by Edward May

      The Enegyrok is a bizarre supernatural predator. It's natural form is an energy ball about the size of a volley ball, that has a natural ability that allows it to create an ectoplasmic body that looks completely human. Once this is done, it will search for a human or similar race creature, and then will stay with them, annoying them. It will tease, taunt, and if all else fails, it will purposefully spill drinks on them, or other similarly maddening things....it's ultimate goal, to get hit...just once. As soon as it gets hit, with 4 S.D.C. or more, it will unleash an energy explosion usually killing it's attacker. This explosion will also destroy it's own body, but it doesn't matter to the Enegyrok as this is the time that the creature feeds, sucking the doubled P.P.E. energy of it's victim(s) into it's body.

      The Enegyrok only needs 7 P.P.E. a month to survive, 2 to consume, and 5 to create it's new body. After the energy explosion grants the Enegyrok it's energy, it will rapidly retreat, flying away as fast as possible, usually before the smoke clears from the explosion. It will find a secluded area, and then make another body. It's a simple existance, but yet they've always been around.

Alignment: Diabolic or Miscreant Only.
Attributes: I.Q.: 2D6+5, M.E.: 2D6, M.A.: 1D6, P.S.: 1D6, P.P.: 1D6, P.E.: 1D6, P.B.: 3D6, Spd: 1D6 in it's ectoplasmic body, 6D6+20 in it's energy form.
S.D.C.: 4 for it's ectoplasmic body, 50 for it's energy form.
H.P.: Not applicable for it's ectoplasmic body, 40 for it's energy form.
P.P.E.: Varies with how much P.P.E. it has consumed.
Size: 4'2"-7' in it's ectoplasmic body; the size of a volley ball in it's energy form.
Weight: 20-50 Lbs in it's ectoplasmic body (Has much less mass than an actual human, although it appears to be normal.) Virtually weightless in it's energy form.
Average Life Span: Unknown, thought to be thousands of years.
Natural Abilities: Create Ectoplasmic Body: Looks completely human, P.P.E. Cost: 5, Energy Explosion (only when body is destroyed): 2D4x10 M.D. to a 20' radius!!
Horror Factor: 8 in it's energy form.
Psionics: None.
N.P.C./Villain Bonuses: None in it's ectoplasmic form, +1 to initiative, +1 to strike and +4 to dodge in it's energy form.
N.P.C. Combat Attacks: 2 attacks per melee.
Average Level of Experience: 2D6.
Magic: None.
Vulnerabilities: It's ectoplasmic body may be destroyed by anything, however, it's true energy form contained within the chest may only be damaged with magic and psionic attacks.
Skills: Speaks 2 languages fluently, and has land navigation at 90%.
Allies: None.
Enemies: Everyone!
Value: None per se.
Habitat: Can be found anywhere really, but usually they travel to cities or towns where it may find a roudy victim. They especially like bars, because their energy explosion can kill several patrons, and give them more than enough energy!
Game Masters Note: This was my FIRST monster creation, made a very long time ago. It was meant to deal with player characters who insisted on attacking and beating up anyone and everything they encountered. It worked wonderfully...

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