Introduction to Wa-Daisho

      Welcome to Wa-Daisho! Wa-Daisho is one of three nations that have sprung up in our campaign, as a direct result of character intervention. This particular nation developed as a dictatorship/kingdom founded by Nyan Tamya, on the site of what was Victoria on Vancouver Island. (This is a relatively large island off of the coast of British Columbia - for those of you who are geographically impaired.) My original goal in posting this nation, and is still to this day, is to create a web site with a nation so vividly described, that a person can take that information down, and take a character group to it, and once they are there to have all the information handy for their game. What I mean by all the information is that I want them to precisely know what sort of a place they are in, how it functions, what the nation's goals are, what their government, military, and generally it's culture is like! I personally feel that much of the data on existing nations in the RIFTS books are vague, and inconclusive - sometimes unrealistic. I wanted mine at least to sound right. Now, remember, as you read this intro, you are reading about the exploits of a player character in adventure, trying to make his dreams of a just nation come true - and then watching what it grows to be.

Before the Daisho

      In 101PA, North America was alive and turbulent with a variety of events taking place. The Vampires of Mexico were terrorizing the American South West, and were threatening to move inland. An expansion which was stopped only by the noble Reid's Rangers. The Coalition States had been building up forces for a major campaign of expansion - that would have brought them to war with Tolkeen. Fate seemed to intervene however when much of the reserve forces built up, were crushed during a four week long war against alien invaders known only by the name, "Mechanoids". Once the Mechanoids were destroyed, fear of the unknown Atlantis blossomed along the East Coast, and the Coalition States returned to building up their forces yet again for their campaign of expansion. The Vampire threat was also negated for a time, as three of the major Vampire Intelligences were slain through coordinated efforts of large bands of Reid's Rangers. Meanwhile in the American North West, things were very quiet. Located on the southern tip of what was once known as Vancouver Island, a small town of fishermen had sprung up over the past decade, and was growing to a size large enough to allow some industry - especially in the field of ship and boat construction. After a year long build of such facilities, and a small dry dock facility, their lives would never again be the same.

      In early February, 102PA, a group of strange looking robots - many of which bore the scars of battle, rushed into the town and killed a half dozen people. Soon after, the elected Govoner, James Akersley came forward to ask the robots what they wanted. They stated quite flatly - that they were now the rulers of this town, and that these people would serve them ... or die. Since Vancouver, (what they called the town) did not have many members left of it's militia, they reluctantly agreed to their demands. Shortly after agreeing, the people were divided up. There were those that were forced to convert the new ship and boat construction facility into a factory to produce more robots, and the other half were set to work doing salvage work in the rubble of nearby towns, as well as some mining operations. Meanwhile, a burly wilderness scout, who oftentimes sold his furs to Vancouver, observed the situation from afar, and went to find help.

      It was not until July of that year, that he could find someone who was willing to come to help the people of Vancouver. It seemed that wherever he went, no one was interested in helping them out - as they were caught up in their own "Crusades" or were interested in money that their small town could not possibly pay. Finally in mid July, the aging scout discovered a band of five former Reid's Rangers in a rough and tumble pub located in Ciudad Juarez. One was an obvious D-Bee, with a strange flat face, slits for a nose, and fangs that protruded from the far corners of his mouth - his name was Xavior Mammoth. Another was a Titan Cyber-Knight, who carried a rune sword known as the Sword of Falcons - his name was Jason Argo. Another was a gargantuanly muscled humanoid in a spandex-like black jump suit, and a white skull mask of similar material, who went by the name Necrovore. Another was a mercenary type, who wore the specially cut black jeans of a martial artist, a muscle tee, carried a JA-11 and a perfect condition Pre-RIFTS 44 Auto Mag, who went by the name of Silk. The last fellow was an oriental man, wearing green and red composite plate armor, had an L-20 pulse rifle propped on the wall, and wore a pair of swords at his left side. This man sat quietly sipping at a cup of hot tea as the weary scout told his tale. The scout only spoke a few moments to the former slayers before the oriental man, he later learned to be Nyan Tamya, agreed to help Vancouver. What in fact interested Nyan, however - was the scout's description of the robots. Nyan, and these other Rangers were among a small band of Rangers that were sent to Eastern North America the year previous to be certain the Devouring Hoarde was not a large group of Vampires. Despite it not being so, they remained and fought the robot threat... the Mechanoids.

      They traveled across the American West encountering many side adventures in their progress, before finally arriving in mid August. The band swiftly entered the town and faced the Mechanoids in open battle. A dozen thin men, a quartet of Wasps, a trio of runners, a pair of Tunnel Crawlers, and a Mechanoid Brain later - the band of former vampire slayers stood triumphant over the destroyed Mechanoids. As the people came out of their homes, it was Nyan who spoke first; and announced to the people that they were liberated, and were free to return to their lives of peace.

      That night the village threw a modest, though jovial party for the adventurers. It was during this party that Nyan came up with an idea and notion for a new Japan of sorts - built here on this island. He shrugged it off as being too idealistic, and did not speak a word of it at the time. Despite the celebration, the slayers made patriots, left with a heroes welcome a mere few days later as life was returning to normal for the people of Vancouver. However, the stage was set, and the seed was planted in the mind of Nyan Tamya for Vancouver to become the location of a new free thinking nation, far from the tyranny of the Coalition States.

      Over the next several years, events continued to transpire in the world. A new Empire sprung from no where it seemed, in a mystically altered climate region in the north, on former Baffin Island, called Kyatashiro. A Kingdom began to grow around the recently discovered "Project Archive" in former Salt Lake City Utah. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse were fought in Africa by the gathering of heroes. A few months later, a new unexpected threat had manifested out of the blue in the East again - a Dragon God materialized on our world with vast hoards of dragons, dark men, and magic users at her disposal. Quickly again, heroes and tyrants alike flocked together, to fight this new threat. CS forces took heavy losses in this fight against the new threat in North America, again their force buildup being negated to near peace time troop numbers. Nyan Tamya joined and began the retraining of a group of heroes who had banded together in Africa after the famed Gathering of Heroes, for conventional military operations. Eventually taking the position of the Commanding Officer, shortly after joining the foray against the dragon god, she mysteriously disappeared - with all of her forces, leaving their castles and battlements unchanged. This turn of events however, left Nyan Tamya with a company of soldiers at his disposal without an enemy to fight, and without a place to call home. Again the pangs and yearnings of wanting to found a nation in the location of Vancouver, came over him. With no further options, he left his unit for a short time to travel again to Vancouver.

      In late October of 106PA, Nyan arrived and spoke at great lengths with Govoner Akersley. Although reluctant at first, Nyan promised Akersley a grand city. Nyan's reputation and wealth had grown on the mainland to legendary status - having taken part in so many heroic acts, there were songs, fables, and stories told about him in nearly every tavern from coast to coast. Nyan had incredible wealth, and respect to share with this new nation - all they had to do, was trust in him to make it all happen, and he would make all of their lives that much better. After some deliberation, and a few other promises made (that were later kept), they agreed to allow Nyan to bring about this new city.

      Returning to Lazlo, Nyan spared no expense in preparing to return to Vancouver. He posted fliers and riders to go to all free cities, to put out word of the new city that will be brought into being off of the west coast. Recruitment of architects and workmen also began immediately - especially in Lazlo, Republican, and the enigmatic Kyatashiro. All of these arrived two months later to the day, via a number of armed freighters commissioned for this transport operation, and several similar voyages into the future. This time when he arrived, he brought with him the Tenzan Elite, hundreds of architects, three thousand workmen, all of their families, as well as tons of equipment and supplies. Within hours a tent city was built up around the town of Vancouver.

      The first month was mostly spent in preparation for the construction. The Tenzan Elite served a dual purpose of protection of the budding city, and securing of the lower 50 km of Vancouver Island - claiming it for the new nation. As this was occurring, the Architects began plans for the first stages in construction of the city, beginning with a palace that would one day be the center of the new city. This palace would be called, Nobunaga Palace, named after Nyan's new found fiance Riko Nobunaga. On January 20th, 107PA construction of this fortification began. As more work men, and architects arrived from the East, the city continues to grow.

      On May 1st, 107PA the city was finally officially founded - named by Nyan Tamya, "Wa-Daisho" - which he roughly translates to "Swords at Peace".

The Kingdom of Wa-Daisho?

      At first, there was a lot of confusion over what the actual government structure of Wa-Daisho would be - the Tenzan Elite members of course assuming that Nyan would be a King of his new Kingdom. Similarly Nyan's old friend Ace Ripley also believed this would be the case. Since he had made plans to rest his blades in this new nation, he agreed to take this position - with some hesitation. The natives of the island however, which were by now outnumbered three to one, by Easterners who had immigrated were not very happy with this turn of events however. When former Govoner James Akersley voiced the opinions of the native citizens, Nyan further went on to assure him and the natives that it would only be a temporary title - until things could be more effectively sorted out, for the future of Wa-Daisho.

      In this turbulent early period of Wa-Daisho very little actually occurred, except construction. The sea walls were built, the sea port was well under construction, Nobunaga Palace was built, and the founding principles of the nation were established. These principles include tolerance of all races, (With some being more closely watched than others of course..) freedom of speech, freedom of choice, freedom to bear arms and armor, and of course freedom to practice magic and religion. Laws were also laid down that were in many cases strict or brutal - but were expected to be VERY effective in detouring crime. A series of agreements and pacts were made with a number of nations during this time frame as well, owing in large part to the relationship of Nyan Tamya personally with these nations in the past. Desert Star & Kyatashiro signed a non-aggression, mutual assistance, and trade agreement pact under the title of "Joint Nations Alliance" a mere 11 days after the founding of Wa-Daisho, and Water Point Preserve agreed to sign a non-aggression pact a few months later.

      On February 10, of 112PA Nyan finally felt that it was time to hand over control of the budding nation, to a council of eleven members, and so it was his final decree that the people assemble at Nobunaga Palace, and cast their votes for the eleven positions he had decided were necessary for control of the city. (For more information go to the Political Structure of Wa-Daisho.) The election went smoothly, but for one major exception - the people of Wa-Daisho elected that Nyan continue to be the voice of the council, in an honorary 12th position as both an advisor and speaker of the council.

The Republic of Wa-Daisho

      Since 112PA, Wa-Daisho has grown a great deal in numbers of citizens, culture, and in foreign respect. By February of 118PA the city state had grown to number 58,000 people strong, and the entire island had been claimed in the name of the Republic of Wa-Daisho - with a total population in the Republic of 76,725 sentients. The Joint Nations Alliance eventually changed it's name to Free Nations Alliance, and has continued to prosper adding Lazlo to the list of member nations in 113PA, and Tolkeen in 117PA. Trade and non-aggression agreements have also been signed with a city further south on the west coast, called "New Hope", as well as with Tritonia - the floating city.

      Culturally speaking, Wa-Daisho is a bizarre concoction of the west meeting with the east, Nyan's presence is so strong with these people. Honor is above all, for the people of Wa-Daisho, and a strong sense of national unity is also felt. Many people see themselves as patriots, and will fight to the death in defense for it - and it's that profound sense of unity, that makes their industries, military, government, and even agricultural and mining pursuits so effective. Nyan's dreams were so strong, and his foresight so powerful, that it became the dreams of many almost over night. In play they have grown to be very American with many of the same interests as say a person in Kingsdale. Football, Baseball, Cinema/Movies, Boxing, and Arena fights are events that are thoroughly enjoyed or practiced. Nights out could involve the visiting of one of these events, or simply a night out at a bar might be partaken in, to listen to music, watch the big screen televisions, dance, and/or drink alcoholic beverages.

      With admiration of the free nations, also comes the hatred of those who fear enlightenment - such as the Coalition States. A bizarre turn of events led to a brief alliance between Free Quebec and the Free Nations Alliance, that saw the Allied Naval Fleet taking action against the Coalition Fleet at the mouth of the St. Lawrence River, on September 23, 116PA. For the first time in history, the Coalition military fought against a military force that integrated magic tactics with modern military equipment to devastating effects. The CS Fleet lost half of their forces, and the Free Quebec vessels barricaded from Free Quebec made their way to home ports unscathed. (For more information on the situation that led up to this, go to the Allied Naval Fleet.

      Since the Battle of St. Lawrence, the people have grown extremely proud of all of the military units, as they have proven their effectiveness. Although Free Quebec broke off it's relationship with the Alliance, the people see that the military fulfilled the Alliance's responsibilities to the agreement. This has really polarized the people of Wa-Daisho into feeling that the Quebecois of Free Quebec are a dishonorable people, who break their oaths to sworn allies. The opinion of the Coalition States continues to be one of disgust, the way a parent would feel about a child that refuses to behave, despite already receiving a swat on the hand. Through both the military successes, and the national formation success as a whole, morale is very high in Wa-Daisho - and this is further cultivated through a number of festivals and gatherings every year.

      As with any nation, Wa-Daisho has both Economical strengths and weaknesses, which are thoroughly described and detailed according to the regional strengths and weaknesses - as provided in Wa-Daisho's Economics. With the recent birth of this Republic, and with it's stabilized growth rate, to summarize Economic strength is booming. Agricultural development is growing more advanced, allowing not only for independence, but to provide some for export as well. Mining both on the island and on the coastal regions of former British Columbia provides many metals necessary for industry both in Wa-Daisho and Desert Star, thus provides for a very prosperous mining industry as well. The main weakness of Wa-Daisho is it's industrial capabilities. They have not exploited their capability to develop into an industrial power, instead relying on outside industry for the initial duration of Wa-Daisho's history - save for a small amount of key items being produced for Wa-Daisho's military such as armor, energy weapons (license production), energy clips, and ammunition. A few years later they began producing high grade armor plate in large quantities, suitable for nautical industries (ship construction), and for export. In the most recent years however, Wa-Daisho has developed it's industrial power enough to produce a handful of items a month, such as simple aircraft types and some military vehicles.

      For further details on Wa-Daisho, you may refer to Wa-Daisho.

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