Taxes are a necessary 'evil' designed to assist in funding, and supporting the government, and public services. The taxes listed below, in addition to other means, provide Wa-Daisho with money enough to be self sufficient, and improve conditions in the city for the people, via sales, trade with other nations, and trade with individuals. All told, 93% of Wa-Daisho's Annual Budget of 1.2 billion credits, is composed of money collected from taxes.

1. Sales Tax: The taxation of all items purchased in Wa-Daisho that are neither food or houshold items. This amounts to 7% of the normal cost of the item.
2. Weapons Tax: The taxation of all true weapons purchased in Wa-Daisho. This tax amounts to 3% over and above the ordinary sales tax, amounting to a 10% total taxation on all weapons.
3. Drug Tax: The taxation of all drugs purchased in Wa-Daisho. This tax amounts to 1%, and makes the total sales tax regarding drugs 8%.
4. Import Tax: The taxation of all goods imported into Wa-Daisho, amounts to a tax of 7% of the total cost of the goods. If 500 Lbs of flour is imported from Water Point Preserve, at a 5 credit set sales price a pound, the 175 credit tax would have to be paid before bringing the sales goods into Wa-Daisho. Because of this import tax, the importer will likely sell the flour at 5.35 credits a pound, to the store which plans to carry this flour. Largely this tax will not be brought into effect in adventuring, UNLESS the characters are planning to sell goods in quantity in Wa-Daisho - at which point it has to be taxed, and then is allowed to be sold to a merchant. It does however also give an idea of how expensive weapons imported from Northern Gun might be at International Firearms too.
5. Property Tax: The annual taxation of all land owned in the city of Wa-Daisho and towns in claimed territories. These taxes amount to 5 credits for every 10'x10' area of land owned. A standard household yard, which is 30' wide, by 40' long, would then cost 60 credits a year.

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