Wa-Daisho's Air Force

      Wa-Daisho's skies have been protected by a small air force since the day that the Tenzan Elite arrived on the island with ten Northern Gun Sky Kings and a handful of Flying Titan power armor units. In 108PA an official Air Force branch of the Red Devils was created under the heiarchy of the Army units, operating 30 Bandito Arms knock offs of the Northern Gun Sky King, called Fighting Falcons.

      During this period, the budding air forces of Wa-Daisho were assigned with the task of aerial reconnaisance, interception of flying monsters, and escort of foreign aircraft in Wa-Daisho's air space. There were several instances in which these Fighting Falcons were seen as being inadequate however. The maximum altitude of these aircraft was an insufficient 13,000 feet, not even high enough to engage, let alone escort many transport aircraft and fighting aircraft. The CS repeatedly harassed Wa-Daisho during this period, by sending single or pairs of Nightwings into Wa-Daisho's territory - but avoiding the city, to photograph ships, and new fortifications from a distance. It was aparent that the Air Force would have to become more elaborate in years to come to be effective.

      In 112PA, the prayers of Wa-Daisho airmen were answered, partly. The Republican Council agreed to the purchase of Nine modified Gray Falcon Jet Interceptors, they would dub "Raiden" - Japanese for Thunderbolt. These aircraft were FAR more faster, and heavily armed than the old Fighting Falcons. Although superior in performance to the Fighting Falcons however - they were still no match for the CS aircraft that were routinely testing their borders - at least once a week. In September of 112PA two CS Nightwings decided not to just turn tail, and leave the air space of Wa-Daisho without a fight. In the ensuing air combat, both Raiden sent to engage the Nightwings were destroyed, killing both aviatiors while only one of the two Nightwings was damaged, and were both allowed to escape with ease.

      In 114PA the Wa-Daisho Air Force's role began to be diversified with the purchase of 24 S-Mart Cicadas. These ground attack aerodynes were purchased to provide air support to the naval forces, and to the ground forces in the defense of the island. Immediately their service record proved to be invaluable to both military arms in their operations.

      By 115PA the inadequacies of the Raiden in it's high altitude, and high performance interception role were becoming frightfully aparent. This provided only one solution - new equipment. Although by this point S-Mart was in full operations, difficulties were had in acquiring the aircraft of choice from their factories - the Eagle. The Eagle was slotted for production for the NOMAD Air Force, and for the Kyatashiro built Kyoto class carriers. It would be at least two years before Wa-Daisho could take delivery of the twenty aircraft they requested. This left Wa-Daisho in a difficult predicament - they would have to purchase off world. After some careful research, it was decided that Wa-Daisho would make purchase of 8 Bushido Industries Katana Class Star Fighters from Phase World, in gold. The Wa-Daisho airmen would spend the next year acquainting themselves with this highly advanced equipment, while still performing their dutiful patrols using the Raiden aircraft.

      In 116PA the Katana Class Star Fighters became operational, and with that the remaining seven Raiden were sold to Tolkeen. Finally the small Wa-Daisho Air Force had the necessary high technology equipment to engage the CS aircraft on a balanced playing field. With air superiority over all of Wa-Daisho for the first time since it's founding in 107PA, the military leaders were thinking ahead. The CS had opened up the first leg of their campaign for expansion, which will inevitably threaten member nations of the alliance. The military had to be geared towards allied intervention - in the event that it would be necessary. Thus early in 117PA, when the S-Mart Eagle became available to the market Wa-Daisho made purchase of 24 S-Mart Eagles and an additional 12 S-Mart Cicadas.

      Wa-Daisho is also defended in the air by two other air arms. The Tenzan Elite took delivery of six of the eagles in 117PA, and has been using six Cicadas and ten Fighting Falcons for the past several years. The Allied Naval Fleet also provides a certain measure of air support as well. The A.N.F. Dalmir is oftentimes found in Wa-Daisho's territorial waters, and it has a compliment of 238 aircraft of varying types which may be called upon if necessary.

Troop Number - 118PA: 162. (Major Tappan Bree - under Supreme General Hef Williams)

Troop Allocation of Gold Air Force Company

Air Superiority Platoon: 40. (Lieutenant Arik Jaques)
Air Support Platoon: 40. (Lieutenant Tabatha Alcomedes)
Maintenance Platoon: 40. (Lieutenant Raymond Tasker)
Air Traffic Control Platoon: 42. (Major Tappan Bree)


Capos Industries Urban Warrior Environmental Body Armor (See Page 210 of the Main RIFTS Book, Capos Industries may be found in Desert Star.)

Republican Industries Type 9 HLP Heavy Laser Pistol


Iron Heart Armaments Type 12 Raiden- Heavily modified Iron Heart Armaments Gray Falcons.
Number in Use: Originally 9; 6 in service with the Air Superiority Platoon, with three retained as spares. The remaining seven aircraft were sold to Tolkeen in 116PA.

Bushido Industries Type 15 Diamond Hawk- Katana Class Starfighters, purchased to bridge the growing gap in air superiority over Wa-Daisho's sovereign territory. (See RIFTS Dimension Book 3: Phase World Sourcebook pages 81-83.)
Number in Use: 8; 6 in service with the Air Superiority Platoon, two retained as spares.

Northern Gun/Bandito Arms Type 6/8 Fighting Falcon- Northern Gun Sky Kings, operating side by side with Bandito Arms knock-offs of the same.
Number in Use: Originally 30 in service with the Air Superiority Platoon. After 112PA only ten are in service with the Air Superiority Platoon, until retired entirely in 117PA. Only ten remain in service with the Tenzan Elite, with four more retained for spares.

S-Mart Type 14 Flying Tiger- The S-Mart Cicada, in Wa-Daisho service, used as air support of ground or sea borne forces.
Number in Use: Originally 24; 14 in service with the Air Support Platoon, 6 in service with the Tenzan Elite, and four retained as spares. Later, 12 additional aircraft are purchased to supplement the remaining 20 of the original batch. This accounts for 20 in service with the Air Support Platoon, 6 in service with the Tenzan Elite, and the remaining six retained as spares.

S-Mart Type 18 Eagle- VTOL Air Superiority Fighters purchased with the intention of expanding Wa-Daisho's Air Force's capabilities to include Allied Intervention.
Number in Use: 24; 20 in service with the Air Superiority Platoon, with 4 retained as spares.

Republican Industries Type 82 Sakura Utility Aircraft- A multipurpose aircraft used as a basic trainer as well as liaison, light attack, reconnaissance, observation, VIP transport and Anti-Submarine Warfare.

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