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General Background

The main gallery page
Edward A. May's Personal Homepage
The source of this madness, the Red River Valley Gaming Group.
All the updates made to this site from 9-9-99 onward.
This page.
A select few of the best RIFTS sights on the net.
Rules created by the RRVGG for their own special brand of game.

Places of Interest

A mid sized, outspoken Kingdom built on the ruins of Salt Lake City.
A mid sized republic built on the southern tip of Vancouver island.
The post apocalyptic Republic of Singapore.
The River Pirate Haven of the Wind River Valley
The Empire of Kyatashiro, realm of Hachiman.


Shop Smart, shop S-Mart! The industry of Desert Star.
The nationalized industry of Wa-Daisho.
All new TW & Magic items.

Various Resources

A Revised version of the Samurai Creed, more akin to their real code.
Some official errata, with questions asked of, and answered by the Palladium Staff.
Click here for several hook line and sinker adventures.
Several OCCs & RCCs to spice up your' gaming.
Monsters created by the RRVGG.
Animals created by the RRVGG.
Gods & Goddesses created by the RRVGG.

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