Republican Industries Type 82 Heavy Laser Pistol

      In late 80PA, Tamiya Nyan charged the fledgeling national corporation, Republican Industries, with the design of a domestically developed and produced heavy laser pistol as the standard side arm of both the Tamiya Elite and the New Haven Military. For this purpose a number of North American designs were assessed in both performance and ease of production. Unfortunately, the requirements were a tall order to fill. To that date, the only energy weapons produced by Republican Industries was a variation on the common L-20 Pulse Laser Rifle. Energy pistols were a new field altogether, and according to the specifications it necessitated the production of a weapon with the stopping power of an NG-57 and the range of the superb Wilk's 320.

      A year into development Republican Industries was incapable of designing a stock model that met or exceeded those specifications realistically. Turning to an old comrade, Tamiya Nyan enlisted the aid of the enigmatic Silk to conduct industrial espionage of the Central Powers corporations in an effort to glean new insight towards the development of a type that could fulfill the requirements he had set a year prior. A few months after the official contract was made a courier under Silk's employ requested that Tamiya Nyan meet him clandestinely at a ruined skyscraper protruding from the waters where Seattle once stood. There, the enigmatic mercenary presented Tamiya Nyan with a working prototype and a number of disks containing details of production and research on the new type. It was quite obviously a Northern Gun design that resembled a scaled up NG-33. It's internal workings were ingenious, with the fluorescing chamber of an NG-L5, and a specially machined series of lenses that allowed for the beam to sustain good accuracy at significant distance. Despite its dubious origins, with New Haven's bests interests in mind, Tamiya Nyan completed the contract with the agreed upon financial return - which was kept confidential by both parties involved.

      The repercussions in Northern Gun saw the dismissal of several executives and experienced weapons engineers, as they had not only lost their prototype that was intended to go into mass production within five years time, but the mainframe with all of the research files had inexplicably crashed losing all pertinent data on the type.

      By the fall of 82PA Republican Industries was able to produce the new heavy laser pistol in limited numbers to be issued to members of the Tamiya Elite and officers in New Haven's military. Full scale production began in August of 83PA and served as the standard side arm of all of New Haven's military branches until it was gradually phased out between 90-92PA with the introduction of the Republican Industries Type 90 UV Spectrum Laser Pistol.

Weight: 4 Lb.
Mega-Damage: 3D6 M.D.
Rate of Fire: Standard.
Maximum Effective Range: 1,000 ft.
Payload: 10 shots per Standard E-Clip; This weapon only takes standard clips.
Market Cost: Since its retirement from active duty, beyond those who swear by the old design, surplus Type 82 Heavy Laser Pistols have been sold both locally among reputable distributors and abroad via the Black Market. Limited production runs occasionally are run and distributed to Bandito Arms outlets in Kingsdale, Merctown, and throughout the Pecos region. In New Haven the price is between 8,000 to 10,000 credits and 12,000-15,000 credits when sold through Bandito Arms outlets.
Note: Unlike most of Republican Industries laser weapons, the Type 82 Heavy Laser Pistol uses a Carbon Dioxide based fluorescing chamber as opposed to the Argon type that produces the UV Spectrum beams that function equally well above and below water.

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