Nyan Enjoying the Scenery of Wa-DaishoNyan Tamya

      Nyan Tamya's vast history begins in the demon infested territory of Japan known as "The Zone". Within this territory, on the Eastern coast, was a small daimyo called New Osaka which had risen from the ashes of the old civilization, to become a minor power in this region. After almost two centuries of existance however, the daimyo was about to fall onto hard times. With it's long time ruler falling ill, and perishing from a mysterious illness, this left all of his power to his first born son, Tamya Toryu. Toryu was a blood-thirsty war driven tyrant, who sought nothing but more power and 'respect', (What he incidentally commonly mistook fear for.) and this spelled nothing but trouble for the small daimyo. It was only a matter of time before something would break, to allow him to stear towards war, and when it did, it led in the worst possible direction. A mysterious attack had been made upon Toryu's younger sister's carriage upon her travel to Kyoto, by what was assumed was a dragon, because of the flame burns it had left on the carriage, she, who had survived the attack, did not see the creature in question. Toryu, who saw this as more of an oportunity than anything, declared war on a nearby settlement of dragons. (An odd sheer cliff face that appeared to be home to a handful of dragons, which was in actuality the gathering place of an obscure dragon cult, that numbered into the hundreds!!!) He set to training, bolstering his forces by bringing in more Ashigaru, and then began preparations. On the morning that his forces were set to head out, all hell broke loose. The 'dragons of the cove' as they had come to be known, had somehow heard of the impending attack, and had planned a pre-emptive attack of their own! They struck the forces tremendously, 30 dragons against fewer than 300 men in medium battle armor. It was a slaughter. Somewhere in the middle of this was young Nyan, a Samurai of only 19 at the time, he fought valiantly - though fearfully. He struck down a hatchling dragon in the battle, before being faced by a huge black, Great Horned Dragon, which only grinned at him as it swatted him hard, sending him tumbling. Nyan's head swam, disoriented from his 'flight', he struggled to focus, only to see that he was no longer in New Osaka, he was in a hard wood forest unlike any he'd ever seen before.

      He eventually would learn that somehow or another he had been RIFT'ed from that cataclysmic battle, to the Black Forest of Germany! He lived there for several years, learning about the world, and fighting the Gargoyle Empire along side of the New German Republic. His grief for what had happened was horrendous, and an everpresent gnawing thought was that he should have committed ritual suicide from the beginning for failing his lord, incidentally his brother, by not staying and fighting the battle, even if it was not his will to leave. To deal with this grief, he justified it, by making an oath to vengeance against those responsible for his peoples death, and became Ronin to hone his skills as a Samurai, and to gain knowledge and power with which he would defeat his enemies, 'the dragons of the cove'.

      Eventually, his travels would lead him through the British Isles, onto North America, over the Apalachens, through CS Territory, and then finally landing him in El Paso, where he would meet several people who worked for Reids Rangers, who offered the charismatic and skilled Samurai a place among the Rangers. He lived, breathed, and fought with the Reids Rangers for almost two years, killing dozens of vampires himself, and even being one of only ten survivors of a 200 man raid that led to a Vampire Intelligence being banished from Earth. Unfortunately, the events of his life before would come back to haunt him again. His very next mission after his glory claiming mission which led to the banishment of the intelligence, he was assigned to fight along side of Carlotta the White and her 'Cyberknight' friend. When she entered battle in her Dragon form, Nyan's eyes glazed over, a rage built up within, not being able to control this seething rage, he attacked Carlotta, and very nearly killed her before being pulled off of her bloodied body. He was reprimanded publicly upon the return to Ft. Reid, and it was then that Nyan realized who exactly the dragon was. His continued adventures with Reid's Rangers never involved any of the major players among them, but while there he met one significant figure - a newcomer to this dimension, a man who called himself Silk. At his side they made quite a name for themselves among the people as heroic vampire slayers, even going on to slay THE Vampire Intelligence of the most powerful Vampire Kingdom - Mexico City. A short time afterwards a sex scandal involving Doc Reid himself and a young girl from Ciudad Juarez, in which Doc Reid was exonerated, despite apparent guilt, Nyan & Silk both left the Rangers to return much later to bring the guilty to justice.

      Nyan & Silk turned up later to engage in their first battles against the Coalition States, fighting at the side of the heroic people of the Kingdom of Wells. Wells was a small independant Kingdom and ally of Tolkeen, set precariously between the two juggernaut powers. Although Wells eventually lost the battle, they did everything they could to try to force the CS out of Minnesota. Thinking that the CS would soon take the battle to McWilliams, the only other Kingdom between Tolkeen and Chi-Town, they quickly traveled there expecting to set up with the next line of defense against the Coalition Armies. Before long, however, they soon found the most remarkable news - the Coalition States had inexplicably pulled out of Wells back to their previously held lines. The battle for now - was overwith. With it, Nyan & Silk parted ways for a time.

      It was during this next period of travel that Nyan began learning the ropes of dimensional travel. Nyan had never willingly gone through RIFTS before, let alone explored them, or purposefully used them for travel, but upon meeting up with new companions, Nyan began a new career of Demon Slaying. He traveled with such notables as Logan Nothwach the Apok, and Billy the Gold a mysterious mage, Necrovore the Dark, Maddigan Morgan the Bounty Hunter, and once in a great while with his former companion Silk who had in the meantime become a most noteworthy assassin for hire. It was during this period of time which Nyan learned to overcome his overwhelming hatred of ALL dragons in general, when his long time friend Billy the Gold revealed to him that his true nature was that of an adult Great Horned Dragon. It was not long after this that Necrovore the Dark revealed a similar truth, that he was also a Great Horned Dragon. With these allies he would physically fight against the four Demons of the Apocalypse, fight against the hordes of Wormwood, fight the Lieutenant of Modeus, and several Alien Intelligences, among countless smaller battles. It would also be during this time that Nyan would help found an Empire, North of Hudson's Bay, called Kyatashiro.

      Nyan, being the only true human among the powerful party began to draw spectators, and more than just the well meaning groupies and fans. Overnight, Nyan's name became a household word among the free nations, not to mention that his outspoken nature against the CS would land him a spot on their top 50 most wanted. Among the megaverse however, those of greater power were beginning to take notice. Nyan, a mere mortal had faced, with his friends, beings of immense power! What could this mortal have done if he had their sort of power? Some thought this happily hoping that someday he would attain that power, while others of course, feared and sought to prevent that from happening. This such animosity was nothing Nyan had hoped or wished for, but it was there to stay. Despite this, he would only have to fight a few would be assassins, which he came out on top of each time. Eventually he was contacted by a mysterious quartet of gods, who claimed to be known only as; "The Warlords". They offered him the greatest offer they could make; Immortality, the Strength of a God, Mystic Wisdom, Senses unparralleled by mere mortals, and a body stronger than any suit of armor. Despite how great it sounded, Nyan knew there was a catch, and they unfurled it upon him without hesitation. He had to live his life, as he had, and must use his abilities to further the forces of light, to strike down the vile, demonic, and evil, but will not have the luxury of being able to settle down. With such power comes great responsibility, and they made their point quite clear. Could he handle such a burden? He considered this greatly ... and thought long on his goals in life, and finally with some hesitation he accepted. He was reborn that cold winters day, high in the Colorado Rockies, as more than a man. He was now a lesser god of light.

      Before making his newfound abilities common knowledge Nyan knew he had to educate himself on the politics of the Megaverse, and to learn more about his intended role in all of this. He made his way to Lazlo, where he bought a large home on the outskirts of town, and went directly to Plato, a past acquaintence, and discussed his 'gift', and what he felt he needed. Plato respected Nyan's quest for knowledge, and thus enrolled him in a two year program to teach him more aristocratic skills, and several forms of Lore. After his schooling, Nyan was drawn almost immediately into what was supposed to be a great war, in which he took on the role of command for a Nomadic Army that before too long took on the name "Tenzan Elite". He strengthened this band of men, barely 80 strong, by calling upon the forces of Kyatashiro, the Empire he had helped to build some time ago. Shortly after his calling upon them, 100 of the best soldiers in the Empire were at his disposal. Practicing, and training, allowed him to carve this total number of troops down to 100, and thus began operations against the Dragon-Goddess who had claimed the entire East Coast of North America as her own. Operations only were conducted for a little over a month, before all of the Dragon-Goddesses forces disappeared entirely, without a trace. This was never fully explained, but stranger things had happened upon RIFTS Earth. Sending his entire Army North to Kyatashiro, he had them set up there, and Nyan continued his learning, and traveled to Phase World for the first time, where he met up with two of his long time friends, Necrovore the Dark, and Logan Nothwach the Apok. They traveled the Three Galaxies for still several more years together, before once again going their separate ways.

      After returning to Earth, he moved into Kyatashiro along with his new found wife, Nobunaga Riko. Nyan's role as demon slayer began to expand as he had never imagined. People from all over were contacting him, taking him to this place or that, to accomplish one task or another, to destroy this beast or another, or to frighten away the vile or cruel. His name and fame grew in leaps and bounds, but Nyan grew ever more weary. To accomplish the smaller tasks, or smaller missions, he would hand them off to the Tenzan Elite and allow them to take care of the problem. It began to look more and more as though his 'gift' was more of a curse than a blessing. His wife was becoming more and more angry with him for never being around, and eventually left him because of a misunderstanding that resulted from his never being around. This struck Nyan hard. He loved his wife, but he knew he had an obligation to help the people of the world. How could he spend a week at home knowing that thousands of innocents are dieing because he's taking a vacation? It was a paradox he could not come to grips with. He had to get away from it all.

      It was at this point that Nyan had decided to fund the building of a new city, drawing on his fame and notoriety to draw people to the budding "kingdom". He was going to make an attempt to settle down, he had to. Though he was powerful, he could not handle just being the demon slayer, he wanted a home of his own, people to call his own, friends, family ... children. He had the mightiest fortress the West Coast of the Americas had ever seen built, and named it Nobunaga Palace, and surrounding it he orchastrated the construction of a great city he named Wa-Daisho. He found his wife on her home world, and vowed to her that he would settle down, if she would come back to him. After some deliberation, she joined his side again there in the capital of this new Kingdom.

      Nyan retired for almost a year and a half spending time with his wife, and his son Toshibo, who was born exactly nine months after their first night together again. He enjoyed his life there, he would send the Tenzan Elite out whenever demon slaying was necessary, and even took two students under his wing to teach them the artful style he had developed known as Kensaiken-Ryu. Although Nyan never intended for this "kingdom" to be considered a Kingdom at all, many were looking to him as a King in all it's good and bad points. After a number of years he declared the Kingdom no more, and officially recognized it as the Republic of Wa-Daisho and ordered the people to elect ten council members to rule the city. They did this, and in turn elected Nyan as the Speaker of this council. Those were very happy days for Nyan, and all was peaceful indeed. He did not realize that trouble was brewing on the horizon. The Lord of the Deep had taken notice of this budding sea port, and thus was seriously considering having it raided for new play things, when his bizarre psyche attempted to draw Nyan over. Contacting Nyan in a dream, Nyan was mortified. He fought against the urge, and very nearly went mad. He slept for a full week straight, and sifted through every dusty memory in his life, before finding a reason why he couldn't become a servant - he was a Demon Slayer. Nyan awoke from that dream a changed man, and began plotting to pick up his career again, but this time, being sure to include the minions of the Lord of the Deep among those he hated most.

      Nyan at that point did not know much about the Lord of the Deep, and so when he found a man who claimed to be what they called a Sea Inquisitor, he spoke with him on the subject, and traveled with him for several weeks, learning about what exactly the Lord of the Deep is and who and what it's minions are. He noticed that he was also developing a new sensory ability. He could now tell whenever something evil neared him. He also learned quite quickly that he could simply will a spell or psychic attack into not existing, confronting his newfound friend Ch'lae about this, he only smiled and said, "Welcome to the club." Nyan's confrontation had made him a Sea Inquisitor.

      Since that time, Nyan has been continually fighting against the Lord of the Deeps minions, demons, monsters, and anything else that would dare come near him that was either vile or evil. On several occasions in fact, Nyan became the target of elaborate plots laid down by a greater demon, a Raksasha named Uchalus, but each time Nyan and his friends prevailed, cleared up the plot, and made things straight again. Although this may seem nothing new, Nyan in fact, was beginning on a new plan, that may actually bring about the destruction of the Lord of the Deep himself! A dream one night in Nobunaga Palace found a young woman's voice whispering in his ear that there is a magical construct that would bring about the destruction of the Lord of the Deep, but that he only must find it. He sought this object for over two years, going out into the field, and researching every reference he could find for naught. One day however, his luck was about to turn around. He and his companions were on the trail one day, when Nyan sensed a supernatural presense - it turned out to be the being which had granted him the powers which have caused him so many problems in the past with the sheer weight of the responsibility that came with it, and was tearing his life apart. He explained the voice that Nyan had heard as being a sort of vision. He also explained that a magical construct could be living or could be an object - but in this case the magical construct was Nyan.

      It took Nyan several days to come to grips with this grim concept. If he was the construct required to destroy the Lord of the Deep, then that meant he had to pull together EVERY resource he had amassed in his times of adventuring, and also pull together a group of adventurers who would help to keep the Lord's minions off of his back. He knew even then he could not do it alone - and so had to call on the help of the Allied Naval Fleet, New Navy, and somehow make a non-agression pact with the Splugorth! Not to mention pull together the resources of dozens of small communities and traveling heroes to help out with various tasks, from work on a ship, to combat in the water. It was a nearly impossible task Nyan knew, but the fact of the matter was - he didn't have a choice. The being which granted him his powers also informed him of a grim truth. The Lord of the Deep was in the midst of working a massive ritual which would not enslave the minds of one man or two men, but would KILL every living thing on earth, all of the mystical energies from which would be drank in by the Lord of the Deep, which may very well be enough of a power increase to begin his vile work on a more cosmic level. For days he and his companions worked together to amass this force, and speak with the Splugorth. Amazingly, Splynnkryth was caught unawares - he said he sensed no such power influx, however - he wasn't willing to take the chance that it wasn't so. The combined fleets of warships were brought together south of Wa-Daisho, before moving out.

      This was the biggest fight Nyan had ever even imagined being in, let alone somehow being the key to it's victory. The following three days of voyage were full of thoughts, and prayers for everyone involved. The ships were unusually quiet, and quite grim. Each person knew their duty - but was afraid. Millions of people have died because of this thing, who were any of them, from Nyan down to the lowest deck hand, to think they could defeat him. Worst of all for Nyan, was the wording of the being which had granted him his powers; "Your' primary purpose is at hand." does this mean that his life ceases at the end of this?? The voyage was not quite long enough to come to a determination on that one.

      The A.N.F. Dalmir's powerful Sonar sensors detected the crotch of the two Reachers they were following along around 2 AM, on August 17th, 118 PA. This was the key moment. Everyone geared up, and took up their battle positions and waited until the fleet was within the area they had deemed to be the 'combat zone'. The first wave of attacks were made by specially rigged deep sea diving heavy torpedoes launched from both Allied Naval Fleet aircraft, and from both the Ticonderoga, A.N.F. Dalmir, and A.N.F. Yellow Submarine, in addition to several smaller vessels equipped with Long Range Torpedo firing capabilities. The second wave of attacks was conducted by the long range laser weapons equipped on the A.N.F. Dalmir and A.N.F. Yellow Submarine. This was as close as those two ships would go to the Lord of the Deep. Three reachers from the deep accompanied by thousands of minions began swimming towards the surface to engage the smaller ships which entered the combat zone to battle these forces. It was at this stage that Nyan and his companions entered the water. Each was equipped with each an Amulet of Breath Without Air, and Impervious to Ocean depths. Each one of them had Nightvision naturally, so that was of no concern. Propulsion was provided in the form of Anti-Gravity packs each. In the meantime, back on the surface, A.N.F. & New Navy Amphibious forces had dropped into the water to defend the capital class ships which are relatively vulnerable to undersea attack. Hundreds were dying on both sides. In the distance a pair of Splugorth Sea Fins appeared on the horizon, where they would remain throughout the battle to watch. Back underwater the characters were getting close to the Lord of the Deep, but they had run into trouble. Three dozen Monster Naut'yll had found them while they were on their way to the surface, enticed by the taste of blood in the water. They fought for several minutes, severely injuring one of the companions, forcing him to return to the surface, accompanied by one other. The remaining companions continued downward where the characters caught the first sight of the Lord of the Deep's body. This is when the battle for life on Earth truly began. Both Reachers retained to protect his body were destroyed within the first two minutes of the fight, but injured one other companion forcing her retreat. Nyan used this opportunity to finish his preparations for the battle - he empowered with three magical items he had had throughout his career, never once empowering them, which boosted his speed, and strength impressively, he used the amulet of fleet feet, doubling the finished result of the previous empowerment, and finally used Kokyu to increase his already impressive strength by leaps and bounds. Nyan attacked the beast full force, and proceeded to hack into his relatively undefended body at a rate of 2.93 attacks per second, inflicting hundreds of mega-damage each time he struck. Black blood spewed forth out of the Lord of the Deeps wounds, like cloudy underwater steam vents gurgling hot minerals into the water. Time and time again the Lord of the Deep lashed out with both Psionics and Magic, to no avail - Nyan's mind was blocked off, he refused to relent in his onslaught. Defending his back his last two companions were dealing with the beasts returning from the surface, one by one, preventing them from getting anywhere near Nyan. High intensity beams of energy from both the Dalmir and the Yellow Submarine split the sea time and time again, striking the flesh of the Lord of the Deep, burning deep sizzling craters in his fleshy back. This fight continued at this rate for what seemed like hours. Another of Nyan's companions fell, but survived to make it to the surface. Finally Nyan sensed something - FEAR, the sheer supernatural essense of the creature before him being hacked and burned to bits, radiated his emotion, and nearly overwhelmed Nyan's mind, forcing him to shake off the effects. He sensed the final moment - the last strike! Nyan empowered his Kokyu to the maximum, and spun backwards in a backflip, landing with his legs bent at the crook - he sprung forth, and struck the Lord of the Deep one final time with both swords, their speed streaking through the water causing an underwater sonic boom damaging all around, their blades heated to such an extent they glowed red hot, sizzling the black blood and water mixture off of them before being plunged into his flesh one last time. It's uncertain on what happened next whether it was the force of the impact, or the shattering of the two powerful rune swords, that literally caused shimmers in the fabric of time and space - as they plunged into the Lord of the Deeps flesh, and delt the killing blow. Black blood filling the water accompanied by a miriad of other colors, made it difficult to see anything - but on the surface the scene was apparent - the Minions of the Lord of the Deep had sensed his death, and were in full retreat. Several long minutes passed before Nyan appeared on the surface, hovering above the waves like some armor clad angel of vengeance. A cheer rose up from the surrounding fleet, from the dark oil slick like sheen of the water, and now, from the appearance of Nyan they knew for certain. The battle was won. Seconds into the ovation, a figure appeared before Nyan. It was the familiar face of the warlord named Life, but his voice soon took an ominous tone. "Congratulations Nyan, you and your' friends have managed to slay the Lord of the Deep! An astounding feat to say the least. It's a pity I must do this, because it was so entertaining watching you and your' friends dancing to our whims. But don't worry, this won't hurt." Before Nyan could react, his hand leaped out at lightning speed, and smacked Nyan dead center in the chest, knocking him flying. He couldn't concentrate, his vision blurred - the last thing he heard were the words - "... too badly." accompanied by the menacing sight of Tezcatlipoca's grinning face.

      Hours later, when he finally awoke, he was assaulted by the sight and sounds of the sick bay on board the A.N.F. Dalmir. He was distracted, and his mind kept wandering, he couldn't seem to concentrate still. He tried to summon up the words to heal himself, but to no avail - he could not bring them back to mind! He reached over to grab the overcoat of a passing nurse, but missed and gouged his arm on a bedside tray. He looked at his arm - astonished. He was actually scraped! Something had to be wrong! Finally he cleared his throat, and in a hoarse voice he called for the doctor ...

      And so it came to transpire - Nyan was mortal again, having been foolish to believe it was truly the Warlords of legend which did grant him his powers - they were relinquished as easily as they had been given. He had been misled, by the ancient Aztec god of Darkness - but now the question in his mind was, "Why?". Only time, and adventuring for the answers would tell the full story ...

Using Nyan in Your' Campaign

      Although Nyan is no longer a Godling, he still is quite powerful. He has the skill of many lifetimes of sword fighting (Level 58), and the body of a 27 year old man. His skills encompass a great deal of subjects, from an expert at powered armored combat, to the finer points of Go. Through the loss of his godling powers, he also lost ALL of his spell casting abilities, including the mechanizations behind it. Despite this grim fact, he still is an expert in magic, and is able to identify magic symbols, recognize enchantment, and so on and so forth like a grizzled magic user. He has an intense intellect, though maybe not quite so much so as before. Without his powers, he no longer feels so compelled to go out into the world to address every major problem that comes about. This is not to say he is retiring however, there is still much work to be done - he was always an adventurer first and foremost. With a genius IQ of 150 (ie. 15 for you gamers that don't know the rule on that), he often tries to negotiate out of trouble, and keep things on a relatively peaceful scale. One of his strong points is removing himself from a situation so as to assess it from a third party's view point. When not in negotiations he enjoys debates, philosophical discussions, quiet games of go, and contemplating the megaverse. He is however no coward, and will not back down from a fight if an innocent's life is in danger, regardless of whether he thinks he may be outmatched or not. When using Nyan as an NPC, he should probably be used in a non-combatant setting, and have very much an aire of intelligence and charm - accompanied by power. Despite no longer being a godling, he still has Chi-Gung, which gives allows him to turn his S.D.C. into M.D.C. That is in addition to his fastly fading Sea Inquisitor energy aura. His primary weapons of choice are his Glitte'ran Rune Katana and Wakizashi, which inflict 1D4x10 M.D. (x2 to supernatural creatures) each, and for ranged combat he has a heavy rifle, with 2 Wilks 457s coupled together in one oversized rifle. He also carries a Wilks 237 "Backup" as a sidearm, two magic daggers, one in each boot, 10 Death Stars in his waist sash, and a vibro throwing knife over either shoulder. For vampire combat, his swords are crafted out of silver, has a pair of ceramic water pistols, and a TW Water Cannon. For protection, he wears a suit of Rune Samurai Armor composed of green plate armor, with each plate being framed in blood red, with the blood red portions being covered in tiny glowing golden runes, which has 400 M.D.C. and regenerates at a rate of 1D4x10 every hour. He is a major psychic with six abilities, and has extensive knowledge of all things magical. He is also quite rich, and can afford to buy an armies worth of equipment if necessary, but seldom flaunts it. When used during social occasions, Nyan typically dresses casually, seems far more human in this atmosphere than in full heroic battle gear. Also note, that Nyan does not have any objections to hanging out at bars now and then, but will NOT under any circumstances drink a drop of alcohol. His total combined level is 46, from 4 different O.C.C.s.

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