Agriculture of Wa-Daisho

      Agriculture in Wa-Daisho is VERY important, and has been since the very beginning of the Republic. Without a well developed industry, and a growing population base due to the mass exodus of Easterners seeking to escape the Coalition's expanding borders, food is a very important issue. Thus the Republic has sought to pursue a strong basis in Agriculture to give Wa-Daisho a solid foundation upon which to build. All the suits of body armor, all the E-clips, and all of the rail guns in the world do not add up to a single healthy fruit tree when starvation is a prospective reality. Beyond the implicatons of strong agriculture at home, this also gives Wa-Daisho a trading card for dealing with more industrially developed nations. Wa-Daisho produces approximately two and a half times what it needs for it's own people. Thus nations that focus entirely on manufacturing, mining, and similar often find themselves wanting when it comes to food - and Wa-Daisho is always there to trade with the free nations of the world.

Crops Grown in Wa-Daisho

      This page displays all of the crops grown in the Republic of Wa-Daisho according to the most major producers in the Republic - including produce grown for consumption in the Republic and that which is produced for export. Wa-Daisho's economy relies heavily upon the crops for trade to other nations.

Livestock Raised in Wa-Daisho

      This page displays the livestock raised in Wa-Daisho. Despite the importance of livestock in North America today, Wa-Daisho displays that in another time and another place this may not necessarily be the same. Virtually NO livestock is ever exported.

Aquaculture in Wa-Daisho

      The cornerstone of Wa-Daisho's economy and well being. Fish is the primary staple of the people of Wa-Daisho, and is also one of the primary exports of Wa-Daisho. Even with it's importance in the Republic, a large percentage of the seafood harvested from the sea is exported to other nations.

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