House Rules of the RRVGG

By Jan E. Knoell & Edward A. May

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Places of Interest

A mid sized, outspoken Kingdom built on the ruins of Salt Lake City.
A mid sized republic built on the southern tip of Vancouver island.
The post apocalyptic Republic of Singapore.
The River Pirate Haven of the Wind River Valley
The Empire of Kyatashiro, realm of Hachiman.


Shop Smart, shop S-Mart! The industry of Desert Star.
The nationalized industry of Wa-Daisho.
All new TW & Magic items.

Various Resources

A Revised version of the Samurai Creed, more akin to their real code.
Some official errata, with questions asked of, and answered by the Palladium Staff.
Click here for several hook line and sinker adventures.
Several OCCs & RCCs to spice up your' gaming.
Monsters created by the RRVGG.
Animals created by the RRVGG.
Gods & Goddesses created by the RRVGG.

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Unique Rules for Unique Games

      From my experience, ALL of the game groups I've ever gamed with, have had their own house rules. The longer the group has been around, the more house rules that seem to be in place. I have decided to add a section here on house rules! Hopefully it will help you and your' group in some way!

  • Character Creation
  • Skill Advancement 1.0
  • Skill Advancement 2.0
  • Combat Refinements
  • Magic & Psionic Group Clarifications
  • Revised RIFTS Combat Rules
  • RIFTS Air to Air Combat; This feature was removed from SirTenzan's RIFTS Gallery, was updated, upgraded, supercharged, and then submitted to Palladium Books. In January 2006 it appeared in Rifter 33, with good reviews of it's material appearing subsequently.