Kensaido Knight O.C.C.

By Edward A. May

      Kensaido means "The Way of the Sword Master", thus this is precisely what a Kensaido Knight is. It is a relatively new and elite warrior class occupation that first began a little over five years ago when Nyan Tamya saw that a new class of warrior hero using many of his abilities he'd become famous for, would change the lives of all sentients. He scoured the younger grades of the High Schools in Wa-Daisho during a series of displays of swordsmanship, and magic capabilities that awed even many of the Sorcerers that were attending. He used these functions, to not only encourage the students to become members of the Red Devils of Wa-Daisho, but for them to strive to be even more ... to be a hero. He wanted to leave an impression - a seed of heroism, so to speak. A couple of weeks later, he went and spoke with several Sorcerers who had taken up Cadets, he discovered several students who had really caught on to what he was saying - and had taken it to heart. Their grades had increased, their studies had grown stronger, one even developed the spell of Fingers of the Wind at the record young age of 12 years old! Thus Nyan took several of these students under his wing - and began to train them personally.

      As with the Sorcerer/Battle Mage, training begins at 12-15 years of age. They are drawn from all walks of life, but all must display the attributes of a magic potential, an extreme regard for ethics, purity, honor, and a sense of justice to match. They must also be intelligent, and extremely agile. All of these traits were deemed necessary, to become a Kensaido Knight.

      Once selection of students was made, training began with the basics - the Kensai's code. This code is not very dissimilar from the Cyber-Knight's code, but focuses greatly on protecting the innocent, as well as makes them fanatically loyal to Wa-Daisho and her allies. It has been mentioned before that all throughout Wa-Daisho the seeds of nobility have sprung forth new life in this new land, with virtually all the members of the military having taken some aspect of nobility to heart - but the Kensaido Knights are expected to not only take aspects of it to heart, but to "live the way of the sword master", rather than imitate it. It often takes a great deal of time for someone not quite a child any longer, or yet an adult, to grasp a code such as this - thus it is important for patience to be displayed. It is a great deal of responsibility that takes great effort on the part of the teacher. Fortunately, Nyan Tamya had a plan for the future in the creation of the Kensaido Knights.

      Once a basic grasp of the code has been attained, a vigorous physical training program ensues, that will see the young hero to be, changed in a matter of a few weeks. Their soft child-like bodies will be replaced with those of solid adult ones - and their coordination improves greatly. Nyan is most famous for his amazing skill with the Daisho, and the use of these weapons in a twin bladed fashion that is unmatched by any known living swordsman, living or deceased. Thus, it was only natural with being considered THE Swordmaster, that he would focus greatly on teaching students in how to use the Daisho appropriately, as per his techniques. He also delved further to conglomerate three different forms of Samurai Swordsmanship - Tamya Kendo, Hachiman Kensaiken-Ryo, and Zanji Shinjinken-Ryo. (The first one is stock Martial Arts in the Main Book as taught to Nyan as a child, Hachiman Kensaiken-Ryo was taught to Nyan by Hachiman of Kyatashiro - and is actually Zanji Shinjinken-Ryu from the Ninjas & Superspies Book, and the third is Zanji Shinjinken-Ryo as found in RIFTS Japan.) This new form would become known as Kensaiken-Ryo or - "Sword Master's Swordsmanship School", and would be the art of the Kensaido Knight.

      Nyan was certain to work with their speech as well while they were physically training - teaching them about the subtle effects of speech and how it can effect a situation when dealing with someone who could be on edge. After the first year of training, the student is removed from normal classes for more intensive training. At 4 AM in the morning, they are taught to rise - religiously, stretch, exercise for a short period, bathe themselves, groom themselves, practice their spiritual beliefs, and then begin attending classes with their instructor at about 6 AM. From this point, they rotate between classes in the arcane, mathematics, language, literacy, history, politics, and physical training until just after sun down. At this point, the prospective hero is finally allowed to go to bed - only to repeat the process every day for the rest of the week, with only a half dozen days a year that they have to do otherwise. (No such thing as sick days when your' instructor can likely cure whatever ails you!)

      At either 16 or 17 years of age, depending on the student's advancement, they are then juggled in training between the system described above, and the training given to normal Red Devils and Tenzan Elite troops. This is when they are introduced to military skills, modern weapon proficiencies, and their first introduction to learning spell magic. Just before turning 18 or 19 years of age, depending on advancement - the month prior to their turning of age, they are required to enter an exhaustive series of tests and trials, that involve spell use, swordsmanship, agility, martial prowess, sharp shooting, gymnastics, acrobatics, incredible leaps, a perfect combat form, perfect morals, and ethics. During these tests a weakness is sought out. They are not told what it is - but it is capitalized on in their final test. At the end of this period they are sent into the northern wilderness to seek out their final test. Usually it is an illusion - where their weakness is presented to them boldly in the open, whether it be cowardice, fear of killing, or what not - they are expected to pass this test before being heralded as Kensaido Knight. Although only a couple failed their test, it is still a painfully terrifying prospect of failing at that stage.

      When they initially came onto the scene, everyone believed that they were just another variation on the Cyber-Knights, but had the capabilities to use magic. Nothing unusual about them - but with recent conflicts in Tolkeen it has become apparent, that this is NOT the case. The followers of the way of the Kensai, are not afraid of politics - and would not ever turn a blind eye to the blight of innocents. A full half of the dozen or so Kensaido Knights have taken leave from their activities in the Tenzan Elite, to go to war against the Coalition States. Those that remain behind, do so only to train new recruits in Kensaido, not out of cowardice.

      The people of Wa-Daisho first looked on these men and women with a certain level of fear and awe - having been trained personally by Nyan Tamya on such an intimate level is nothing to be taken lightly. When stories first came about of their exploits in activities around Wa-Daisho and abroad however, people quickly grew from awe to absolute admiration and adoration of this new hero class. People along the west coast of the Americas have also grown to know the term Kensaido Knight quite well, as the handful Nyan trained have traveled these lands looking for new prospects, and for people who require their assistance. Over a hundred monsters have been slain by this order of Knights, and close to a dozen tyrants have been ousted because of their influence. Outside of these regional activities, few have heard of the Kensaido Knights, but this will likely change. The Cyber-Knights have heard of them, and because of their Lord Coakes views on war, regardless of cause, has forced them to be branded by that hero class as being along the same lines as the Mystic Knights. In reality, with their penchant for 'justified war, and action' it places them somewhere between the Mystic Knight and the Cyber-Knight. Among the Kensaido Knights is a general feeling of incredible glee whenever they are able to help an innocent, or teach someone a new valuable skill. When they return home from their duties, and they are treated with such courtesy - they stand taller and smile a bit wider - because they realize that all of their actions are done for people like these, and that their thanks is better payment than any fat credit card.

      With their recent formation, there are only a dozen or so followers of this path, with an additional fifty or sixty more in training, that will be joining their ranks by 120PA. Many of these, if not most will eventually be involved in some way with the conflict in Tolkeen - and will gain many supporters among both the Cyber-Knights who have taken up Tolkeen's cause, and the Mystic Knights of the Order of the White Rose.

Special Kensaido Knight O.C.C. Abilities

    1. Sense Magic Energy: The Kensaido Knight can sense magic energy naturally, similarly to that of the Ley Line Walker. Since their focus was distributed between arcane pursuits, and physical combat skills, they are not nearly as tuned in to magic energy as a Ley Line Walker is however.
       Sense Magic in Use: 25' per level.
       See Magic Energy: 250'.
    2. Sense the Supernatural: The Kensaido Knight is taught to 'feel' for the chilling presence of a supernatural creature. They are also taught to be able to distinguish the supernatural essences that are of evil alignments, and the ones who are not; 100' range + 25' per level; 50%+5% per level.
    3. Initial Spell Knowledge: The Kensaido Knight may select two spells from each level 1-4. At each additional level of experience an additional spell may be 'figured out' from an equivalent level of experience as the Kensaido Knight currently is.
    4. Learning New Spells: Additional spells of any magic level can be learned and/or purchased at any time regardless of experience. Those in the service of Wa-Daisho are often taught a vast variety of magic spells to aid them in combat.
    5. P.P.E.: PE+1D6x10. They also gain an additional 2D6 P.P.E. per level.
    6. Kensaido Knight O.C.C. Bonuses: Bonuses are in addition to attributes and skills; +1D4 to MA, PS, PE, & Spd. Agility is so encouraged and trained for, add an additional +1D6+1 to PP. Combat Bonuses provide +1 attack, +3 initiative, +4 to save vs. Horror Factor, & +1D4x10 S.D.C.

Kensaido Knight O.C.C.

Also Known As: Knights of Wa-Daisho, Tenzanite, Western Cyber-Knight, & Cyber-Knight Samurai.
Alignment Restrictions: Good Only.
Attribute Requirements: IQ: 12, ME: 14, MA: 12, PP: 15, & PE: 12.
Race Restrictions: None.
Starting Rank: Soldier! After years of training, they are well suited for service. This is the only O.C.C. that is exclusive to the Tenzan Elite, with all members of the order belonging loosely to the Tenzan Elite. See Wa-Daisho's Military Structure for details on the ranks of Wa-Daisho.

O.C.C. Skills:
    Language & Literacy American: 98%
    Language & Literacy Japanese (+20%)
    Radio Basic (+5%)
    Math Basic (+20%)
    First Aid (+10%)
    Demon & Monster Lore (+15%)
    Navigation (+10%)
    Horsemanship: Knight (+20%)
    Pilot: Select One (+5%)
    Gymnastics (+15%)
    Swimming (+10%)
    W.P. Energy Pistol
    W.P. Energy Rifle
    W.P. Daisho: Level 3
    W.P. Knife
    Hand to Hand: Kensaiken-Ryo

O.C.C. Related Skills: The character may also select 10 other skills, but at least two of these selected must be physical skills. The character may also select two more skills at levels 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15.

    Communications: Any
    Domestic: Any
    Electrical: Basic only
    Espionage: Any (+5%)
    Mechanical: Basic or Automotive only
    Medical: Paramedic and/or Field Surgery only (+10%)
    Military: Any (+5%)
    Physical: Any (+10% where applicable)
    Pilot: Any
    Pilot Related: Any (+5%)
    Rogue: Any (+5%)
    Science: Any
    Technical: Any (+10%)
    W.P.: Any
    Wilderness: Any (+5%)

Secondary Skills: The character may also select 3 other skills representing the characters hobbies or past times, from the list above plus an additional skill at levels 6 & 12. The fact of the matter is - these men and women don't have a lot of time for hobbies.

Cybernetics: Two to start; Amplified Hearing & Sound Filtration - it gives the Kensaido Knight an edge in combat (as Nyan has learned).

Standard Equipment: The Kensaido Knight receives the following equipment upon completion of his or her training;

Republican Industries Type 6 GPMEBA General Purpose Military Environmental Body Armor; unlike most armor suits, the Kensaido Knights distinguish themselves from others with a deep gold band around the helmet crown, and the wrists. Note that hooded cloaks are oftentimes worn outside of Wa-Daisho to prevent others from easily discovering the identity of the traveler just by the armor markings.
Republican Industries Type 7 VSPLR Variable Spectrum Pulse Laser Rifle
Republican Industries Type 9 HLP Heavy Laser Pistol
12 Short Energy Clips
Vibro Knife (1D6 MD)
Rune Katana; Typical of Samurai Rune Swords, inflicts 6D6 M.D. or S.D.C. to it's target.
Rune Wakizashi; Typical of Samurai Rune Swords, inflicts 4D6 M.D. or S.D.C. to it's target.
3 Grenades (2 Plasma, 1 High Explosive.)
1D4+1 Signal Flares
Utility Belt
Gas Mask
Air Filter
Walkie-Talkie Style Radio (5 mile range.)
Multi-Tool (Nano-tech item attained through Phase World Trade, that morphs into different tools merely by selecting it on a series of dials on the handle.)
Portable Language Translator (With update disk.)
First Aid Kit
1D4 Cloaks or Capes
3 Weeks Rations
Multi-Optics Eye Patch
Sleeping Bag
Water Purification Filter
Geiger Counter
Silver Cross
2D4+5 Wooden Stakes
Wa-Daisho Samurai License
Concealed Weapons License
RI Type 7 VSPLR Licensing (For duration of service; must be paid for after leaving service.)
RI Type 9 HLP Licensing (For duration of service; must be paid for after leaving service.)
Alliance Bank Credit Account Card & ID
2 Sets of Military Fatigues - Marine Green, with low visibility Tenzan Elite markings.
1 Dress Uniform - Black, with red and gold Tenzan Elite markings - with a gold braid on the left shoulder.
Personal Items
Vehicle can be a Full Conversion Bionic Horse, a natural horse with barding, or any vehicle that costs less than 2 million credits. (No, stealing it doesn't count as free...) Note that Kensaido Knights and others who practice the Martial Arts find Power Armor and Robot Vehicles uncomfortably limited in performance, and blinds their sensing abilities.

Note: Under most circumstances, ALL of the equipment issued to the Kensaido Knight is allowed to be kept after leaving service in the Tenzan Elite. Even after leaving service, if they were ever to hear that Wa-Daisho were in danger, or there was a shortage of man power - the Kensaido Knight would quickly make their way back to lend their efforts to his or her homeland.

Money: Starts with 2D6+2 months worth of Cadet pay, which would be 2,500 credits a month.

Kensaido Knight Experience Points Table: Same as the Wa-Daisho Sorcerer/Battle Mage.


      Tamya Kensaiken-Ryo is a very new martial art form, devised by Nyan Tamya. (Yes his real name is actually written as Tamya Nyan.) This form was designed to combine the aspects of three different Samurai sword schools into one conglomerate form - that utilized the strengths of all three forms and none of their weaknesses.

      This is the true art of the sword master, an exclusive ability that allows him to fight - and win. It's focus is mainly in speed of attack, rather than it's defense and/or precision. It is only taught to Kensaido Knights.

Costume: Typically combat armor; practice is either in armor, or in a loose fitting modern jump suit.
Stance: Facing opponent with one foot forward, not quite fully extended, and the other back, with the knee slightly bent, one arm forward grasping the Wakizashi in a 60-80 degree angle, and the other out to the side grasping the katana at an 80 degree angle.
Martial Art Bonuses: The Martial Art techniques taught alone, offer the following bonuses (in addition to the bonuses stated in the Kensaido Knight O.C.C.); +1 ME, +1 PP, +1 PE, +1D6 S.D.C.

Combat Skills:
Attacks Per Melee: 2. (Not including base amount for any player character of 2, plus the additional 1 that the O.C.C. provides.)
Escape Moves: Roll w/Punch.
Escape Moves: Parry, Dodge, & Auto Parry.
Advanced Defenses: Multiple Dodge, Combo Parry/Attack, Power Block/Parry.
Hand Attacks: Punch & Power Punch.
Basic Foot Attacks: Kick, Snap Kick, & Backward Sweep.
Jumping Foot Attacks: Jump Kick.
Special Attacks: Combo Strike/Parry, Death Blow, Forearm, & Leap Attack (Special!)

    Leap Attack (Special!): This special leap attack is conducted at a distance of 8+' away. The attack is made, by first, leaping at an opponent with one or both swords drawn. The objective is to land either next to and slightly behind, or in front of the opponent while using the momentum gained during the leap to either slash (by going beside the opponent), stab, or chop (by landing in front of the opponent) the opponent. This precision leap takes only 2 melee attacks, and counts as a critical strike.

Weapon Katas: N/A Trained to use this form with all weapons proficient with.
Modifiers to Attack: Pull Punch, KO/Stun, Critical Strike, & Critical Strike From Rear.

Level Advancement Bonuses:
    Level 1: 2 attacks, +2 roll/pull, & Critical Strike From Rear.
    Level 2: +3 parry, +2 dodge.
    Level 3: +1 attack, +1 strike, +1 save vs. Horror Factor.
    Level 4: Critical Strike on Natural roll of 18, 19, or 20, Leap Attack (Special!).
    Level 5: Acquires Zanshin.
    Level 6: +1 attack, +1 roll, +1 save vs. Horror Factor.
    Level 7: +1 strike, +1 parry.
    Level 8: Death Blow on Natural 20.
    Level 9: +1 attack, +1 save vs. Horror Factor.
    Level 10: +3 damage.
    Level 11: +2 dodge.
    Level 12: +1 attack, +1 save vs. Horror Factor.
    Level 13: KO/Stun on natural roll of 18, 19, or 20.
    Level 14: Acquires Reflex Training - Auto Dodge!
    Level 15: +1 attack, +1 save vs Horror Factor.

NOTE: For details on many of these combat maneuvers please refer to the Ninjas & Superspies book.

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