Industry of Wa-Daisho

      Wa-Daisho's industry is far more subdued than say a Kingdom like Desert Star or like the Coalition States which have extensive production facilities to produce hundreds of different finished goods in a matter of a week's time. Wa-Daisho's industries are geared more towards limited production of necessary commodities or supplies. This allows Wa-Daisho to adequately use it's available resources for it's populus, but does not really permit much in the way of exportation of processed goods. That however may change with the passage of time...

  • Electricity Providers in Wa-Daisho
  • Homel Processing & Packaging Plant - See here for details.
  • Republican Industries
  • Smithe Corp
  • Akersley Fishing & Canning - See here for details.
  • Akersley Ship Construction
  • Avery Flour Mill
  • L & N Vibro Blades
  • Rachel's Mercantile Productions
  • Republican Durable Materials Manufacturing Facility
  • Republican Silicon & Glassware
  • Republican Smelting Plant
  • Shiunren Paper & Lumber Mill
  • Taylorville Smelting Plant
  • TCC Packaging
  • Veriden Synthetic Oil & Plastics Plant
  • Republican Shipyards

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