Corgus (Yellow)

by Clinton Knoell

      The history behind the Yellow Corgus is even more mysterious than the the background of the Grey Corgus, being unknown to any but a small handful of dimensional travelers that stumbled onto a small pocket dimension. The Yellow Corgus exist in this small pocket dimension, in comparitively large numbers. As where there are only a few hundred Grey Corgus anywhere in the Megaverse, there are over 10,000 of these beasts in this barren pocket dimension. Though the dimensional travelers were familiar with the Grey Corgus, they had no concept of where the Yellow Corgus may have originated or how they arrived in this dimension. Although it is unlikely that the Yellow Corgus will ever manage to escape this pocket dimension as random RIFTS in this pocket dimension virtually never occur, it has been included here in case any GMs so choose to make this impossibility a reality in their' games.

      Their abilities compared to the Grey Corgus are very similar, with it's low intelligence, it's ability to soak up energy, however, unlike the Grey Corgus, they have developed (been engineered?) to only absorb light, heat, and electric/nuclear energy, and thus are not capable of absorbing P.P.E. or Life Force Energy. It has however retained it's ability to defend itself with Energy Eruptions.

      These creatures reproduce in the same way as the Grey Corgus. After absorbing at least 2,000 years worth of sunlight or 5 million MDC worth of energy, they will stop, their stomachs will split open, and out will pop a miniature Corgus. It will only take about 12 hours for the small Corgus to grow to full size, and will be an adult Corgus.

      They are of extremely low intelligence, and have only enough brain tissue to allow it to get to an open area where it can be exposed to the sunlight. In the pocket dimension they were discovered, it is never night, and thus the only time they have to get to an open area, is when another Corgus steps into their light. They feel no animosity towards one another, and so do not get angry or upset when this happens - they don't understand the concept of such things as emotions. They just shuffle to a new spot. Despite this, if/when they end up on a world where there is night and day they will shuffle towards the last direction they had sunlight. If it takes longer than 2 hours to find a new source of energy, it will grow agitated, and will be very violent towards anything that moves...somehow interpreting the movement as the source of what has taken away it's energy. If it encounters a fire, or some how causes a fire, it will step into it, and stand there absorbing the heat and the light from the fire. If it starts a fight and starts getting blasted by energy, it will turn towards the person with the energy weapon, and shuffle towards it until it can get it's two fingered hands on it, and drain the electricity/energy from the E-clip or reactor whichever the case may be. As with the Grey Corgus however, if it starts taking damage from kinetic weapons, it will retaliate violently, by unleashing a massive Energy Eruption.

      Appearance wise the Yellow Corgus are virtually identical to the Grey Corgus, with the exception of it's color being a pale yellowish color. The facial appearance however is some what different as well. As where the Grey Corgus' face looks like a Uteni's face, the Yellow Corgus has an elongated chin, that extends almost six inches from where it's mouth would be.

      The only one of the beings in the Megaverse which knows the secret to killing the Corgus that has met up with the Yellow Corgus is Madigan Morgan, the Gunslinger, and despite his prior experience with dealing with the Grey Corgus the easy way, he found that the weak spot on the back of the skull was not present! After several hours of combat, involving Morgan and several of his dimensional traveling companions, Logan Nothwach finally discovered that they too had a similarly inobvious weak area. He found that their long fleshy chin could be cut off with relative ease (10 MDC), and that there is a golf ball sized weak area in the chin of the beast that could be penetrated with the thin blade of a dagger. Once this was done, like the Grey Corgus, it stood bolt upright, and then fell over onto it's face. Unlike the Grey Corgus however, the skin did not peel away from the back at this point...instead it's spine began to glow, faintly at first, gradually getting brighter. Fortunately, one of their companions was a psychic sensitive which sensed the growing danger, and allowed them to escape, before the energy detonation occurred. This will occur either way the Yellow Corgus is destroyed, whether it is killed through the severing of the chin, or through the depletion of it's MDC through kinetic attacks - in either case the spine cannot be moulded into the weapon of power. Any readers familiar with the the writings of the Council of Learning in Lazlo will be familiar with the technique that involves cutting off the chin, because Logan released the information as soon as he returned to Earth, so that if in the event one ends up on earth, those who fought against it might have a chance.

Corgus (Yellow)
Alignment: Generally Considered Anarchist.
Attributes: I.Q.: Low Animal Intelligence, M.E.: 1D4, M.A.: 1D4, P.S.: 20+1D6, P.P.: 1D4, P.E.: 2D4, P.B.: 2D4, Spd: 2D6. The Corgus is a Supernatural Creature, with a supernatural PS & PE.
M.D.C.: 2D6x1,000.
P.P.E.: 2D4x10.
Size: 5'.
Weight: 200 Lbs.
Average Life Span: Unknown, thought to be immortal.
Natural Abilities: Regenerates 6D6 M.D.C. every hour, Resistant to Kinetic attacks (Takes damage.), Nightvision: 200', Impervious to Poisons & Toxins, Impervious to Psychic Probes, and is Impervious to Illusions.
    Energy Absorbtion: They are completely impervious to energy weapons, and will simply absorb the energy sent at them, be it laser, ion, particle beam, or plasma. Despite this, they prefer Solar energy, that being their primary 'food'. They can also absorb heat from a fire, standing in the middle of it simply absorbing the heat as it produces it.
    Energy Eruption: As mentioned before, the Corgus does not take pain well, and will retaliate by erupting a relatively small portion of the energies it has stored/consumed. It will turn towards the direction in which it was hit, and release this energy in the form of a massive energy blast. This blast will inflict 1D4x1,000 M.D., and will continue along it's course for 3 miles! Thankfully, the Corgus is not very accurate with this blast, and therefore has no bonuses to strike, and even a natural 20 is not a sure hit, as it is with all other creatures.

Horror Factor: 9, unless familiar with the race, at which time it is a 15.
Psionics: None.
N.P.C./Villain Bonuses: Absolutely NONE. The Corgus is so slow, and dumb, it has no initiative, and has no bonuses to strike, parry, or dodge. It's Energy Eruption actually has a penalty of -5 to strike, and cannot achieve a NATURAL 20, because it is simply not accurate enough. (Thus even when a 20 is rolled, unlike with other situations, this amounts to a 15 only.)
N.P.C. Combat Attacks: 3 attacks per melee.
Average Level of Experience: Varies widely, but makes no real difference what level they are.
Magic: None.
Vulnerabilities: Although there is no real EASY way to kill the Corgus, there is a vulnerable 'chink' in the Corgus's proverbial armor, if you are aware that there is a weakness.
    The Secret of Killing a Corgus: The secret to killing a Yellow Corgus was discovered at the end of a long drawn out battle by dimensional travelers. It was found that if the long fleshy chin were to be cut off (only 10 M.D.C.), there is a small, golf ball size weak spot in which a dagger could relatively easily be stuck through into the base of this things brain. At which time, the Corgus will stand bolt upright, and then fall over onto it's face. Expect that the dagger or whatever you stick in to be melted upon removal however, as the Dagger will take 1D4x10 M.D. of heat damage to the top 2 inches. (So long as the blade is over a foot long, it should not burn the hand of the weilder.) The only catch is, whether it is killed this way, OR by just depleting it's M.D.C., the spine will gradually begin to glow, dim at first, gradually growing brighter. In 3D6+2 minutes the Corgus will explode in an energy eruption that will inflict 3D6x1,000 M.D.C. to a 5 mile radius.

Skills: None.
Allies: None as per se.
Enemies: Anyone who hurts it.
Value: None.
Habitat: Their natural habitat is believed to be a small rarely encountered barren pocket dimension, however how they got there is a mystery to even those which first discovered them.

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