The Armor of Law, Order & Chaos

      Five hundred years ago, according to the reckoning of the sages of Od, on the planet Palladium, a prophesy was told. This prophesy told of three great beings that would arrive from affar, and with the help of the Gods, would banish a great evil that would come to wash over their lands like a plague of locusts. What this evil was, or who these beings were, was untold - except to say that they would represent Law, Chaos, and the Order between. Some speculated that they were the Gods of the Old Kingdom returning to their rightful place of power. Others believed that they would be knights from some distant order. Mostly, however, few cared - until the hated ruling class of the Uresta Ogres came to power in the Kingdom of Pythia ninety years ago.

      On the 75th anniversary of the rise of the Uresta's power, three strange beings from a distant world called Earth, arrived in the Kingdom of Pythia. One was a member of the noble race of Titans, a species who represents guardians of truth, and justice, at ever turn. Another was a Jotan, a species of giant noteworthy for their wanton acts of destruction and hate, and mortal enemies of the Titan. The third was perhaps strangest of all - appearing to be a man with jet black eyes, who wore shaded glass over his eyes, but yet could change his shape to any living form at a whim. Despite their strangeness in appearance, perhaps strangest was their friendship, they all regarded each other as equals and worked together tremendously well - as a team.

      The Sages of Od, upon hearing of these three strange travelers, arranged for them a series of three trials. The trial of compassion, the trial of oppression, and the trial of mediation. They passed each with ease - and were so rewarded by the Gods with the gift of three suits of armor; The Armor of Law, Order & Chaos. With these suits, and their already formidable abilities, they brought down the vile Uresta, and brought peace to the Kingdom of Pythia.

      That was fifteen years ago. Since then, those three remarkable figures of legend split their separate ways. Order, the shapeshifter, disappeared into the Misty Mountain of Aislo, a place of great magic, never to be seen again. Chaos, the Jotan, passed through the trecherous mountains held by the Ysailgo Orcs, and was supposedly stricken down there. Law remained in Pythia until he succumbed to a plague that ravaged the city five years ago. While Law's armor remains on display in the Temple of Od, the whereabouts of the other two suits remains a mystery.

Weight: Like many suits of rune armor, the weight is virtually nothing.
Mega-Damage Capacity: Each suit has 500 S.D.C. (100 M.D.C. when on RIFTS Earth.)
    Law: Law's armor is white with gold highlights, with with a gavel on the breastplate. The Helmet is reminiscent of a Hoplite helmet with a crest of two golden wings on either side. The general appearance of the armor though is a suit of plate and chain with very streamlined appearances.
    Order: Order's armor is a dull gray overall, with no highlights. Etched into the breastplate is the appearance of a set of scales. The helmet is serpentine with a snout protruding from the front of the helmet, and rams horns protruding from the sides. The armor itself appears to be a combination of scale mail and plates, with angular features to the plates.
    Chaos: Chaos's armor is black with silver highlights. Embossed in silver on the breastplate is the image of fire, lightning, and crashing waves, overlapping one another. The helmet is demonic in features, looking like a grotesque ogre, snarling, with bats wings protruding from the side of the helmet. The armor itself has a jagged patchwork appearance to it - so horrific in fact that it bears a Horror Factor of 14.
Special Abilities: Each suit of armor has the capability to metamorph with the wearer to his/her form or size. Order was known to appear as a heavily barded, giant sized horse at times while wearing his armor. While Law or Chaos did not bear the ability to change their size or shape, their armor did have that capability. Each suit could repair damage inflicted to it at a rate of 2D6 M.D.C. per hour.
Cost: Many beings would pay a great deal to attain these suits of armor, especially shape-shifters like dragons. One could expect to receive between 50-100 million credits easily. The Temple of Od would pay 75 million for either one of the other famed suits of armor, or the information about the whereabouts of their current owners, provided that the suit has not changed hands.

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