S-Mart Motorcycles

      S-Mart produces a variety of motorcycles, for a wide assortment of purposes such as racing, off road performance, civil defense, and military applications. These bikes have grown to be popular throughout North America among mercenaries, adventurers, and city folk alike. Motorcycle racing has grown to be popular in Kingsdale, El Paso, Ciudad Juarez, and in Desert Star - largely as a result of the production of these vehicles. The brand of motorcycle racing has changed somewhat in these typically violent parts of the world from the sport known in pre-cataclysm times. Racing is more like a "Murderthon" on wheels, where there are no holds barred. Racers are allowed to kick, punch, and for some races even carry a variety of melee weapons to aid them in their race. Another event that has grown popular in Desert Star is motorcycle jousting. In these events, competetors are allowed to wear padded body armor, and race at one another with blunted or sharpened lances, depending on the event. This event is especially popular among motorcycle riding cyber-knights!

Strong Eagle Racing Motorcycle

Blade Racing Motorcycle

Skanda Racing Motorcycle.

Ares Racing Motorcycle & Civil Defense Motorcycle

Clydesdale Assault Motorcycle

Thor All Terrain Motorcycle

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