Electricity Providers in Wa-Daisho

      Electricity in Wa-Daisho is reliably provided in all of the towns and communitites, though the source is not always uniform.

      In Wa-Daisho City the primary form of power is nuclear, relying upon moderately sized nuclear reactors that supply specific grids of the city. These reactors are actually located in the base of the main wall turrets, and serve a secondary purpose as the Pacific Wall Laser Cannon's primary source of power.

      During threatening times for the City of Wa-Daisho the reactor's power is channelled entirely into the weapons. Then emergency use Techno-Wizard Generators, located in City Police Precinct houses, are activated to supply the lost power. These Techno-Wizard Generators can supply the entire city with power reliably and without failure, so long as there is always an ample supply of Sorcerers in Wa-Daisho's armed forces, or so long as the government is on good terms with the Blue Water Mages Guild. Cost for this service is part of the general "Wa-Daisho Public Utilities Services" which amount to 150 credits a month for a home or apartment. Businesses that use more power are charted on a meter and charged according to their power usage. This money is handled and utilized in upkeep, repairs, and upgrades in the power grid. The Councilman of Public Service, presently Sir Raymond Trask, is the head of Republican Public Utilities Services that handle these matters.

      In Silverstone the power is almost entirely magical. The Blue Water Mages Guild Hall, which is located near the city, supplies power for the majority of the city. Cost for this service is regulated by the ruling of Sir Raymond Trask to 65% of the Wa-Daisho Public Utilities Services collected in Silverstone. On a side note, Smithe Corp has their own moderately sized nuclear reactor that supplies their factory and warehouses with power, sparing them the expense of paying someone else for the power.

      Angel Peak is another city provided with electricity from mystical sources, in the form of a Techno-Wizard Generator located in the Temple of Dragonwright. Although limited to 65% of the Wa-Daisho Public Utilities Services collected in Angel Peak, the Temple expects an additional 200-400 credits to turn up in monthly donations to the Temple for the service. Since such a high percentage of the residents of Angel Peak are worshippers of Dragonwright, few feel concerned about these expectations.

      In the scruffy mining town of Taylorville power is provided almost entirely by a small nuclear reactor. Cost for this service is the typical fee as described under Wa-Daisho City. Oftentimes, however, the mining company in question will pay the "Wa-Daisho Public Utilities Services" bill for their employees as a fringe benefit and to attract support businesses to the town. Fully half of the bars, stores, and service businesses do not pay a credit coin for their utilities. A number of the mines themselves have either small Techno-Wizard Generators or Gasoline Generators, more the former than the latter due to the scarcity of the supply of Gasoline.

      Avery and Shiunren are both relatively low tech, ruling out nuclear power, and relatively low in magic, ruling out Techno-Wizard power. Avery's electricity problem was solved with the construction of a fair sized hydroelectric generator, providing more than enough power for the small town. The hydroelectric generator is owned by Mylmer Steelshod, and so he is the benefitiary of the 65% of the utilities fees paid in Avery. Meanwhile Mylmer has a steady source of power for the batteries used in the mining operation at the Dragonjaw Mine. Shiunren though, lacked a river as a potential source of power, and so chose to follow the example of the Californian coastal community of New Hope, by constructing a trio of windmills for power. This service is jointly owned by the Republic of Wa-Daisho, Shiunren Lumber, and Silverwolf Industries and costs the fixed amount for Wa-Daisho Public Utilities Services as elsewhere in the Republic.

      Rural farms and homes do not often have the money/resources to maintain long power lines to supply them with power. As such most either go without electricity or opt to purchase their own personal generators. Most of these generators are Techno-Wizard Generators, as produced by the Blue Water Mages Guild. The lucky ones among them are capable of charging the generators themselves. Others, however, must pay techno-wizards to come out and charge their generators for them - monthly. Fees for this are .76 credits/kilometer of travel from Silverstone or Wa-Daisho City, and a flat fee of 50 credits.

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