Corgus (Grey) Corgus (Grey)

by Jan Knoell

      The Grey Corgus is a bizarre and thankfully rare creature. It is a humanoid creature that stands only 5' tall, has grey rubbery skin, 4 long and thin arms ending in two fingered hands, and two very short (2' long) legs. It's face, oddly enough is similar to the Uteni, Naruni traders, but with slightly smaller eyes that are more sunk into the face. No mouth, nose, or ears are visible on the Corgus at all, mostly because this bizarre creature has no need to breath, or eat.

      It is unknown where these odd creatures came from, but it is theorized that they could be the result of some attempt at early Bio-Wizardry gone wrong, or perhaps even a mages experiment that gained a life of it's own. In any event, what few people have ever seen or learned about a Corgus, they know that it is nothing but trouble, and should be best avoided. Wherever they came from, they are tremendously ancient, with no solid clues as to where they may come from.

      They seem to exist only to soak up energy in all it's forms, and for as long as the elder races can remember, there were occasional tales of great peril that were taken to try to lure a Corgus through a portal, or into some kind of trap to keep them from hurting anyone else. The forms of energy the Corgus will ingest are; Solar, Electric/Nuclear, Life, and P.P.E. in exactly that order, their favorite being Solar energy, P.P.E. being their last choice.

      These creatures reproduce in strange ways. After absorbing at least 2,000 years worth of sunlight or 5 million MDC worth of energy, they will stop, their stomachs will split open, and out will pop a miniature Corgus. It will only take about 12 hours for the small Corgus to grow to full size, and will be an adult Corgus. Despite being able to reproduce, it is not believed that there are more than maybe a few hundred in the entire megaverse.

      They are of extremely low intelligence, having only enough brain tissue to allow them to seek energy sources. They are so dense as a matter of fact, that whenever the sun goes down, they will begin to shuffle in the direction in which the last energy they absorbed came from. When the sun comes up, they simply shuffle into an unshaded area, and will stand there, until the sun goes which time they will shuffle towards the setting sun, until once again the sun comes up in the oposite direction! Although they are not true predators, this insatiable hunger for energy sometimes makes them appear to be. Any living creature that comes in contact with the Corgus will cause it to stop, and hold on with it's two fingered hands for several moments. During this time, the Corgus will first drain the victim of all H.P. and P.E., then at the moment of death will soak up it's P.P.E.! Thus the path of the Corgus can be a disaster scene, with everything from Trees and Squirels, to Monsters and Children being found dead with no appearant wounds.

      Although it may sound easy to simply stay out of their way, sometimes it isn't...especially if your' home is in the way. Corgus are not smart enough to go around, and thus will pound their way through your' home, brick walls, and even a car if it is in it's way! It is when people attempt to defend their property that trouble can come about. Firing energy weapons at the Corgus will have absolutely no effect, except it will turn from where it was heading and go towards where the weapon is. Once it sees the weapon is the thing projecting the energy that 'tastes' so good, it will stop at nothing to get that weapon, and try to soak all it's energy up. If missiles or rail guns, or any other type of mega-damage kinetic attacks are used...that can spell only disaster. The Corgus does not take well to pain, and as soon as it feels it, it will hastily counter attack, by turning in the direction from which the painful object came from, will spread it's arms out to it's sides, and will fire a HUGE energy bolt in that direction. Few creatures or things on Earth can stand up to that energy blast. With the Corgus's near invincibility, it is almost best to just let the creature pass by, and hope that it steps through a RIFT heading off of the Earth someday.

      There is a secret to killing the Corgus however, and with this method comes a bonus, a weapon of un-precedented power. Unfortunately only a select few people ever have found out about this weakness, and only a handful of people in the megaverse currently possesses this knowledge however. A bounty hunter/gunslinger by the name of Madigan Morgan is the only person on Earth that knows the secret. A Cosmo-Knight on Phase World named Thratan Kethral learned the secret quite by accident when he destroyed a Corgus which came through a portal, but he doesn't know the secret about how to create the weapon. Thoth of the Egyptian Pantheon of Light has studied the Corgus, and knows the secret. He will reveal this knowledge only if the seeker is looking to do a job for him of some sort. (Has to be reasonable, as he won't just hand this knowledge away.) A Demon Slayer named Kain Zelsonaka from Wormwood travels across the Megaverse seeking out and destroying the Corgus wherever he finds them, and prides himself in being a destroyer of these beasts. He is the ONLY true Corgus Slayer anywhere. He has a half dozen light weapons, which he carries with him at all times. He has killed over 20 of the beasts, a feat unparralleled by anyone in the Megaverse. He will NEVER reveal the secret to killing them however, as he wants to be the only 'slayer' in the Megaverse.

Corgus (Grey)
Alignment: Generally considered Anarchist.
Attributes: I.Q.: Low Animal Intelligence, M.E.: 1D4, M.A.: 1D4, P.S.: 20+1D6, P.P.: 1D4, P.E.: 2D6, P.B.: 2D4, Spd: 2D6. The Corgus is a Supernatural Creature, with a supernatural PS & PE.
M.D.C.: 2D6x1,000.
P.P.E.: 2D4x10.
Size: 5'.
Weight: 200 Lbs.
Average Life Span: Unknown, thought to be immortal.
Natural Abilities: Regenerates 6D6 M.D.C. every hour, Resistant to Kinetic attacks (Takes damage.), Nightvision: 200', Impervious to Poisons & Toxins, Impervious to Psychic Probes, and is Impervious to Illusions.
    Energy Absorbtion: The Corgus can absorb almost any form of energy. Although they prefer Solar Energy (ie sunlight) over any other form. They are completely impervious to energy weapons, and will simply absorb the energy sent at them, be it laser, ion, particle beam, or plasma. They can also absorb heat from a fire, standing in the middle of it simply absorbing the heat as it produces it. The most feared among their abilities is it's capability to absorb life energies as well! If a creature of any sort, be it plant or animal, comes in contact with the Corgus it can absorb it's lifes energy at a rate of 4D6x10 S.D.C./H.P./M.D.C. per melee. At the same time, the creature will siphon the creatures P.P.E. at a rate of 4D4x10 P.P.E. per melee!! Once in contact with the Corgus, it will grasp the victim with it's two fingered hands, and hold onto it until all it's life energies are drained.
    Energy Eruption: As mentioned before, the Corgus does not take pain well, and will retaliate by erupting a relatively small portion of the energies it has stored/consumed. It will turn towards the direction in which it was hit, and release this energy in the form of a massive energy blast. This blast will inflict 1D4x1,000 M.D., and will continue along it's course for 3 miles! Thankfully, the Corgus is not very accurate with this blast, and therefore has no bonuses to strike, and even a natural 20 is not a sure hit, as it is with all other creatures.

Horror Factor: 9, unless familiar with the race, at which time it is a 15.
Psionics: None.
N.P.C./Villain Bonuses: Absolutely NONE. The Corgus is so slow, and dumb, it has no initiative, and has no bonuses to strike, parry, or dodge. It's Energy Eruption actually has a penalty of -5 to strike, and cannot achieve a NATURAL 20, because it is simply not accurate enough. (Thus even when a 20 is rolled, unlike with other situations, this amounts to a 15 only.)
N.P.C. Combat Attacks: 3 attacks per melee.
Average Level of Experience: Varies widely, but makes no real difference what level they are.
Magic: None.
Vulnerabilities: Although there is no real EASY way to kill the Corgus, there is a vulnerable 'chink' in the Corgus's proverbial armor, if you are aware that there is a weakness. If this particular proceedure is followed however, a weapon of incredible power may be made - if you are aware of how to do it. Although it is not likely that this method will ever be learned by a player character as to how to do it; Here is the secret.
    The Secret of Killing a Corgus: On the back of the Corgus's head is a small discolored dent about the size of an adult human's pinky tip. This spot on the back of the Corgus's head is actually a small hole on the back of the Corgus's skull, over which is a weak flap of skin that can be penetrated with a comparitively weak 30 M.D.. The only catch is that this object can not be bigger around than the hole, and has to be at least 8 inches long to make full penetration! Once this is done, the Corgus will lurch forward. Once this happens, the skin across the Corgus's back will peel open revealing gray flesh within, with the spine being an odd clear material that glows with a slight golden glow! The spine may be removed, and has an odd, warm, clay like feel to it. This material may be shaped into the form of a weapon, whether it be a rifle or sword. Once this rough shape is made, the material must be submerged in water for 24 hours, and then removed. Once this curing process has been taken the weapon has a smooth glass like finish, is completely clear and plastic like, and is absolutely indestructable. (Note: For some reason, if the beast is simply killed by brute force, the weapon cannot be made from it, as the spine for some unknown reason ceases to exist, perhaps phasing into another plane of existance from the sheer force of the energy contained.)

Rifle Stats; Roll at the end of it's creation for it's stats which are;
Range: 2D6x1,000 feet.
Damage: 1D4D6x10 M.D.
Rate of Fire: Single Blasts Only!
Payload: The spine is where the Corgus stores all of it's raw energy, and therefore it is effectively unlimited.
Notes: The weapon's perks are rather unusual. It is not operated as a typical rifle with a trigger, it is operated mentally, you aim the rifle as though you would any other, and then mentally picture the beam striking the target, and it will fire. It fires a beam of pure sunlight and WILL hurt vampires.

Sword Stats; Roll at the end of it's creation for it's stats which are;
Range: Not Applicable.
Damage: 1-2D6x10 M.D.
Rate of Fire: Not Applicable.
Payload: The spine is where the Corgus stores all of it's raw energy, and therefore it is effectively unlimited.
Notes: Like the rifle version, this weapon is operated by thought. Once again with just a thought it will energize, with a 2" field of light on each 'cutting edge'. This field of light will hurt vampires just as the rifle version would.

Skills: None.
Allies: None as per se.
Enemies: Anyone who hurts it.
Value: None unless you know the secret about killing a Corgus.
Habitat: Their natural habitat is unknown, however, they search for sources of energy, and any place energy is easy to come by they may be found. Unknown to many, some Corgus have actually been RIFT'ed into stars, and just spend the rest of their existence there, reproducing.

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