Magic & Psionic Group Clarifications


      We go by the new rules put up in one of the Rifters, mentioning P.P.E. useage per level of experience, judging off of the character's specialization. Thus a Ley Line Walker may use up to 5 P.P.E. per level of experience, per action. This means that a 3rd level Ley Line Walker can fling out 15 P.P.E. spells every single action. HOWEVER, if it is not his specialty, such as charging a Techno-Wizard weapon, he may only use up to 3 P.P.E. per level of experience. This means that if the same Ley Line Walker were charging a TW Weapon that takes 27 P.P.E. to charge it would take him three attacks to charge it. We do leave rituals alone though, we go by the rules for them in the books. Everything else is essentially identical. We also follow the rules for creating new Magic as found in Through the Glass Darkly, the Nightbane source book - although we throw more of a twist on it, as far as creation goes, making it very much a challenge to create a new spell. Sometimes a character will have to "quest" for components necessary to assist in the modification of a spell - even though the spell being created is "clean", necessitating NO components and all, the creation of the spell may require certain boosters. On that same note, the only RIFTS Mage that is proficient enough with magic to create and modify spells is the Ley Line Walker. Some other various notes regarding spells are; Victims of Call Lightning receive NO save or dodge in our game, as per the Main Book's own statements. Teleport Lesser IF the mage has sufficient weight capacity on the spell, CAN teleport living creatures. We also don't use the 15 second rule on teleport lesser - we use it as instant. Anti-Magic Cloud acts as a protection circle, keeping all creatures of magic outside of it's area of coverage. Any creature of magic caught in the cloud during it's creation will feel weak, drained, and feverish and will struggle to get out immediately! Almost identical effect on creatures of magic, to the effect globe of daylight has on vampires in that sense. A character who believes fully in magic, and has been exposed to it, MAY learn a handful of spells without becoming a true spell caster - provided he or she doesn't have any bionic appendages or too many cybernetic implants.


      Nothing spectacular about these - essentially used in the same fashion as magic, only it's mind powers and requires only one action per power, regardless of whether it's a super or not. Furthermore, a psychic has more control over their abilities than a magic user has over theirs - they can begin and end their abilities whenever they desire. In our game See Aura DOES reveal alignment, Good, Selfish, or Evil, since real life Auras supposedly can tell a reader of auras, that sort of information. Telepathy CAN be established between a psychic and non-psychic by switching back and forth between speaking into the persons mind, and then reading their surface thoughts afterwards, sort of like a walkie talkie in that sense.

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