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Answers provided by Maryann Siembieda, Steve Sheiring, and Julius Rosenstein.

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Questions & Answers:

1.)Q.-Sir Tenzan asks- Do energy weapons make any kind of noise?
A.-Maryann Siembeida answers- Rail guns and ion blasters are noisy, vibro-blades emit a dull hum; lasers, particle beam weapons, and plasma ejectors are almost silent.

2.)Q.-Sir Tenzan asks- What is the lift/carry ratio for robotic and bionic strength?
A.-Maryann Siembeida answers- Treat robotics as supernatural strength - 1 P.S. point times 50 pounds carrying capacity. Bionics should be from 70-80% of robotics (75% is a good figure).

3.)Q.-Sir Tenzan asks- In RIFTS Mercenaries, under the Mecha Knight Power Armor, does it really mean Standard rate of fire for the Particle beam?
A.-Maryann Siembeida answers- If no other actions are taken, the ROF is standard.

4.)Q.-Heavy Metal asks- Can the spell Strength of the Whale be used out of water?
A.-Maryann Siembeida answers- No, the Strength of the Whale spell is only effective when in contact with water.

5.)Q.-Necrovore asks- Why can Dragons not have the WP: Sharpshooter Skill, for while they are in their human guise?
A.-Maryann Siembeida answers- No, Dragons are not normally interested in becoming sharpshooters.

6.)Q.-Sir Tenzan asks- What happened with CJ Carella, and Kevin Long, if I may ask?
A.-Maryann Siembeida answers- CJ and Vince left to pursue their own projects. Kevin Long was fired for business reasons (Back in August of 1995).

7.)Q.-Sir Tenzan asks- Last night in an extremely lengthy battle, our group was under attack by several ground attack aircraft. The battle was taking place as normal when a player who was playing a D Bee race which has several psionic abilities, among them, was telekinetic force field, got the brainchild idea to create a telekinetic force field in front of the attacking aircraft. (Yes they were in his range, but barely.) Is it possible to use this ability in such a fashion?
A.-Maryann Siembeida answers-Although your players usage of a TK Force Field to attack enemy aircraft was ingenious, it shouldn't be quite that simple.

8.)Q.-Sir Tenzan asks- The second question I have is the degree in which a psionic can shape this force field. It states in the book that the Telekinetic force field is airtight, can this be used to create a skin tight bubble around someone or say around their head?
A.-Maryann Siembeida answers- Because the smallest possible area it covers is around three feet, a TK force field can NOT be used to suffocate someone by putting an airtight bubble around their head.

9.)Q.-Sir Tenzan asks- Can the Telekinetic force field even be created off of the ground?
A.-Maryann Siembeida answers- The TK Force Field must be created on a solid surface. Afterward, the field can be raised through telekinesis. Since the field is weightless, the minimum of 3 ISP is all that is required; however, the time needed to elevate the field might prove to be a limiting factor.

10.) Q.-Sir Tenzan asks- What do vibro weapons use for power? It never notes the power system, life span, or how to recharge these invaluable weapons, could you please bridge this small omition?
A.-Julius/Maryann answers- Vibro-Blades are powered by E-clips.

11.) Q.-Sir Tenzan asks- If a vibro blade is powered by E-clips what is the duration of use?
A.-Julius/Maryann answers- E-clips will power vibro-blades for a total equivalent to 50D6 of damage inflicted (long clips will do 75D6) before needing to be recharged.

12.) Q.-Necrovore asks- Amidst the Godling RCC is a series of different abilities to choose from. One of these grants magical power the equivalent of the level of the character (ie all level one spells are available to level one characters, ect.) Are the new spells in the Federation of Magic available to the character as well??
A.-Julius/Maryann answers- Yes, the new spells found in Federation of Magic are also available to the Godling R.C.C..

13.) Q.-Sir Tenzan asks- Also among the Godling RCC was the option to be impervious to one thing, whether it be cold, fire/heat, energy, electricity, ect, ect. Can it be also selected to be impervious to Kinetic Attacks?
A.-Julius/Maryann answers- For a Godling to be impervious to ALL kinetic attacks would require choosing that option TWO times.
Sir Tenzan Note: Although this is allowed, I would not suggest allowing this option to be combined with the Impervious to Energy Option, as this would make the character virtually indestructable, which needless to say would be a disballance to the game.

14.) Q.-Sir Tenzan asks- Can a Rune Master modify already existing Rune Weapons?
A.-Julius/Maryann answers- Generally, rune weapons can be further enchanted only with their active cooperation. The only beings capable of enchanting a rune weapon against its will are high level rune smiths.