Northern Gun/Bandito Arms Type 6/8 Fighting Falcon

      When the Tenzan Elite first came to Vancouver Island, before it was ever called Wa-Daisho, they had with them a meager air force of ten Northern Gun Sky Kings. For a mercenary company that largely specialized in heavy combat, and infantry duty, the air support capabilities of such an aircraft were fine - and twenty years ago, the Sky King was also the BEST air combat vehicle commonly available on the market. Thus, when Wa-Daisho was founded and defending the new city became expanded to necessitating more aircraft being procured, Wa-Daisho sought out more of their venerated Sky Kings. They contacted a known weapons dealer in Kingsdale about the prospect of ordering 30 such aircraft from the Michigan based firm. He recommended that Wa-Daisho, instead of going through with such a large order to Northern Gun at the set rate, that they should go through a budding company based somewhere in the west called Bandito Arms, that would be more likely to give them a discount for such a large order.

      Thus the foundation was set, for Wa-Daisho to go through with a legitimate business deal with the new Black Market funded corporation. Delivery of the aircraft was very quick, and efficient - all 30 aircraft making it to Wa-Daisho without any form of damage, in 108PA. The aircraft themselves were of wonderful new quality, their bodies slightly more sleek than that of the Sky King, with the fins being further angled back - giving them a very stealthy look. Performance was also noteworthy, with the speed actually being slightly greater than that of the Sky Kings, and maneuverability being on par with the original legendary aircraft. Weaponry was also slightly improved, with a pair of C-40R knock-offs paired with a knock off of the Northern Gun Mini-Missile Launcher system, supported by a knock off of the NG-101 Laser System used in the original Sky King.

      During this early budding period of Wa-Daisho's Air Force, the Fighting Falcon served well. It was used largely for aerial reconnaissance, interception duty, and escort of foreign aircraft in Wa-Daisho's air space. It served well during the early years in this role, but it soon became apparent that they had numerous short comings that would later have to be remedied by replacement. Their main weakness was their maximum altitude and short ranged armament. Although 13,000' is considered fairly high - compared to modern interception aircraft, and even commercial aircraft, 13,000' was good for little more than a close air support aircraft. Furthermore it's weapons ranges did not exceed a mile, and therefore little could be done against later aggressors such as the Coalition States Nightwings, or even the Iron Heart Armaments Gray Falcons.

      As the years wore on, the numbers of those original aircraft ordered gradually dwindled away. By 112PA only 24 of these aircraft remained in any condition to operate. That year was a year of change for Wa-Daisho's Air Force. The threat of the Coalition States Nightwing had already made itself known to Wa-Daisho, and the knowledge of other such aircraft being produced in the East also led the Republican Council of Wa-Daisho to procure newer, more effective aircraft. Nine modified Iron Heart Armaments Gray Falcons joined the Air Force, in the form of an Air Superiority Platoon. The fate of the Fighting Falcon, proved that it's days in service with Wa-Daisho would be numbered. Late in 112PA, only ten of the loyal Fighting Falcons remained in service with Wa-Daisho's Air Force, with an additional ten being passed on to serve in the Tenzan Elite, with the remaining four kept in reserve.

      The days of the Fighting Falcon in Wa-Daisho's Air Force finally ended in mid 117PA when they were retired. The ten in the Tenzan Elite are still active and will continue to operate, with four kept in reserve, until they are finally replaced by other, more capable VTOL Close Air Support aircraft. NOTE: By 117PA only 22 of the original 30 remained in operational condition. Fourteen of the best of the twenty two were kept for the Tenzan Elite's use, and the remaining eight were given to Tolkeen.

      Those still in use in the Tenzan Elite as of February 2, 118PA are currently VERY active. Five of their number are in use in Mexico operating against a growing Vampire threat, under the employ of a number of Pecos region city states. The remaining five are currently in action, training a small mercenary unit outside of the borders of the city of Wa-Daisho.

Model Type: Type 6/8 Fighting Falcon.
Class: All Purpose Air Combat Vehicle.
Crew: 1
M.D.C. by Location: See the Main RIFTS Book, page 228 with the following modifications;
    C-40R & Mini-Missile Launchers (2) - 75 each.
    Main Rear Jet - 100.
    Directional Jets (2) - 50 each.

Maximum Speed: 600 mph.
Maximum Range: Nuclear power gives it continual energy, but the jet engine overheats after a maximum of 15 hours of flight, and needs to be shut off for a 1 hour cooling period.

Statistical Data: See the Main RIFTS Book, page 228 with the following modifications;
Length: 11'11"
Weight: 1.3 tons
Market Cost: Bandito Arms produces the Fighting Falcon with full weapon systems, for a cost of 2.1 million credits.

Weapon Systems: See the Main RIFTS Boo, page 228 with the following modifications;

1. C-40R Rail Gun & Mini-Missile Launchers(2): Same as those listed on page 228 in the Main RIFTS book, with C-40Rs in place of the NG-101s. Rail gun payload was also reduced to 400 rounds each, for 10 bursts per gun - and the missile payload was increased from 6 missiles each, to 8 missiles each. See statistics on the C-40R on page 226 of the Main RIFTS Book.

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