Demonwolf Armor of Hades

      Untold millenia ago, a demon prince of the realm of Hades commissioned a rune master in the creation of a suit of rune armor that would survive the vicious conflicts that transpired at the time between Dyval and Hades. A few centuries ago, this demon prince was struck down in combat, and the armor was passed on to his successor, Argomin. Argomin was an anti-paladin of despicable notoriety, who sacked towns, razed crops, slew heroes, and desecrated any place of honorable worship. When he evoked the ire of a certain god of light, Modeus chose to empower the mortal anti-paladin so that he might escape the god's bitter vengeance, and in doing so - gain his services to do his various biddings on the planes of mortals. Argomin's sole goal being to eliminate all of those who profess to serve the light, in his own twisted view a facade for an even darker reality - ultimate control, gladly accepted this role.

      About twenty years ago, a great relic was discovered by Modeus, to be the target of acquisition of a group of mortal heroes. Modeus, a long time hated villain to these mortals, was fearful that this relic - along with others in a series may empower them to the purpose of striking him down. Modeus chose to send his undefeated champion, Argomin into the fray, to stop these heroes in their tracks.

      Unfortunately, Modeus underestimated the skill of the heroes, and Argomin was struck down - his armor passing from the clutches of it's intended owners, into the hands of the Chiang-Ku dragon hatchling, Alekesis Dromana of Rova.

      Alekesis, who goes by the more human sounding name of Alexis Parkhurst (previously Alexis Nogard), still has the armor in her possession, and wears it regularly while in her human guise. Alekesis lives in the Republic of Wa-Daisho, but can be found just about anywhere throughout North America, and in rare occasions elsewhere - even other dimensions. She is a common traveling companion of Nyan Tamya, Wode Odinson, and Maddigan Morgan.

Weight: Like many suits of rune armor, the weight is virtually nothing.
Mega-Damage Capacity: 400 M.D.C. (2,000 S.D.C. on worlds like the Palladium World!)
Appearance: The armor is a blood red suit of plate mail, styled to resemble the bare muscles of a grotesque humanoid figure. The helmet is shaped like a demonic wolf with oversized ears, with similar features to the rest of the body.
Special Abilities: Magical environmental systems allowing for an unlimited oxygen supply, stable temperatures in all extreme environments, and can survive any ocean depth. The suit can regenerate at a rate of 3D6 M.D.C. every half hour.
Cost: Any magic user or magic power would pay between 75-100 million credits for this suit of armor, to give to some great champion. Modeus, however, would pay someone a handsome fee of 150-200 million credits, or would even consider the idea of granting power to he whom brings the suit to him. (This could be the granting of the powers of a demi-god, it could be a lordship in the realm of Hades, or could be assistance in gaining political power on some mortal plane of existence.)
Author's Note: Haven't you ever seen something in a movie and thought; "Damn that's so cool!" Well, I did anyway, and thought it'd be really neat to put that into the game. That was almost 8 years ago now, and the player character has had this trademark armor ever since. This armor was featured in Bram Stoker's Dracula, worn by Gary Oldman in about the first half hour of the movie.

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