Greater Rune Armor

      Greater rune armor comprises 13% of all rune armor types encountered. Their abilities include all of the powers of a suit of Lesser Rune Armor, with the following difference;

    5. The armor will have 180-400 M.D.C., and will regenerate at a rate of 2D6-4D6 M.D.C. per half hour.
    9. Suits of Greater Rune Armor will have ONE or TWO additional abilities, such as those listed below;
  • Impervious to any one element, such as fire, ice, electricity, or kinetic attacks.
  • Add +10 M.D. from any and all hand to hand attacks delivered while wearing the suit of armor.
  • Magical Environmental Systems - including the ability to endure ANY ocean depths, the ability to survive the temperature variations of space uneffected, and an unlimited oxygen supply.
  • Provides the ability to cast up to EIGHT different offensive spells (Levels 1-10) at 8th level proficiency, up to four times per day.
  • Provides a P.P.E. reserve of up to 250 P.P.E., every 24 hours.
  • Metamorphosis - can metamorph with the shape of the wearer!
  • Provides healing abilities, identical to the healing powers of a Greater Rune Weapon.
    Cost: 75-125 million credits, sometimes more.

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