TW Weapons

Galland's Flame Sword
      This weapon is named after it's creator, a very creative techno-wizard from Colorado. It is a standard vibro-sword with three flame blasters installed as a sort of basket around the handle. Your' wrist fits snuggly between two of the insulated cylinder like blasters with the third one being directly in front of the knuckles.
Sword Damage: 2D6 M.D.
Blaster Damage: 4D6 M.D. per blaster!! (Yes this means at point blank this devastating blast does 72 M.D.)
P.P.E. Cost: 45 per every 3 triple blasts!
I.S.P. Cost: 90 per every 3 triple blasts!
Creation Cost: 35,000 credits.

TW Light Rifle
      It is essentially a vampire fighting laser. The one in existence resembles the rune weapon known as the Dragon Rod, but it's function is much more specified. It uses a globe of daylight as it's primary energy source, and then focuses this via lenses and mirrors inside the weapon, using the same methods used to focus a regular laser beam! This creates a beam of pure sunlight capable of inflicting severe damage upon vampires! (Just as a low powered laser is not harmful to a human, but when focused it can do serious damage, this is the weapon from that theory.)
Maximum Effective Range: 120'.
Mega-Damage: 1D6 S.D.C. to most creatures, but does 3D4x10 H.P. to Vampires!
Rate of Fire: Single Blasts Only, it is not sophisticated enough to fire bursts.
Payload: Unlimited; Special! This weapon is unique in that it instead of having a spell that is instantanious in effect, it has a duration. As long as the duration does not wear off!
P.P.E. Cost: 2!! The spell used is only the Globe of Daylight spell.
I.S.P. Cost: 6.
Cost of Creation: 3,500 credits.

Spinning Flame Grenades
      This device is a truly unique weapon of war. It is essentially a mystical grenade. It utilizes a grenade size metal shell, with a screw in cap. When this is removed the grenade can be thrown. Once it lands, a small spring loaded rose quartz is pressed against a copper plate releasing a firebolt. This firebolt remains in effect for several seconds spinning the grenade around like a jumping jack firecracker!
Mega-Damage: 4D6 M.D. 30' Blast Radius.
PPE to create: 25.
Cost of Creation: 200 credits.

White Lightning Short Range Missile
      This new missile type is a classified development made by the Techno-Wizards of Glencost General Productions in Tolkeen. It's function is to act like a normal short range missile, until it gets within a hundred feet of the targeted enemy. At this time the magic of this device is unleashed in the form of a powerful lightning bolt, leaping from it's odd ribbed conical shaped warhead, to the vehicle/object targeted. In the few tests which have been made, the White Lightning has proven to be deadly accurate. As with the spell Call Lightning, there is no save or dodge. The only viable way to defeat this unique missile is to destroy it before it gets close enough to unleash it's mystic payload, but the missile's warhead will not cause an explosion if destroyed in mid-flight, so therefore this tactic cannot be used to destroy an entire volley of White Lightning Missiles.
Maximum Effective Range: 5 miles.
Mega-Damage: 1D6x10 MD.
Market Cost: Absolutely not available!
Campaign Note Towards Availability: In our campaign, the White Lightning was never actually deployed in any real numbers - as the Cold Shoulder SRM turned out to be a much more deadly weapon of war.

Cold Shoulder Short Range Missile
      In late May of 119PA, barely three months before the wars end, the CS was in the process of crushing the city of Winthro between the might of it's newly introduced FSSL (Foreign Soldiers Service Legion) it had swept around the flank of the besieged city, and the combined might of the 7th and 8th CS Armies to the south east and south west. The CS had even developed near total air superiority, that even the famed Ghost Squadron seemed impotent to penetrate. It was then that the commanding officer of Ghost Squadron, a Captain Adolf Galland (Yes, one in the same with the manufacturer of Galland's Flame Sword!), decided to push his theoretical weapon through - the Cold Shoulder. He and a dozen other Techno-Wizards worked nearly around the clock for over a week in a hangar, converting each High Explosive Short Range Missile by hand, Galland himself making a titanic effort to work at night, and fly during the day. On June 3rd rogue General Zweitan made a run on the FSSL's flanks from St. Cloud Army Base with only a division of troops to his name - thus when Grola sent the order for Ghost Squadron to go in to try to ease up the air cover over the FSSL Galland decided that it was time that the Cold Shoulder made it's debut. When Ghost Squadron appeared over the front, they were swarmed with enemy fighters. Within five minutes over half of the aircraft over the Western Front were tumbling to the ground with their control surfaces frozen solid. Within ten minutes, what little remained of the CS Air Forces over the Western Front was in retreat. The FSSL was split in two - freeing the way for a mass exodus of civilians and trapped members of the Royal Tolkeen 5th Army from the besieged city of Winthro. Every one of the eight members of Ghost Squadron who took part in the attack, and General Zweitan were each awarded the Sword of Tolkeen for their actions over the front, and the Cold Shoulder was heralded as the last great wonder weapon that came out of Tolkeen in the closing stages of the war.
Maximum Effective Range: 5 miles.
Mega-Damage: Nil! Freezes everything in a 20' radius solid in over a ton of mega-damage ice.
Market Cost: Not at all available!
Campaign Note Towards Availability: EVERY power that uses a combination of technology and magic will be looking to produce this missile type after the fall of Tolkeen. The precise details of it's construction is rudimentary enough, it simply took the idea of one man to put what is already in a grenade on an SRM.

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