The Tenzan Elite

Before the Tenzan

      This history of the Tenzan elite stretches back many years, to the Gathering of Heroes in Africa, in the summer of 103PA. The heroes of North America, Europe, Africa, and beyond were gathering there to fight against the menacing Four Horsemen of the Apoclypse. A young Cyber Knight King, named Tal Kilenian was one of those present. Almost immediately when he arrived on the scene, he began to direct these heroes with the precision of an elite military commander. Soon, one by one, each of the Apoclypse demons were tracked down and destroyed. Afterward, were many nights of partying, drinking, and general celebration. A group of men and women who had fought in the battle were sitting around a camp fire one night, talking about how well they fought in that final, cataclysmic fight against Death. Each of them had fought individually, or in small groups many times before as experienced heroes and heroines - but never as a large group. Normally, larger groups function much less efficiently in their experience. However, whoever this King Kilenian was, he lead them with an amazing charisma that seemed unrivaled! What would happen if this were to be a permanent arrangement? Thus began the dream of the Tenzan Elite. They approached Sir Kilenian with the idea - and offered him the chance to lead this new army. He had come here to fight against the worlds greatest menace, and return to his Kingdom as a hero - he didn't come there to start up a new army. Still, when the idea was presented to him, it intrigued him, and so he accepted.

      With a leader, and about fifty knights, magic users, and various men at arms, they began to frequent Europe. They fought heartily against the Gargoyle & Brodkil Empires, mostly in the regions of Ukraine, Romania, and even some ventures as far north as Poland. They fought in this part of the world for almost a year, destroying evils and righting wrongs wherever encountered. They funded their operations by selling captured enemy equipment, and even hiring on with Tarnow and the NGR a few times. By September of 105PA, the unit had grown to almost a hundred and twenty members strong - and were known throughout the Gargoyle and Brodkil Empires as a force to be feared.

      Although successful, many of the original members needed to return to North America for various reasons, but remained because of loyalty to the unit. When Tal Kilenian finally announced his plans to return to Tykesi, it was agreed by all but a handful that Tal's Elite should return with him to North America.

      The trek from the Mediterranian, and across the Atlantic was fairly uneventful except for a few brief skirmishes easily dealt with by their Triton Class Patrol Boats. The return to Tykesi however, was not. Tykesi was located on the Eastern coast, with a nice set of docks, and even a small navy of five Triton Class Patrol Boats (Two of which were with them already.) and a number of freighters. There were grain fields surrounding the city state, and nearly two hundred different farms radiating out twenty to fifty miles from the city state. When Tal's Elite, approached the Kingdom of Tykesi, they knew something was wrong. The roads leading into the city were mostly grown over. No emissions rose from the factories and homes, despite the early October chill. The city was deserted, the signs of a massive battle showed themselves very clearly. Blast marks on the walls of houses and of the city alike, the towers crumbled and crushed - and oddly enough signs of great talons having ripped chunks of stone from the city's walls that once stood 40' in height. A mass grave was also discovered - filled with approximately 30 bodies, in the remains of the Bushman armor King Kilenian's royal guard once wore. His Kingdom destroyed, the fields around it grown over - and his royal guard slain, he had to find answers - whoever had done this would pay, and dearly.

      Finding nearby settlements was more difficult than anticipated. They traveled to two other Kingdoms that bordered on Tykesi, only to find the situation much the same - both of them were destroyed. On their way to Republican they rounded a bend on a hilly road, to find a hundred and fifty men, with a half dozen dragons. They appeared to be a solid military unit, preparing to set down camp - though King Kilenian had never seen such a group before. They were dressed in an odd scale mail, blue and black, horned armor. The dragons too, appeared strange there were two black, and ten blue dragons out there! None of which resembled any type of dragon any in the party had seen. As King Kilenian and a handful of his soldiers began to approach the group cautiously, the oddly dressed military unit began to rally, and began formating into an attack formation!! King Kilenian automatically came to the conclusion that these were the ones which destroyed his Kingdom, and thus called forth the remainder of his Elite troops into a battle formation.

      The battle went on for nearly a half hour, and Tal's Elite was horribly outclassed. The dragons had flown around behind them, and the enemy troops had moved up to encompass them on three sides - it was a classic killing box. A few moments later, a man on the opposing side screamed, before the sound of rending metal filled the air. A second, then a third did the same - soon, the entire west flank of the enemy forces had redirected towards a new coming trio. These 'men' fought like demons. One a giant of seven feet in height wore a mask as horrific as the face of a greater demon and wielded a Zweihander sized sword that glowed a faint blue color. Another wore a black body suit with a white skull mask, and fought with the grace of an acrobat, and fired two massive pistols with the accuracy of a gunslinger. The third was one the beleaguered King Kilenian's heart quivered with joy for seeing. Wielding two curved Japanese swords, and wearing a suit of plate and chain armor, of the colors of green and red, and stylized to resemble Samurai armor, was his old friend, Nyan Tamya. In the first few minutes of their arrival forty of the enemy had fallen to the trio's weapons. Soon, the enemy troops were in full retreat, and abandoned the fight against's Tal's Elite.

      The losses of Tal's Elite were horrendous. Their number was scarcely over 50 men, when a final head count was made. Shortly after the fight, the two masked warriors revealed their identities. The first was revealed as Logan Nothwatch, a human demon slayer from another world, known as an Apok. The second revealed himself as the dragon-hero, Necrovore - who became famous on RIFTS Earth battling against the Vampire Kingdoms. The third, was Nyan Tamya, a swordsman of great renown. All three had been involved with the fight against the Apoclypse demons, but he had known Nyan even longer.

      Twice before in the past Nyan had turned up. The first time, Nyan did not even speak American - as he had just arrived from England, a few days before. He killed a Basilisk that had been harassing the people of Tykesi for a few months before, and therefore gained the King's approval. The second time, was a year or so later when he, and his squad of Reid's Rangers had made the trek north, thinking that a new threat to the region, the devouring hoard could be vampires. Finding that they were murderous Cyborgs, they still did not back down to the fight. Again, the rough American speaking, swordsman gained the favor of King Kilenian.

      Logan Nothwatch and Necrovore cared for several of Tal's Wounded soldiers, before departing, but Nyan stayed. He knew of the demise of Tykesi, and figured that the King would be seeking answers, and so Nyan informed him of the worst. A Dragon Goddess named Takhisis (Author's Note: Yes we do crossovers now and then!) had mysteriously appeared on the eastern coast, and had raised a peninsula from the watery abyss, and built a Kingdom on it. She has since been building up her army with the promises of expansion, and ultimate power - Tykesi was one of her unfortunate first targets. Thankfully many of the people of Tykesi were not killed because they had received prior warning, and had been taken to Lazlo as refugees.

      This dismayed and frightened King Kilenian very much. As where his Elite could have made a difference if applied correctly, they were only a force of 50 now. He knew that he had made a dreadful error in engaging these enemy soldiers when their number was greater, and they were supported by dragons. He had compromised the safety of his men, because of his own personal involvement and emotions that went along with Tykesi. Although he remained in command, he was never quite as confident as he once was. In the meantime, he turned to Nyan to help him rebuild Tal's Elite.

      Nyan and Tal's Elite made the trek to Lazlo, where Nyan set about having a training camp constructed five miles north of the city proper of Lazlo. He appealed to Kyatashiro to have soldiers from their military sent to fight along side of Tal's Elite, and soon received 25 soldiers, and about half that number of support personnel. Further word was sent to Ft. Reid for any volunteers who wished to join Tal's Elite in fighting the hoards of Takhisis. By May of 106PA, their number had again climbed to 120 members strong. Although the numbers were back, the confidence of Tal's Elite was faltering, and it was due in large part to King Kilenians own confidence being compromised. At the end of May, King Kilenian finally couldn't take it any longer, and so he made the shocking decision to hand the helm of the unit, over to Nyan Tamya.

      In the past months, Nyan had proved his leadership qualities. He had helped these men, and had drawn from various personal resources to increase the strength of this unit. He was a warrior of great skill, and a man of integrity - thus, the decision was eventually accepted. Soon after - the unit was renamed after it's new commanding officer's battle name, Tenzan - becoming the Tenzan Elite.

The First Actions Under the Tenzan

      Once a suitable chain of command had been arranged, Nyan took the Tenzan Elite into the territory commonly accepted as that of Takhisis's dark Kingdom in July of 106PA. For several weeks they remained in this area, attacking supply lines, attacking and/or capturing small groups of enemy soldiers, freeing slave work forces, and so on. They returned to Lazlo in early September, for repairs, and to resupply as well. While there, bizarre reports began to come back from the skirmish line against Takhisis's forces - all of them, every last troop, citizen, and slave that resided within these borders had mysteriously disappeared!! For two weeks into September, they waited to see what would happen next - but nothing ever did reveal where the Dragon Goddess and her people went.

      This left a finely tuned unit alone, seemingly without any purpose at all. In early October, the Tenzan Elite relocated to Kyatashiro to rearm with more standard weaponry, armor, and other equipment. Between October 12th and November 21st small groups of the Tenzan Elite were hired out to various organizations in North America who needed short term protectors, soldiers, or armed escorts.

The Tenzan Elite of Wa-Daisho

      While this was going on, Nyan was making arrangements that would eventually lead to the Republic of Wa-Daisho being founded - and the Tenzan Elite would play a key role in it's founding.

      On November 21st, plans were brought into action for the whole of the Tenzan Elite to man the weapons on six freighters full of architects, workers, families, and tons of supplies. Additionally they would also man the two Triton class patrol boats, and 5 Black Eels - in a rather uneventful trek that would lead them around the horn of central America, to the southern tip of Vancouver Island.

      Once on the island of Vancouver, the Tenzan Elite immediately took to action. The entire southern 50 klicks of Vancouver Island had to be secured, which involved combat against over a dozen supernatural creatures of various breeds, and a one day assault against a band of pirates that numbered near 50 that had made a base of operations on the western coast of the island. Once this month long mission was complete, a permanent guard was established to protect the city now well under construction.

      On May 1st, 107PA Wa-Daisho was officially founded, and with it was a plan to create a local military that would go by the nick name of "Red Devils". Immediately recruitment began from workers, worker's families, and from the locals that had agreed to this city having been built. Again, the Tenzan Elite was fallen upon to provide training personnel, and escorts for the shipments of goods that were necessary to equip this new military force. Despite these new requirements, the Tenzan Elite flourished through this early period - and grew to over 400 members strong by 109PA.

      On May 1, 110PA a general rearrangement of Wa-Daisho's military forces was conducted. Many old members of the military were retired from active duty to training duties, and unit composition was standardized. A new general ranking system was also adopted to better suit the small unit tactics favored by Wa-Daisho's military. This new arrangement left the Tenzan Elite without many of it's former duties. It was no longer the sole guardian of Wa-Daisho, nor was it the training retainer of the Red Devils. "What Now?", was a common question among Tenzan Elite members of that time. Seemingly in automated response to this question, a large specially formulated, CS Special Forces Unit invaded Desert Star on May 10, 110PA in a lightning assault from within, and killed all but a handful of the mercenaries which were protecting Desert Star - and seized the city. This automatically triggered Nyan Tamya into making plans to retake the city of Desert Star using the Tenzan Elite. This plan was executed on June 30, 110PA when 260 of Wa-Daisho's Tenzan Elite snuck into the city via underground tunnels, and retook the city in the name of the Alliance - thus beginning the Tenzan Elite's major mercenary career under the banner of Wa-Daisho.

      Over the course of the following years the Tenzan Elite acted as standard Red Devil Units, as well as hired out to various foreign employers as protectors, armed escorts, and occasionally even as soldiers. These 'mundane' duties were punctuated by two other major operations, the Tenzan Elite was hired on to undertake. The first of these, was for the Colorado Barony of Hope. An excessively large pack of Tiger Claw Raptors had moved into the region and were killing large numbers of cattle and occasionally farmers and cow hands, thus 212 of the Tenzan Elite were hired on November 23, 113PA to come into the area and exterminate the offending creatures. They were retained in strength until May 25, 114PA when the contract was terminated due to a two week lapse in any Tiger Claw Raptor activity. During this operation over five hundred Tiger Claw Raptors were killed by the Tenzan Elite. The second began on December 20th, 117PA when the Vampire Almanac of that year made mention of the increase in Vampire activities, since the departure of so many of the Vampire Hunters heading towards Tolkeen. A special Ambassadorial committee was assembled to declare an offer of the Tenzan Elite's services, to the various communities in the Pecos region. This offer included the services to conduct anti-vampire activities in Mexico until such a time, as the war in Tolkeen is concluded, and the vast majority of the Vampire Hunters have returned to the region. El Paso, Ciudad Juarez, New Del Rio, Houstown, and even Victoria were willing to each chip in to hire on the Tenzan Elite to conduct their operations in the region. This package has included the services of up to 350 members of the Tenzan Elite, for a period of up to 5 years. At the time of February 3rd, 118PA - 302 Tenzan Elite troops are in action, fighting from their base of operations in Ft. Reid.

Troop Numbers - 118PA: 499. (Supreme General Nyan Tamya)

Troop Allocation

Delta Special Company: 82. (Major Zale Bicar'l)
Airborne Platoon: 48. (Lieutenant Evret Thomas)
Infantry Battalion: 246. (Vice General Lee Minst)
Armored Company: 122. (Major Niki Pearnit)

Tenzan Elite Task Force: Garlic

      This unit is composed from those listed above, as a special task force hired to destroy/contain vampire forces, until the fighting in Tolkeen is at an end.

Troop Numbers - 118PA: 302 (Included in total above) (Vice General Lee Minst)

Troop Allocation

Delta Special Company Elements: 32. (Lieutenant Eric Weis)
Airborne Platoon Elements: 16. (Sergeant Lynn Cathar)
Infantry Battalion Elements: 172. (Vice General Lee Minst)
Armored Company Elements: 82. (Major Niki Pearnit)


Republican Industries Type 6 GPMEBA General Purpose Military Environmental Body Armor

CAF Type 16 High Intensity Pulse Laser Rifle- The CAF HI-80 High Intensity Pulse Laser in Tenzan Elite Service. See Page 115 of RIFTS Dimension Book 2, Phase World for Details.

Wilk's Type 16 Heavy Laser Pistol- Wilks 237 Heavy Laser Pistol in Tenzan Elite Service. See Page 205 of RIFTS World Book 14, New West for Details.

S-Mart/Republican Industries Type 13 RFFC Rapid Fire Field Cannon


S-Mart/Republican Industries Type 14 Kamiken Power Armor
Number in Use: 315, 150 in use with Delta Special Battalion, 100 in use with Red Marine Battalion, 50 in use with Delta Special Company of the Tenzan Elite, and 15 retained as spares. Of those 50, 24 Kamiken are in use in Tenzan Elite Task Force: Garlic.

S-Mart Type 13 Battlewagon Hover Tank- The S-Mart Zipper-A Hover Tank in the service of Wa-Daisho and the Tenzan Elite.
Number in Use: Originally 98, 50 used by the Green Armored Company, and 40 used by the Tenzan Elite Armored Corps, with eight being retained as spares. Since the beginning of Masakari production, Battlewagons have been gradually phased out of service. The Tenzan Elite Armored Corps is the only Wa-Daisho based unit still issued the Battlewagon, with 40 such vehicles, and with still five retained as spare. Of these 27 are in use in Tenzan Elite Task Force: Garlic.

Republican Industries Type 17 Masakari Hover Tank/IFV
Number in Use: 105 by the end of 117PA, and 135 by February of 118PA in service with Red, Green, and Black Armored Companies. In May of 118PA, 40 such vehicles will replace the Battlewagons in use by the Tenzan Elite.

Northern Gun/Bandito Arms Type 6/8 Fighting Falcon- Northern Gun Sky Kings and a Bandito Arms knock-off of the same, in the service of the Tenzan Elite.
Number in Use: Originally 30 in service with the Air Superiority Platoon. After 112PA only ten are in service with the Air Superiority Platoon, until retired entirely in 117PA. Only ten remain in service with the Tenzan Elite, with four more retained for spares. Of these 10, 5 are in use in Tenzan Elite Task Force: Garlic.

S-Mart Type 14 Flying Tiger- The S-Mart Cicada-A in the service of Wa-Daish and the Tenzan Elite, that functions as air support of ground or sea borne forces.
Number in Use: Originally 24; 14 in service with the Air Support Platoon, 6 in service with the Tenzan Elite, and four retained as spares. Later, 12 additional aircraft are purchased to supplement the remaining 20 of the original batch. This accounts for 20 in service with the Air Support Platoon, 6 in service with the Tenzan Elite, and the remaining six retained as spares. Of these 6, 5 are in service with Tenzan Elite Task Force: Garlic.

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