Armor of the Tenzan

      The origins of this armor remain a mystery to everyone who has encountered it. The problem is - it shouldn't exist at all. In 105PA, Nyan Tamya earned the favor of who he believed were the famous four warlords among the gods. For a quest of incredible importance, they bestowed upon him a suit of rune armor of great power, nearly identical in appearance to his battle armor, forged in New Osaka a decade before. The requisite for receipt of the armor, was to continue his war against the unholy forces of the megaverse. The trouble is, that he later learned, this armor was actually a gift of the dark god Tezcatlipoca, head of the evil Aztec Pantheon.

      What is most unclear is that it is not believed that the Aztecs have the capability to produce even rune weapons, let alone rune armor. While it is possible that the Aztecs have found the rogue Asguardian dwarf and are now forcing him to produce rune armor and possibly rune weapons, a more simple explaination may be possible. It could possibly be that Kiraboshi forged the armor herself. Always a proponent for balance, the armor may have been created with the idea in mind, of Nyan being a counter balance for her wayward companion Hachiman in his mad quest to conquor North America. The armor may have been some sort of a pact between the two, but neither the Aztecs nor Kiraboshi are talking.

Weight: Like many suits of rune armor, the weight is virtually nothing.
Mega-Damage Capacity: 400 M.D.C. (2,000 S.D.C. on worlds like the Palladium World!)
Appearance: The armor is fashioned of black mail with emerald green plates, rimmed in a blood red border. The blood red border is lined with slightly luminescent golden runes, that are only apparent in the dark. The Helmet bears a prominent neck guard, an angular but featureless face plate, and a tinted visor. Crowning the helmet are a crest of five black blades that sweep back from the forehead, well past the back of the helmet.
Special Abilities: Magical environmental systems allowing for an unlimited oxygen supply, stable temperatures in all extreme environments, and can survive any ocean depth. The suit is also invulnerability to energy weapons 1 hour per 24 hour period. The suit can regenerate at a rate of 1D4x10 M.D.C. every 10 minutes.
Cost: This suit of armor is effectively priceless. The great deeds that Nyan has accomplished in life alone make this armor impossible to value, since every free nation and people in North America would be clawing at the possibility of attaining it. Curiously, even if an individual or power decided to try to acquire the suit by slaying it's owner, it would earn the ire of countless individuals, powers, dieties, and the like that Nyan has assisted in the past. Thus the suit remains safely in Nyan's possession.
Note: The armor of Wa-Daisho's Red Devils is patterned after the design of the Armor of the Tenzan.

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