General TW Devices

Zippo TW Lighter

      This is simply a magic powered lighter, with a flip open top, similar to the Zippo brand lighters of pre-cataclysm fame. It is commonly produced by techno-wizards everywhere, as an addition to their pilot wardrobe. Once charged, it will work on every strike for 2 months.

Spells Required: Ignite Fire & Globe of Daylight.
Required Components: Coil of copper worth 5 credits, and a small ruby worth 20 credits.
P.P.E. to Create: 7.
P.P.E. to Activate: 2.
Cost of Creation: 35 credits.
Note: A deadly alternative to this device is the replacement of the small ruby with a larger 150 credit ruby, and the coil with a 10 credit piece of clear quartz crystal. This allows the spell of Ignite Fire to be replaced with Fire Bolt. This combination makes it a deadly prank device.

Galland's TW Bag of Holding

      Outwardly this resembles a 12 inch by 6 inch silver chain mail sack, with a cross clasping opening that has a button shaped like a wing on one side. This ingenius device gives it's creator the ability to carry around a deceptively large amount of belongings, without having to lug around the weight. When opened, however, it reveals the true nature of the sack, however; revealing a glowing white room approximately 60 feet in all dimensions. Belongings put into the sack, drop to the floor, and as a result are inaccessible to the carrier's reach. Pushing the small wing shaped button, however, and pumping in the necessary P.P.E. however, activates the telekinesis ability - lifting the desired object to the opening. The duration of the Time Hole is limited to only 12 hours, however. After which time, it will forcefully expel any contents, regardless of where the holder is located. Only three bags of this type have been produced by Adolf Galland, all of which were produced long before the Tolkeen Wars. Galland has been considering a newer model, using the now commonly available P.P.E. Clip concept as a powering device, to make it more practical for extended durations of use.

Spells Required: Time Hole, Mystic Portal, Energy Field, Telekinesis and Energy Bolt.
Required Components: A quartet of diamonds worth 1,000 credits each, a 50 credit blue saphire, a clear quarts crystal worth 150 credits, a sterling silver chain mail sack (worth about 6,000 credits!), and a gold laticework soldered into the clasping device.
P.P.E. Cost to Create: 293.
P.P.E. to Activate: 70 to activate the time hole, and 5 to activate the telekinesis.
Cost of Creation: 12,200 credits.

TW Instigator

      The Instigator is only it's apt nickname, as it is a device that has single handedly caused more fights than any other in techno-wizard history. It's appearance is that of a walkie-talkie, telephone handset, cell phone, or even just the receiver of a CB Radio. It essentially allows the user to throw his/her voice - wherever they desire, through the use of the spell Ventriloquism. One can only imagine the sort of mayhem a device like this would cause in a bar setting, saying rude comments to waitresses, commenting on large and liquored up patrons, and similar. It's more reasonable application, naturally, is to communicate securely over short distances like a close range radio set, or to throw off enemy patrols, dangerous animals, and so on. Unfortunately it's use in the first example is far more common than the purpose it was intended for. Range is only 75 feet, but the transmission can be heard to emit from any target area, audible only in a 15 foot area.

Spells Required: Ventriloquism & Heavy Breathing.
Required Components: A piece of clear quartz crystal worth 50 credits, in a lattice work of copper wire suspended in open air behind the microphone. A thin golden wire coiled with a platinum wire (About 10 credits worth, virtually nothing.), leads up to an antennae aperature, with a small 20 credit amethest at the end of the antennae.
P.P.E. Cost to Create: 8.
P.P.E. to Activate: 3.
Cost of Creation: 120 credits.

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