Salaries in Wa-Daisho

      Wa-Daisho has an established work salary program that will give a worker a salary, equivalent to his or her level of experience. Their pay starts at the base amounts listed, and then judging from skills they have attained, and their work performance, they receive 50 credits more a month. (Thus a level 15 Foreman of a mining crew would be receiving 2,750-3,150 credits a month.) The beauty of this system, is that the business owners CANNOT by law discriminate against experienced workers, by not giving them apt raises - since the raise system is completely covered by the government of Wa-Daisho! Consequently, Wa-Daisho has seen a great influx of experienced workers, from other nations across North America, looking for the benefits of higher pay.

      The typical work week in Wa-Daisho is a five day week, with occasional jobs requiring additional time on the weekends. Work laws do NOT prevent jobs from requiring seven day a week schedules, so long as the hours do not exceed the established limit of 12 hours a day. This prevents many of the accidents and fatigue related health issues from really taking root in the working class of Wa-Daisho. Any employer who does require any more than 12 hours in a day of work, is required by law to pay an additional 60 credits an hour, on top of his or her normal salary. Typically, because of these stiff fees, few employers will require such drastic hours.

      Sick days, are really a fixture of the past. Wa-Daisho's national medical program that offers free medical care, (NO this does not mean a 17 year old straight out of high school can walk in and say that he wants a Full Conversion!) means that a miner that has woken up one morning, with the flu, can simply drive to the clinic, and have the spell "Cure Illness" cast on him/herself. Thus, sick days are really a sort of built in vacation, that offers a worker the opportunity to take some extra time for the family or him/herself, at a rate of 2 days a month. It is required by law, that if employers can be penalized for forcing workers to work excessive hours, then workers too can be penalized for not working enough hours as agreed upon in their contract. Thus for every day over the established two days a month missed, they are penalized 50 credits from his/her total salary. (Note that if prior arrangements are made, this penalization does not take effect, and any more than six days missed in a month, is grounds for dismissal.)

Here are some typical work salaries;

  • Labor: Basic Jobs (Farm Hands, Mine Laborers, Garbage Men, etc.) 1,400-1,600 credits a month.
  • Labor: Authority Jobs (Manager, Foreman, Department Head, etc.) 2,000-2,400 credits a month.
  • Blue Collar: Small Business Owner: *Typically 2,600-4,600 credits a month.
  • White Collar: Executive: Typically *3,600-7,500 credits a month.
  • White Collar: Professional: Typically *4,600-8,500 credits a month.
  • Military Occupations: Varies See the Military Structure.
    * These salaries could be much higher or lower, depending on the actual position, and business in question. These are only typical figures as might be normally encountered. Akersley Ship Construction and Repair for instance brings Akersley a LOT of money every month, probably closer to 150,000 credits every month in repairs, modifications, and so on and so forth.

    NOTE: I am not an expert in all subjects, thus these salaries might be a tish low or high in some instances. I created these as a way of giving game masters a guesstimate of what kind of pay a civilian in Wa-Daisho might bring in. If they do not seem suitable for your' purposes, then raise them, or lower them as you see fit. As for the special programs and laws I've created - I grew up in a working class family, and I always thought the concept of salary based on experience would be cool. I also added the program to penalize for excessive work hours, because I've seen the effects hours like that have on some people - and it really sucks, thus use them if you like - if not, disregard them.

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