Republican Industries Type 6 GPMEBA General Purpose Military Environmental Body Armor

      This armor is standard issue to all troops in Wa-Daisho, and was largely based on Nyan Tamya's personal armor from New Osaka during its designing by private engineers. (It was not until closer to the end of 107PA that State Industries - later Republican Industries, took over the limited production operation.) It is constructed on the concept of plate mail, with strategically located plates over vulnerable areas. The elbows, knees, and knuckles are adorned with small half-inch spikes to assist in hand to hand fighting. On the forearms and shins are small reinforced raised areas, used as parrying devices. (+1 for anyone trained in the use of this armor.) The shoulders are oversized plates that are curved to the contour of the upper arm, and protrude beyond the shoulder to a pointed top. The helmet is its most unique attribute. The helmet has a removable, angular mouth covering/breather mask, and a visor that can be raised up into the helmet. The back of the head is form fitting, BUT it has an additional neck guard in the form of a series of plates hinged together to form a "Shikoro", as the Japanese called it. (Ala. Shredder from TMNT or sort of like the back of Darth Vader's helmet.) Running along the top of the helmet is five razor sharp blades that start on the forehead, and sweep back in a five-blade crest. From 108PA to 110PA, the colors of the armor were in one of two different schemes. The Red Devil armor was red with black flexible portions, as a means of making the troops readily identifiable in a crowd. The second scheme was reserved for the Tenzan Elite, and was blue with gold highlights, with black flexible portions. This second scheme was a throw back to the early days of the Tenzan Elite, when they were called "Tal's Elite". For a short time in 108PA, an attempt was made to equip all troops with cloaks they could conceal their armor within - but this was totally ineffective, and oftentimes awkward. In 110PA, when the military of Wa-Daisho was in reforms, a new matte finish, marine green color was selected as the standard color of the armor suits. All suits are painted in this pattern, with the applicable rank badge on the shoulder. (See Wa-Daisho's Military Structure for details on these badges.) The spikes and blades are almost without fail, a black color. Field modifications of this new paint scheme are quite common, and paint is often supplied to troops prior to maneuvers to help them blend into the terrain they will be in. It is said, that one can identify the length of time the trooper has been in service, just by looking at just how much of the original finish is visible!

Armor Type: Environmental Composite; Cerephite composite plates, and a fine Merctite mesh in the flexible regions.
Mega Damage Protection:
    Head - 80.
    Arms(2) - 65 each.
    Legs (2) - 80 each.
    Main Body - 100.

Restriction Modifications: -10% prowl, -5% to Acrobatics & Gymnastics.
Hand to Hand Modifications: +2D4 S.D.C. on Head Butts, +1D6 S.D.C. on Punches, Kicks, and Knee attacks. If trained in the use of this armor, +1 to parry with the specially designed outter forearm and shin ridges.
Mobility: Good.
Weight: 21 Lb.
Environmental Capabilities:
    Depth tolerance of 2,000'.
    6 hour oxygen supply linked with an air filtration system, and a toximeter.
    Radiation and Heat Shielded.
    Polarized Light/Flash Lense Filters.

Other System Notes: Short Range Radio: 10 mile range.
Market Availability: Black market only! The black market occasionally acquires a suit through the black market organization in the Allied Nations known as Midnight Blue, at which time it is sold for 75,000-90,000 credits.

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