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October of '99 Winner of the Palladium Elite Award

About the Gallery

      The RIFTS® Gallery began in the early days of September of 1996 making this one of the longest existing RIFTS® source material sites still on the web. One of the notable features of this site, which was unique for the time, was that this site did not reprint RIFTS® source materials published anywhere else on web. All of our materials are original works created by members of the Red River Valley Gaming Group over the course of many years of game play. In my humble opinion it was a good quality site for the time with a lot of REFERENCE material that would help to add spice to nearly any campaign. As the years passed however this site saw fewer and fewer updates - though materials were continually reworked, adapted & integrated into our games. As this site administrator I would estimate that only perhaps 5-10% of our actual source material has been added to the RRVGG RIFTS® Gallery.

      Over those many years and with all of our creations added to customize our game world far beyond that of the canon RIFTS® World it simply isn't feasible to add EVERYTHING we ever created. Unlike the world of RIFTS®, time & space are limited. We gained players and lost players throughout those many years but still have tremendously fond memories of games passed. It is with some regret that the RRVGG no longer meets on a regular basis due to players moving far away, age causing some players to abstain from travel or health playing a role in ceasing to play this game that joined us all as a group of friends. Some of us have not given up the dream of playing RIFTS® and still consider ways to rejuvenate the RRVGG though we are no longer recognized as a game club by our former sponsoring hobby shop.

Current Contents

      The current contents of The RRVGG RIFTS® Gallery focuses primarily around two nations that were created in our game world, both of which are located in North America. (YES, we created various powers all over the world, but these two were of special importance in our main campaign story arc due to the fact that their very existence was held in the balance by the direct actions of the player characters involved with them.) The first of these was The Kingdom of Desert Star that grew out of a single adventure that was meant to end with the destruction of a subterranean complex but was averted by the clever and well role-played part of one particular player. The story has been muddied around a bit since then both due to intentional misinformation by the players involved in the foundations of that Kingdom as well as GM fiddling to adapt the Kingdom for future role-play value. While it presently is called the Kingdom of Desert Star it will one day bear the name of K'Assai Antoh, it's Dalmirian name and its industry, formerly known as S-Mart, is being adapted to be known as The Royal Armory. While it may have been the first it has fallen behind the development of the primarily island nation that was founded on Vancouver Island in the Pacific North West. While its name has been changed three times due to a naming problem with the original name, a temporary second name applied once that naming issue was discovered and finally has settled with it's third name that took into account information presented in RIFTS® World Book 20: Canada, resulting in the Republic of the Misty Isles and it's government administrated Republican Industries.

The Future of The RRVGG Gallery

      My current plan for the future of The RRVGG Gallery is to continue to add source materials from when our campaigns were in full swing and to polish up old materials that were either left in an incomplete though playable state for our group, are in particular need of updating based upon modern technological innovations, new understandings of the system, accounting for new canon material & to improve the quality of the materials contained within these pages. I had hoped/planned to polish some of these materials & actually submit them for publication but a hard drive crash in 2012 destroyed the materials for a 240 page World Book and a 160 page Source Book which were both near completion. Had they not been published they would have been made available here as complete pdf files. It's still possible that I may indeed create a series of comprehensive pdf files with source materials rivaling those or surpassing the quality produced by Palladium Books®, free of charge of course, as in the end this remains a labor of love. I also hope to thoroughly fill the Monsters, Flora & Fauna, TW & Magic Items Sections with all the myriad of beasts, creatures and novel mystical appliances we encountered and/or created in our gaming history. During our more than two decades of near constant game play we developed a beastiary that rivals if not surpasses that of those provided in the entirety of the RIFTS® series. In terms of D-Bees™ and Mutants we also had more than our fair share of extraordinary species. I also hope to add to the new sections revealed in the sidebar, some of which however have been sitting with the placeholder address of "tba.html" for decades and here I've gone and added more of them.

      Another idea I've been toying with is adding an alternate system for easier character creation, species related bonus limits, a withdrawal from the character class system in favor of a species based leveling system, a skill advancement system based upon skill usage, less dice rolling all of which leading towards essentially a smoother & faster game system. - Webmaster, 10:44AM, 3/5/2018.

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