New Haven's Military Forces

      New Haven's Military History began in December of 77PA when the Tamiya Elite began an operation to clear the southern fifty kilometers, of Vancouver Island, of all potential hostiles. Once this month long operation was complete the Tamiya Elite took on several roles. They would not only maintain watch over the the budding nation, but also as of May 1, 78PA, to train a whole new class of troopers to serve as the indigenous military force of New Haven. Despite the incredible strain placed upon the Tamiya Elite members, by November of 79PA over 800 New Haven Bushi had been trained, and the Tamiya Elite's ranks had swelled to 400 members.

      Over the years, the New Haven Bushi and Tamiya Elite have gone through several alterations, improvements, and re-armaments. There have been many combat actions in New Haven's short life, among those have been skirmishes with Coalition Patrols, a brief encounter against Horune Pirates, and a similar small scale military attack waged by a pair of Naut'yll vessels. Both the Tamiya Elite and the New Haven Bushi have engaged sea monsters and pirates alike, plus warships of various types that have strayed too close to New Haven's territorial waters - and refused to leave peacefully. Unlike the New Haven Bushi, the Tamiya Elite is a so-called "Free Company", in that it operates separate from the governing body of the Republican Council, and has been hired out in small numbers for escort duty, various small tasks as well as on larger scale contracts.

      Although the Republic of New Haven is relatively young, they have engaged in some fairly large conflicts in the past several decades, operating in the Pecos region during the Tolkeen War, battling against Reachers of the Deep, a brief war with neighboring Water Point Preserve and an ongoing conflict with the Haida of the Queen Charlotte Islands North of New Haven. The largest conflict took place during the Tolkeen War, when attempting to aid Free Quebec against overwhelming CS Naval might, the RNHS Typhoon and her escorts drew away the bulk of the Coalition Fleet into the path of a Splugorth Mothership. Soon after, Free Quebec betrayed Tolkeen's elite sorcerers thus ending the brief alliance between the Free Nations and Free Quebec. Outside of the Kingdom of Desert Star and the Republic of New Haven, New Haven's involvement in the decimation of the CS Navy remains relatively unknown.

      The public view of New Haven's Bushi is patriotic and favorable, while their nation strives for peace, alliances with nations near as well as distant, nobody on RIFTS Earth is naive enough to believe that peace can be achieved without having a skilled and well equipped military to defend itself. Although the Tamiya Elite is responsible for much of the advancements in New Haven's security, after the conclusion of the Tolkeen War the Tamiya Elite was disbanded in 109PA with many members either retiring or signing on with New Haven's Military.

Military Structure

      New Haven's military structure is unique in almost every aspect of it's existence, and requires a great deal of specified information. The link above shows a diagram of the chain of command, pay scales, ranks, uniform data, and unit strength. The flags and insignia displayed are, from top to bottom, the New Haven Naval Standard (Flown by both Navy & Marine units.), the Republic of New Haven Flag (Flown by both Army & Air Force units.), and finally the New Haven military roundel.

Military Branches & Breakdown

      New Haven's military is broken down into three General categories;

  • The Navy of the Republic of New Haven
  • The Marines of the Republic of New Haven

  • The Army of the Republic of New Haven

    Air Force
  • The Air Force of New Haven

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