Mining in Wa-Daisho

      Although not truly the national industry, with agriculture & fishing filling that bill, the Republic has always recognized mining to be a vital asset to it's survival. Post Cataclysm mining on the island did not start with the Republic however. The original settlers who had come here from Water Point Preserve had a tech level approximately equivalent to the 19th century in sophistication. These mines were vitally important for their survival for attaining building materials, some household supplies, and various impliments that would not be possible without. Some of these original mines are still in action these many years later, but are no where near the scale of many of the new ones.

      As of February of 118PA there are ten major mining operations conducted withing the Republic by a half dozen different mining companies. Half are located on the island while the other half are located on the mainland near Taylorville. In addition to these there are at least thirty private operations with fewer than ten employees each in operations on the island. Showing each of the small operations would be a lesson in futility, but the major operations are displayed here;

Mining Companies

Bynrin & Sons Mining Co.: This mining company is owned by Samarin Bynrin and his three sons, based out of Angel Peak. Their operation started out relatively small, mining only a small quantity of ore, and some low quality gemstones for resale. It remained a small operation up until 111PA when while on a hunting trip North West of the actual mountain of Angel Peak, Samarin made an astounding discovery. He discovered a pass here that led him to a pristine location that was perfect for a profitable mining operation - so perfect in fact that there was evidence other mines had existed here far in the past! This discovery led to the one mine owned by this company, the Bynrin Pass Mine. Minerals that are mined here are shipped out of Angel Peak Harbor to West Bay, in Wa-Daisho City. There it is sorted, ores are smelted into useable components and ingots of pure metal. Dumortierite, a gemstone, is separated, examined, and appraised. Afterwards the product is then sent to distributers, or negotiated for, and then sold.

  • Bynrin Pass Mine: This mine turns out large quantities of tin, antimony, magnesium, vanadium, Dumortierite, and other associated minerals.

    Steelshod Mining Corp: This mining company is owned and managed by Mylmer Steelshod, an immigrant from Desert Star. As a dwarven miner he has quite a reputation to uphold in his line of work. As a result Mylmer is very demanding of all those around him. If a miner works for him, he had better be VERY good - or he will soon be unemployed. That's just the way Mylmer is. After moving to Wa-Daisho in 107PA, Mylmer immediately began searching for the mother load. His dwarven ancestry told him that this island was ripe with beautiful mineral deposits - some that actually produces precious metals. It took him three years of searching before he found it, but when he did - it was beyond his wildest dreams in size and value. Given it's close proximity to the Dragon's Teeth mountains, he named the mine "Dragonjaw Mine" to signify just how close in to these mountains it is located. After starting up this mine, he moved his base of operations from Wa-Daisho City to Avery. He has had little need or desire to search for another mine location since uncovering this one. Minerals mined here are carried overland by cargo trucks to Wa-Daisho City. There it is sorted, ores are smelted into useable components and ingots of pure metal. The numberous non-metallic minerals also mined here are separated, examined, and appraised. Afterwards the product is sent to distributers, or negotiated for, and then sold.

  • Dragonjaw Mine: This mine produces the highest yields of ores a year in the Republic. Among those mined are; Nickel, Copper, Iron, Titanium, Platinum, Palladium, Gold, Silver, Molybdenum, Amphibolite, White Quartz, Clear Quartz, Feldspar, Sulfer, Marcasite, Violarite, Uranium, Radium, and various other mineral types related to these above.

    Silverwolf Industries: This mining company is one of the originals from prior to the founding of Wa-Daisho, started by Aeron Silverwolf. Back in those days most of the mining was done in the mountains immediately overlooking the town on the southern tip of the island. After the founding and the introduction of far more skilled and technologically advanced miners, Aeron moved to the new rural community of Shiunren to settle down. There he all but shut down Silverwolf Industries, settling into semi-retirement. With his love for mining however, naturally he couldn't keep from walking the mountain trails looking for mining sites - a hobby of sorts. He found one particularly rich site with a nice selection of gemstones. He shared this discovery with his long time friend and working associate Fama Longtail, and together they mined enough gemstones to pay the bills and keep food on their tables. In 113PA old Aeron passed on, but his life long friend Fama took over the company name "Silverwolf Industries", and decided to exploit Aeron's gemstone mine. By 115PA Silverwolf Industries had grown to a company employing more than 100 individuals - most of which live right in Shiunren. In late 115PA Fama opened a second branch of Silverwolf Industries, to mine and process a small quantity of coal from a mine location further inland. The gemstones mined from the Fama Gemstone Mine are first examined on site to determine whether or not they are of gemstone quality. If they are, they are shipped over land to Wa-Daisho City to be assessed and sold. Some wind up with jewelers, others end up with magic users. Those that are not of gemstone quality are sent to Smithe Corp for processing as a pigment for paint and dyes. The coal mined at the Shiunren Coal Desposit is shipped overland to Veriden Synthetic Oil & Plastics in Silverstone, with a very small handful being sent to the Diamond Forge.

  • Fama Gemstone Mine: Malachite, Azurite, Blood Jasper, and various other mineral types related to these above.

  • Shiunren Coal Deposit: Coal.

    Deepwood Coast Mining Co.: This is a large mining company that originated as a branch of the Hope Barony mining firm Z'ysstrs Ecliekia. When the Republican Council was handed control in February of 112PA laws regarding the ownership of mineral rights changed, throwing a major wrench into the iron works of this large mining company. Previously they would attain the mineral wealth from DCM Co. for next to nothing, almost as though it had been mined in their own territory. It would be mined in Wa-Daisho, Z'ysstrs Ecliekia would offer a price to DCM Company that was some 25% higher than the going price for the raw ores in question, and so those ores would be shipped first from Deepwood Coast to West Bay in Wa-Daisho City, then from Wa-Daisho City they would be sent over land to Silverstone. Once there the ores would be shipped to New Hope via Iron Horse. Then Z'ysstrs Ecliekia would transfer the funds from their account to DCM Co.'s account in New Hope. By doing this, in reality, all they were really doing was shifting money from one of their own accounts to another - of which all that was being drawn was pay for was labour, equipment, and the shipping fees. Under the new laws and regulations though foreign customers were to be given second priority in sales of locally produced goods, regardless of bid price difference. The institution of standardized taxes on private exports further went to impede the investment of Z'ysstrs Ecliekia. Finally in 116PA Z'ysstrs Ecliekia pulled out of DCM Co., leaving it under the control of Tony Basso a Mining 'Borg veteran of 30 years of mining experience. Tony, however experienced as he may be, is a greedy individual brought up under the Z'ysstrs Eliekia heiarchy. As a result of his greed he has completely ignored the new laws sending approximately 10% of the haul from Deepwood Coast Mining Co. via freighters to New Hope! There the ore then winds up being sold to the highest bidder. (The remaining 90% is typically sent to Wa-Daisho City for smelting or appraisal, then sale.) The headquarters of DCM Co is located in Silverstone, but the mine itself is rather unusual. It is located right on the coast of the South Western tip of the island far away from any cities or towns, with no roads leading into it - surrounded on three sides by the imposing Deepwood. A forest that some say is haunted by the spirits of all of those lost in the great cataclysm. The only way out is a make shift bay on the fourth side of their little encampment. This make shift bay has been created by dumping waste material in at each end to create a sort of sheltered cove for vessels coming and going. The miners do not commute here day in and day out, instead they stay at the mine for a week to two weeks at a time in tin quonset huts, returning to Wa-Daisho City after their week or two stint is up. They often get a week off after spending this amount of time there. (Shifts are rotated, so there is always an abundance of miners in Wa-Daisho city spending off their pay checks...)

  • Deepwood Coast Mine: The only mine operated by this company has the second highest annual yield in mineral wealth, as compared to Dragonjaw Mine in the Republic. Among the minerals mined here are; Mercury, Cobalt, Iron, Titanium, Lead, Silver, Zinc, Diopside (Green to Light Green varieties), Garnets (Red to pink varieties), Magnesium, and various other mineral types related to these above.

    Taylorville Community Mining Co.: This company was formed by a number of independant miners joining together in a business endeavour back in 114PA. At the time all of the mining conducted on the mainland was underwritten by the Republic of Wa-Daisho, in the form of Republican Mining Co.. While it was all well and good, they felt that they could do much better in terms of profits by striking out on their own. At this point they presently run two mines, the Taylorville Pass Mine, and Yraag's Iridium Deposit, plus their own small scale smelting plant. Ores mined here are smelted in Taylorville and then are shipped back to West Bay for assessment and sale.

  • Taylorville Pass Mine: Produces Lead, Zinc, Cadmium, Floride, Barium, and various other mineral types related to these above.

  • Yraag's Iridium Deposit: Produces a fair sized quantity of iridium, nickel, and various other mineral types related to these above.

    Republican Mining Co.: This was a government funded operation initially intended to find sources of Uranium and Titanium on the mainland for use in Wa-Daisho's budding industries. While sources were located for Titanium, the only Uranium deposits detected were far too far to the North, and out of the way to practically be accessible. (That was before Mylmer Steelshod found the mother load near Avery.) With Uranium now having been found in reasonable quantities on the island itself the government now retains it's foothold on the mainland due to the other minerals that have become available due to this expedition. Republican Mining Co. presently operates three major mining operations, with a handful of small mining operations that are not worth mentioning. The three of significance are the East Border Mine, the Glyph Deposit, and Gragan Creek Mine. Ores mined here are shipped to West Bay for smelting, assessment, and sale.

  • East Border Mine: Produces a large quantity of Iron, Chromium, Peridotite, and various other mineral types related to these above.

  • Glyph Deposit: Named for a petroglyph located near the point of entry into the mine, it produces Tungsten, Tellurium, Argillite, Rhyolite, and various other mineral types related to these above.

  • Gragan Creek Mine: This mine produces Rhodium, Osmium, Ruthenium, and various other mineral types related to these above.

    The Future of Mining in Wa-Daisho

          By all indications the mining of Wa-Daisho will remain a big business issue in the future. Mining expeditions are dispatched about every six months to seek out new mineral deposits and frequently come up with new sites where mining would be profitable. In all reality, however, the large mining corps are bound to get larger. Independant mining will probably continue but will have trouble competing with the large yield mining operations since they will be driving the value of common mineral types down. Those that find a stash of something obscure yet necessary for some element of industry though are still liable to be able to make a bundle even with the threat of the large companies looming overhead.

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