Nagulkash Rune Armor

      Eons ago, on the Palladium World, rune magic was at it's peak during the age of a thousand magics. Few who made any level of prominence were without some mystical potential or power. This included the Knights of Nagulkash, a nearly forgotten order of knights, sworn to the now long dead God of Nobility - Weresot.

      The Knights of Nagulkash were some of the first to perfect rune magic into a noble form in which members of their order were placed, permanently into the form of suits of armor and weapons, according to their three orders within the knighthood - the Order of the Helm, the Order of the Sword, and the Order of the Dagger.

      As the age of a thousand magics came to a close, rune magic became villified by many civilized peoples, and the Knights of Nagulkash were no longer seen with such high esteeme as they were. This resulted in a purge of the rune magic from their inventories. Those who refused to surrender their ancestors concealed within the blades and suits, often found them pulled from them, cursed, and returned.

      This curse made the armor and weapons of the formerly proud knighthood very unreliable. Their strength and abilities would vary from day to day, seemingly at random, thus the weilder could never rely on or trust them entirely. Many weapons and suits of armor grew depressed with these limitations, as they watched their heirs perish because of the flaws that had been added by the very rune smiths that had originally created them, many of which eventually asking to be destroyed. While fewer than a half dozen are believed to still exist, with all being so cursed, only one has thus far made it to Earth in the hands of an assassin known as Silk.

      Silk rarely uses the armor for a number of reasons, but keeps it securely locked away in his underworld contact's lair in Kingsdale.

Weight: Like many suits of rune armor, the weight is virtually nothing.
Mega-Damage Capacity: Roll 1D4, and multiply that by 100 with the dawning of each new day. (Minimum is 100 M.D.C., maximum is 400 M.D.C.) (500-2,000 S.D.C. on worlds like the Palladium World!)
Appearance: The armor is full plate mail, with an early style 'tin can' helmet with visor slots, colored a neon blue and bright red color. Although Silk has tried repeatedly to paint, laquer, or plate the armor, the nature of the spell prevents the colors from tarnishing or other forms of blemishes - including covering of the surfaces of the armor. This results in a very bright suit of armor that is not exactly useful to an assassin that relies on shadows as his best defense.
Special Abilities: The suit can fire a bolt of energy from the gauntlets or the visor inflicting (Roll 1D4 with the dawn of each new day.) 2D6, 4D6, 6D6, or 1D6x10 M.D., and can regenerate at a rate of 1D4x10 M.D. every 10 minutes.
Cost: While cursed, the armor is still as good as most typical suits of heavy body armor, with the added benefit of regeneration. The result is that the suit is worth between 20-70 million credits, but to the right buyer might be worth as much as twice that.

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