds around the prison. While in the prison, they are given various tasks around the complex such as cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. However it is not all that easy. The inmates are also expected to be employed in one of two fields while in prison. They could either be employed as miners, (Mining raw ores in the mountainous region North of Wa-Daisho.) or they may become Farmers learning to farm several of the crops raised on the island of Vancouver. All of this work is done under the watchful eye of one guard for every five inmates present in the W.D.P.. The wages are only 4 credits per hour of work, but the inmate only recieves 1 credit per hour, the remaining 3 go directly to the inmates fine, and if that fee is fully paid for the remaining sentence the 3 credits an hour will go directly to a savings account for when the inmate is released. There is little in the way of upheaval here in the prison however, as the prisoners are fed and treated well, and given the luxuries of a fully equipped gym, a running track, a fully stocked library, an olympic sized swimming pool, and all standard Wa-Daisho Television Programming. They also have weekly visitation rights for either Saturdays or Sundays. On Tuesdays two trucks arrive from the Wa-Daisho Mercantile with various goods such as clothing, treats, trinkets, books, and other various goods that the inmates may purchase with the money they earn. However Penalties are made for attempted jail breaks.
These Are;

  • Addition of an additional half sentance. (Anything over 50 yrs becomes capital punishment.)
  • The denying of the privalige of weekly visitation and television-for up to a year!

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