TW Systems (For Vehicles)

TW Communicator

      This device is a combined creation between Ley Line Walker George Franklin and Techno-Wizard Adolf Galland, produced in 119PA. When the new DHEWA of the Coalition States was unveiled, communications between the aircraft of Ghost Squadron were compromised. Thus an alternative was desired. After weeks of study and work, with little to no sleep, Franklin was able to devise a modified form of the spell of Calling that could be used to communicate brief messages between two or more people. It worked by specifying who you were speaking to - thus for one to one communications you would specify their name. If they were speaking to all of the members of a specific unit, people, or in their case - squadron, all of them could hear what was said. Responses required either the possession of the same spell or a system, as is the case here, to reply. Galland simply took the spell and installed it into a TW system that used P.P.E. power packs to power it.
Spells Required: Franklin's Spell of Communication and Call Lightning.
Required Components: A conventional radio set, a P.P.E. Power Cell, a 50 credit Green Tourmaline Crystal, a 150 credit Amythest, and a matrix of five 500 credit diamonds.
P.P.E. Cost to Create: 35.
P.P.E. Cost to Activate: 15.
Cost of Creation: Not including the cost of the radio set or P.P.E. Power Cell, 2,700 credits.
Note: In 120PA, a shop in Desert Star plans to begin producing a series of TW Communicators, including a model with a translator feature, by adding the spell of tongues to it's list of abilities. The shops owner, not surprisingly, was a former aviator in the 9th Royal Tolkeen Air Force Squadron.

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