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Theocracies Behind the Scene...

      At this point we have no less than five theologies that are currently struggling for control of North America in our campaign. MOST of these are found in the books published by Palladium books, such as the Native American Great Spirits, the Aztec Pantheon, and the Dragonwright Pantheon. However we have also created and introduced the Judeo-Christian "Pantheon" and a splinter faction of the Shinto Gods in the midst of the struggle.

      "What?! Creating your' own Gods & Goddesses?!" On numerous occasions actually! When we've made up characters from exotic places, where we had no information about, like alternate realities, different dimensions, and even exotic places on Earth - we've been forced to extropulate on old dieties, or create new ones all together. This splinter faction of Shinto for example was created for a previous campaign, but later came into play with a character you've no doubt seen and heard about on here ... Nyan Tamya. As a Samurai, he needed to have a belief system, so I fell back on those Gods and Goddess I created a long time ago. These are not the only ones we've created however. Below, I intend to add them, for you to see - and perhaps use in your' campaign.

      Before you go any further into our archive of information, I must make a formal request. Reading beyond this paragraph indicates that you understand that these articles are ONLY for game use and are not the opinion or even belief of the author. I ask this ESPECIALLY in regards to the "Judeo-Christian Pantheon". Much of it is based in the lore of the modern religious faiths of Islam, Judeism, and Christianity - but much more of it is a distortion of the writings and teachings of those faiths. Thus if you are sensitive regarding your' religious faith, and do not wish to include this particular game twist in your' game - PLEASE do not read the articles below. Without further adieu, here they are;

The Samurai Triumvirate (Not Reality Based!)

Hachiman - God of War, Strategy, and above all Victory. He represents the Japanese virtues of absolute warfare - an honourable death preferable to a dishonourable capture, etc. He also represents peace in the wake of war. His symbols are the Dove (Ironically enough...) and a Silver Sword talisman or symbol worn by his devoted followers. (Active throughout large portions of the RRVGG's campaigns - his realm is Kyatashiro, on the magically altered Baffin Island.)

Kiraboshi - Goddess of the everlasting balance - she is the patron of neutrality and diplomacy over war, she was once a Goddess of the Heavens in far distant history, her symbols being her name sake - a Glittering Star and an oriental dragon circled around devouring it's own tail in an everlasting hoop or circle. It was often found at the top of ancient pottery or in the form of a talisman. (An occasional recurring role as a "last resort" ally, and only for BIG world altering events. The only way to access her realm however, is to make a daring trip through the Devil's Triangle or the Triangle off of Japan, facing directly towards the stars on Orion's Belt, while envoking the name of any God for assistance at least once an hour. When emerging on the far side - her Island realm reveals itself in the midst of a dense white mist.)

Bioshita - God of Noble Death - Although his name is listed here, he is in fact a dead God. He was worshipped by the Japanese peoples in the early periods of Japanese history until more popular Gods came into being that represented individual values of a noble death. About the time that he lost popularity he was killed by Gods of Assassins. When Kiraboshi allied herself with Hachiman they devised a new religious faith that combined traits of Kiraboshi's former contemporary Bioshita's following, her own teachings of neutrality and diplomacy, and Hachiman's teachings of Bushido. His symbol was a chipped and ragged looking war torn sword.

Judeo-Christian Pantheon

Yodheh - The Christian God of antiquity, in a way you have never seen him before! Heavily in use in our campaign. His symbols have included the Star of David, a variety of Crosses, a Crescent Moon, among other symbols. (Active in all aspects of our campaign in North America, as he is obsessed with the expansion of his faith. He mostly remains on Earth making his plots, but when seeking solitude for rest or for future plotting he creates a pocket dimension and slips into it for a while.)

Satan - The Christian protodiety of Sin and Evil. Viewed throughout all time as the most vile of creatures for his sinful view of indulgence and gluttony. Could these inflammatory terms be a euphemism for true freedom? Another shocking twist to a commonly accepted religious icon. His symbols have been ambiguous and vague in history, tending to be represented best by Anarchy or rebellion related symbols, freedom related icons, and similar. (He has no set plans of action, just to help thwart some of his brother's more vile plots and schemes.)