Wa-Daisho Sorcerer/Battle Mage O.C.C.

By Edward A. May

      As a nation of free thinkers, Wa-Daisho has come to embrace magic in most of it's forms, with the exception of Necromancy, and magic that requires blood sacrifices. This atmosphere of general acceptance has created an experiment in society regarding the return of magic users, to a position of power and respect, rather than one of fear, and disgust as found in the East. This experiment however has posed several new problems that have not come about in other situations. Few magic users trained in the East are really taught or trained in how to correspond and relate to the average non-magic user. This bare spot in their training also means, that it is a very alien concept for most any magic user to follow orders given by an officer deemed over them, by an established series of rules and systems. The conflict between the Federation of Magic, and the Coalition States proved that a long time ago. Using the lessons of the past conflicts, along with a dash of Social Sciences 101 about preferential treatment, and encouragement from the general populace Wa-Daisho's social structure has succeeded in creating an atmosphere magic users can thrive on! This has given birth to a whole new generation of magic users, who are discovered in puberty, and trained peacefully by both the Blue Water Mages Guild, and the Government funded program to establish Sorcerers or Battle Mages.

      This new system of schooling has made it a sort of after school project for students, and although ever prevalent in their lives, they are never so completely consumed by the training that they are isolated or withdrawn from society. This prevents much of the animosity that has grown in the East.

      The dual name Sorcerer/Battle Mage was made because sometimes, it just wouldn't be best to call a Sorcerer a Battle Mage, and a Battle Mage a Sorcerer. The general way of figuring which is which is that a Battle Mage is one that would be found in the field, operating with a squad of men, while a Sorcerer is one who remains in Wa-Daisho and works with much more vast projects like massive spell protection, creation of Talismans, creation of Wards, creation of Amulets, etc. The government program, to recruit Sorcerers/Battle Mages was established to bring a magical element to the Red Devils of Wa-Daisho. Some nations create entire magic divisions - Wa-Daisho however decided that creating a rift like that would simply be more segregation, and would not have the kind of effect that integration would have.

      The first step in this training process begins during early High School, when students are first exposed to active recruiting. During this time frame students are striking puberty, and their magical potential, and kinship with the supernatural are at a hyper sensitive stage. This state, is easily detected by a magic user who can feel mystic potential energy, and can gauge how powerful it is. The higher the base, and higher the intelligence the more likely that the student will become the target of recruitment. Recruitment is conducted on a wide stage, firstly by putting on mystical displays in school shows, and workshops - to display the raw power and potential that comes about from being a spell caster. Additional tapes and films can be shown in the classroom, during recreational time as well, talking about the different forms of magic, and how it has changed peoples lives for the better. Hence a child raised in Wa-Daisho would likely be able to tell a Ley Line Walker from a Warlock, just from what he was wearing, or what powers he displayed. Once a student with the proper potential comes forward with sincere interest, the next step in recruitment is made. A meeting between a Sorcerer of an Officer rank, the child, and the child's parents will be held to discuss the prospects of this student becoming a magic user. It is a guarantee of a position in society, if the student takes up the responsibility and wisdom of the arcane, so most often the parents will agree and support the idea whole heartedly. The student must realize however, that he will likely have to serve a substantial amount of time in the armed forces prior to being able to pursue a career outside of it.

      Training of these early students is conducted by a Sorcerer either on leave from duty, or retired to a position of teacher, who usually takes on one to a half dozen pupils at a time. The tutor himself, could be one of several magic followings, which will be explained below. The students they take will be learning their form of magic, rather than a set school of magic. This training is mostly done in the way of study, tutelage, and mind games. Games of that involve Challenges of Will power become more and more common and a test of the mettle of the student. Trainers are very careful not to make it too daunting or overwhelming on the student, and if the child displays even the slightest fear of magic, it is addressed before continuing. If this fear can not be abridged, he or she is unfortunately failed. During vacation times from school, trips to the northern wilderness of Wa-Daisho is common to experience the outdoors, and to be brought into the closer vicinity of a Ley Line, and a Nexus later, to attain a closer affinity for the mystical energies the student will one day wield. Ley Line Walker prospects are often taught to drift on such outings.

      During this period the student's tutor is carefully observing his students and their personalities. The rare ones that combine an extreme regard for ethics, purity, honor, and sense of justice are oftentimes refused for service as a Sorcerer/Battle Mage, only to be referred to a Kensaido Knight for training. This type of student is extremely rare, but will one day be a powerful magic user, and a very well respected man or woman, easily called the elite of the elite. Those who do not display all of those attributes in the quantity described, train slowly, into more and more arcane knowledges, until the student hits the age of 18, when he or she is enrolled into a 12 week course of boot camp. By the time this happens, the student has not been taught any spell knowledge, but may have developed most if not all of the abilities from their teacher's magic schooling type - and they are more than ready to learn the spells. Boot will prepare them for their time in the service of the military, and will temper their bodies into true athletic forms. The confidence, and stamina they gain from this physical education will serve the dual purpose of gaining them more self esteem and increasing their mystical energy base. Once boot is over, their trainer will honestly and constructively critique the Cadet's performance. The true deciding factor of whether or not they are granted further training, is if the student has developed enough to manage to have figured out at least two magic spells on his or her own during training. A full 95% do in fact succeed at this, if they were discovered at the age of 12-13, 80% if found at 14-15, and a meager 32% if found at 16-18.

      All of the preparing, and waiting pays off from this point for the students who make it through. The other hopefuls that failed either must develop their skills at their own rate, or attempt boot again. For the ones that passed, they are quickly driven into an ambitious 36 week training course in which they learn however many spells their teachers occupation, would have provided. The last 12 weeks of their 36 week training course is composed entirely of training in how to efficiently utilize magic in conjunction to standard military units.

      The day that training is complete, the Cadets are finally authorized to call themselves Sorcerers or Battle Mages. It is a day that these Cadets have waited, sometimes nearly half of their life to see and thus is one they view with great pride. The populace of Wa-Daisho sees these young magic users as young heroes. Having already sacrificed their childhoods for excellence, they are already respected as though they were officers, or heroes of some great battle - and the Sorcerers do their best not to destroy that image. In action, the Sorcerers/Battle Mages, work together with their fellow magic users and with traditional military units, using invisibility and chameleon abilities to help aide in ambushes, healing spells to aide the Coremen, and similar utilizations of spell magic.

Magic Types: There are a variety of different magic classes that are counted among the Battle Mages/Sorcerers. Here is their magic type break down - that are trained as mentioned above;

    39% Ley Line Walkers
    21% Ocean Wizards
    12% Warlocks
    10% Techno-Wizards
    9% Shifters
    6% Diabolists
    3% Conjurers

NOTE: These, traditional, magic schools are the most common that are counted as Sorcerers/Battle Mages. There are however those of the Mystic occupations, such as the Mystic Magic User, Grey Seer, a couple of honorable Mystic Knights, and those of the direct professions of those magic classes described above. These magic users are normally trained similarly to the Kamiyoroi Cyborgs who were formerly other types of Cyborgs. They go into training, to see what skills that are normally taught to Sorcerers/Battle Mages, that they are lacking. They receive this additional training, plus 2 new Related Skills, and the physical training bonuses that come with the 12 weeks of boot camp. These normally become Sorcerers, remaining on hand as Republican Guard Division members rather than Battle Mages in the field, due to their unconventional training.

Starting Magic & Abilities: See the magic O.C.C. of the training tutor, and select level one magic & abilities for that O.C.C., and all subsequent magic follows at the normal rate for the magic O.C.C. their tutor was. P.P.E. levels are as per the O.C.C. as well, but note the PE bonus from physical training, mentioned below.

Alignment Restrictions: Characters of Good, Selfish, and possibly an Aberrant alignment can be a Sorcerer/Battle Mage in Wa-Daisho - those who have potential and are of Miscreant or Diabolic alignments may be trained by the Western Mages Guild in a conventional magic school.
Attribute Requirements: IQ: 12, ME: 13, and PE: 14 or better.
O.C.C. Bonuses: +4 vs Horror Factor, +1 Initiative, +10 SDC, +3 PS, Spd, & PE.
Starting Rank: Cadet. (After 3 months, they qualify for a review to become a Soldier.) For details on rank see; Wa-Daisho's Military Structure.

O.C.C. Skills:
    Radio Basic (+10%)
    Language: Native: 98%
    Literacy: Native (+20%)
    Language: Japanese (+10%)
    Language: Select Two (+10%)
    Math Basic (+15%)
    First Aid (+20%)     Lore: Demon and Monster (+20%)
    Lore: Magic (+20%)
    Navigation (+10%)
    Pilot: Select One (+10%)
    Wilderness Survival (+5%)
    W.P. Daisho
    W.P. Energy Pistol
    W.P. Energy Rifle
    Hand to Hand: Martial Arts

O.C.C. Related Skills: The character may also select 6 other skills. The character may also select two more skills at levels 3, 7, 11, and 15.

    Communications: Any (+5%)
    Domestic: Any
    Electrical: Basic only (Unless is a Techno-Wizard)
    Espionage: Any (+10%)
    Mechanical: Basic or Automotive only (Unless is a Techno-Wizard)
    Medical: Paramedic only
    Military: Any (+5%)
    Physical: Any (+5% where applicable)
    Pilot: Any
    Pilot Related: Any
    Rogue: Any
    Science: Any (+10%)
    Technical: Any (+20%)
    W.P.: Any
    Wilderness: Any

Secondary Skills: The character may also select 5 other skills representing the characters hobbies or past times, from the list above plus an additional skill at levels 4, 8, & 12.

Cybernetics: None to start.

Standard Equipment: The Sorcerer/Battle Mage receives the following equipment for use while in service in Wa-Daisho;

Republican Industries Type 6/8 MPMBA Mystic/Psychic Military Body Armor: This is a version of the normal Type 6 GPMEBA, designed to protect magic users and psychics in combat, without interfering with their abilities. This version omits all of the mail portions of the armor, the elbow plates, thigh protection, visor, and even the armored boots. This version is NOT environmental, and many sections of the armor are secured through the use of leather straps. The helmet, aside from the lack of a visor, is unchanged, as is the main body. The arms M.D.C. is reduced to 45, due to the lack of the underlying mail covering under plates, and the legs are reduced to 60 M.D.C. for the same reasons. Prowl penalty is reduced to -5%, and the weight is reduced to 15 Lb.
Republican Industries Type 7 VSPLR Variable Spectrum Pulse Laser Rifle
Republican Industries Type 9 HLP Heavy Laser Pistol
12 Short Energy Clips
Vibro Knife (1D6 M.D.)
Vibro Katana (3D6 M.D.)
Vibro Wakizashi (2D6 M.D.)
Invisibility Superior Talisman (3 Uses)
Impervious to Energy Talisman (3 Uses)
2 Talismans of Mystic Energy (50 P.P.E. each)
1D4 scrolls of choice selected from levels 1-6. (Total of 1-4 scrolls NOT 6-24 scrolls.)
3 Grenades (2 Plasma, 1 High Explosive - can be TW Grenades if a Techno-Wizard.)
3 Signal Flares (Can be TW Globe of Daylight Flares if a Techno-Wizard.)
Utility Belt
Gas Mask (Can be a TW Breath without Air mask, if a Techno-Wizard.)
Air Filter
Walkie-Talkie Style Radio (5 mile range.)
Multi-Tool (Nano-tech item attained through Phase World Trade, that morphs into different tools merely by selecting it on a series of dials on the handle.)
Portable Language Translator (With update disk.)
First Aid Kit
3 Weeks Rations
Multi-Optics Band
Sleeping Bag
Water Purification Filter
Geiger Counter
Silver Cross
3 Wooden Stakes
Wa-Daisho Samurai License
Concealed Weapons License
Type 9 HLP Licensing (For duration of Service)
Type 7 VSPLR Licensing (For duration of Service)
Alliance Bank Credit Account Card & ID
2 Sets of Military Fatigues - Marine Green, with low visibility markings.
1 Dress Uniform - Black, with red and gold markings.
Personal Items
Other items necessary for his/her version of magic. Thus, if a diabolist, a great deal of supplies will likely be carried - BUT this character would be more likely to receive a post as a Sorcerer on the Republican Guard Division, than he/she would be likely to be in the field. Warlocks are likely to carry a small shrine to his/her elemental force that they are dedicated to, rather than wear clothing or items that would denote their dedications. Techno-Wizards are likely to carry a Mechanical & Electrical Technician, Military Engineer's Satchel as found under the Wa-Daisho Military Engineer O.C.C.. Ocean Wizards would likely religiously carry a few shatterproof vials of sea water from place to place, and similar.

Note: Under most circumstances, the body armor, side arm, Talismans, & Vibro Daisho (Katana & Wakizashi) are allowed to be kept by the Sorcerer/Battle Mage after his/her service is complete. They are considered symbols of their noble service to the Republic of Wa-Daisho. In regards to these items, most former Sorcerer/Battle Mages, if Wa-Daisho were ever endangered, would again don their weapons and armor and would report to the Republican Guard Division for assignment. These troops would be used in support of operational field units, rather than in direct combat - donating P.P.E. and guard time, to the operational magic users. If of a high enough level, they may also help by assisting in the casting of powerful spells, and might also wield magics to protect the city directly, though indirectly of combat.

Money: Starts with 1D6+1 months worth of Cadet pay, which would be 2,500 credits a month.

Wa-Daisho Sorcerer/Battle Mage Experience Points Table:

1     0,000-2,500
2     2,501-5,000
3     5,001-10,000
4     10,001-20,000
5     20,001-30,000
6     30,001-40,000
7     40,001-55,000
8     55,001-75,000
9     75,001-100,000
10    100,001-135,000
11    135,001-185,000
12    185,001-235,000
13    235,001-285,000
14    285,001-335,000
15    335,001-395,000

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